Gizelle Bryant On Being Kicked Out Of Monique Samuels’ Party

Gizelle Bryant is speaking out about this week’s episode of RHOP in a new interview with Bravo. Bryant shares what it was like being kicked out of Monique Samuels’ party supporting Robyn Dixon and says Monique should do less talking and more listening. Tell us about being kicked out – again.
Gizelle Bryant:
Well well well, Gizelle and Kal get kicked out AGAIN. Shocker…I mean, is it something we said? LOL! I actually had one foot in the car and the key in the ignition when I got “kicked” out of the backyard hoedown. I love spending time with my girlfriends, laughing, and drinking but I don’t want to do it while being micromanaged by people who don’t know what a joke looks or smells like. What do you think about Charrisse and Ashley’s store blow up now that you have gotten to see it this episode?
If I could have been a fly on the wall at the dress shop or just hiding in one of the dressing rooms. I would have paid good money to have seen this go down. Little Miss Ashley’s neck was rolling and eyes were popping. I live for a good popcorn moment and this seemed like the butter was poured on thick and hot, sea salt was flying all over the place. Now, there is a fine line between having a heart to heart talk with a girlfriend to help her see areas of concern that need to be addressed and just being flat out nosey and inappropriate. Ashley, girl, you crossed over the line while doing a backflip and the harlem shake. Charrisse WAS NOT ready. Tell us about your chat with Charrisse — were you able to really bond over your similar situations?
Whether we like it or not Charrisse and I have so much in common. We can really help each other navigate through many of the issues that life has brought us. I don’t necessarily open up and share “my story” to everyone because it’s such old news, but when I think my story can help someone else then I’m more than willing to share. What do you think about Monique crying and comparing you to her mother-in-law?
Didn’t see Monique’s crocodile tears coming because she presents in such a “my life is great so let me just giggle” type of way. It was actually refreshing to see a vulnerable side to her. Now comparing me to her mother-in-law was hilarious. I mean, I look nothing like her. However, I believe that her pastor, mother-in-law and myself all have something in common — we would just like Monique to do less talking and more listening. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Tell us about your and Charrisse’s sit down with Robyn- what did you think of her answers? Do you think this is what she really wants?
I know that Robyn wanted Charrisse and I to be friends again, but I’m sure she didn’t think her relationship with Juan would be the reason why. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times. I love Robyn, I want her to be happy, and I want to see her winning. She deserves the best that life has to offer. However, SHE has got to want it. We cannot want it for her. I understand that finding what’s best for you is a process and I’m there for her every step of the way.

What do you think of what Gizelle had to say?

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7 Replies to “Gizelle Bryant On Being Kicked Out Of Monique Samuels’ Party”

  1. FIRST, the ‘popcorn’ moment we would have all like to have seen is for Gizelle to have tweeted or called in live or at the ATL reunion about her exhusband being “Mr. Chocolate”.

    SECOND–face it Gizelle–you are RUDE.

    1. Oh she’s not going to address that. She’s too busy running around screaming her “Independent Woman Who Doesn’t Rely on a Husband” schtick; while she clearly will be subsisting off of child support from Jamal Bryant waiting for her make-up line to take off over the next 10 years… in an over-saturated cosmetics industry already catering to women of color who would rather wear Iman, MAC, and Cover Girl’s Queen Collection anyway.

  2. Gizelle and Charisse are rude and obnoxious. I may have maybe enjoyed watching this show had it not been for them . Every HW show has a delusional narcissistic chick who thinks she’s Jennifer Aniston , in this case its Gizelle

    Charisse is just wrong on so many levels , I don’t even know how she made it past episode 1

    1. I was cracking up at Charisse this episode; look at her in the scene where she’s drinking and introduces her Boy Friday, she’s plastered! PLASTERED, I say.

      Giselle…I have very stern words for her elsewhere on the Net. She represents something very ugly among elites in my community…it’s ingrained behavior that starts from the cradle and goes to the grave…not a fan.

  3. * falls out DEAD*

    ands with that, I must pick myself off the floor and head to market. If I suddenly burst out laughing for no reason in front of the mushrooms, when everyone starts staring at me, I’m going to say it’s Sunshine’s fault!!! LOLOL

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