Gizelle Bryant Justifies Her Comments Towards Ashley Darby


Gizelle Bryant is talking about part one of the RHOP reunion in a new interview with Bravo. Gizelle justifies her comments towards Ashley and shares her thoughts on the race debate with Katie and Robyn. Did you take Katie’s comment about renting as shade? What do you think of her and Charrisse saying your street is small and in a back alley?
Gizelle Bryant:
These streets are not talking good, bad, or indifferent about Charrisse and Katie. Wait! Let me listen to what I hear on THEIR streets, I’m straining my ears. Would you believe I can’t hear a THING…ummm, yep CRICKETS. So, OF COURSE they have negative, side commentary about my tag line. However, I actually love when people show the hate that they really feel. My initial reaction was to laugh, I was so flattered. Everyone knows that when people are hating on you that only means you’re doing something right…and clearly they’re doing a whole lot wrong. Let’s talk about Ashley – So what is the difference between THOT-ish and THOT? What do you think of Ashley saying that you hope you’re ashamed for saying it and her offense about the “big bush” comments?
I have no idea why Ashley is STILL in a tailspin. I never called her a THOT. I said she has THOT-ish behavior. My comment was highly justified. I met her and within 30 minutes, I knew her husband’s penis size, sexual appetite and watched her hump Robyn’s leg. I’m sorry, that’s not acting like a lady. Wow, as far as Ashley’s hair is concerned. She knows I love her “big bush”. I tell her to wear it all the time AND I’ve asked her the products that she uses so that I can use them on my children. I think she brought up me not liking her hair because she just wanted to hear herself talk. She got lonely all the way on the other end of the couch (emoji sad face). What do you think about Andy saying that he too would have been upset about no AC – and calling Karen out on her no apology?
Glad Andy had my back about the no air conditioning. I’m down for “roughing it” but sleeping in a boiling hot room with a teeny tiny bed felt like a punishment not a vacation. I’m also happy Andy told Karen about herself when it comes to apologizing. She never really apologizes and means it and she probably never will. My mother always says, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Tell us about your clash with Katie about race and what are your thoughts on how heated the conversation got?
Unfortunately race will always be a hot button for most people in this country. However, it doesn’t have to be so heated. If you’re SECURE in who and what you are then there’s no discussion. So clearly Katie will be talking, and taking and talking until the cows come home.

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2 Replies to “Gizelle Bryant Justifies Her Comments Towards Ashley Darby”

  1. Gizelle grow up… in fact, everyone on RHOP (save Karen) needs to grow up. I like Karen but I think she just needs to shut up about class & etiquette. If people care about having proper etiquette they’ll seek it out. Bravo has done an excellent job of casting some of the most unlikeable women I’ve ever seen grace a television. I’ll watch next season but please show these women doing more than talking about manners and then acting like teenagers!

  2. What a very stupid woman – so spiteful rude and nasty. Typical of this woman who has a very inflated view of herself. She gives herself lots of airs and graces which support the fact that she really hasn’t much going for herself, she is embarrassing. I can’t see her getting a long term relationship with any man. She is much too repugnant. She is so fake and looks as if she has had masses of surgery and it has not improved her looks or her rather ugly personality.

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