Gizelle Bryant Going to “Get to the Bottom” Of Karen Huger’s Move

RHOP star Gizelle Bryant is really wanting to figure out the real reason fellow cast member Karen Huger moved to Great Falls, Virginia.

As seen on the reunion, Karen talked about moving there to accommodate her elderly parents who she is hoping with move in with her soon.

Gizelle still isn’t believing it, just as she didn’t during the reunion. “It doesn’t make any sense to me. She could’ve just stayed where she was. So, I don’t know, I feel like I need to get to the bottom of it. I need to do a little FBI, a little Scooby-Doo action. Find the reason for the move,” Gizelle told to The Daily Dish.

“There’s more to the story, I just don’t know what it is yet, because Karen has told, like, three versions of the reason why she moved. I really wanna know the truth,” Gizelle added.

We all got to see Karen’s new home in the finale this season and Gizelle talked about that as well. “I wasn’t expecting Karen’s home. It’s extremely big, kinda like her boobs, as big as her boobs. That’s how big her house is,” Gizelle joked. “I really was thinking she was gonna downsize. And they didn’t.”

Gizelle is backing up Karen’s title of Grand Dame of Potomac even though she doesn’t live there anymore. “Well, she will never be the Grand Dame of Great Falls. I just don’t like how that sounds. So I wanna continue to have Karen be the Grand Dame, just period. Yes, she’s earned that title,” she said. “Karen is the epitome of old-school class, sophistication, and crazy. That is a Grand Dame. Yes. And I’m not gonna allow any of the other ladies to take it from her. I’ll make up other names for them.”

As for new housewife Monique Samuels using that title. “No, no, no. I said, ‘Class, style, and sophistication,'” Gizelle said. “Monique is missing a couple of those adjectives.”

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12 Replies to “Gizelle Bryant Going to “Get to the Bottom” Of Karen Huger’s Move”

  1. Pretty simple… government can’t take your “rented” home…. they can and will take your owned home for past due taxes.

    1. These broads are too simple to get that. Too simple or just playing dumb for the cameras and a story line. It’s a hefty bill the Hugers have to pay, to be sure, but the part the gossip rags are leaving out (because due diligence is not their speciality) is that Ray already sold that company 5 years ago and remains on a salaried CEO who sits on the board. They may owe 1.5 mil in personal taxes, but the current tax lien will be the responsibility of tech giant CACI, who bought the company from Ray in 2011 for nearly 62 million dollars. Karen and Grandpa will be hit, but likely not hurt by this…and even if she did dump the Potomac house under it’s listing price for a little over a million (1.2, I think), she got paid CASH for a home she purchased in foreclosure. It’s a shame she had to dump it, but as an asset it worked in her favor ultimately. These chicks just need distractions from the failures in their own lives.

      1. How us she living off the bacjs if the parushonets? Her ex owes her alimony and child support. How he earns his salary to pay that is as pastor of a mega church and writes books as well. So why should she be put down for that?

        1. You’re missing the whole point of her post . It’s simply that Gizelle lives in a glass house and should shut her hole ….. Gizelle is the ONE putting eveybody down when the whole world knows her husband is a man whore

  2. Girl, WHY??? No one cares except these women. Maybe Gizelle would have learned how to get to the bottom of how many people her husband Jamal was bedding and impregnating in their church she wouldn’t be living off the alimony paid by their tithes. This is a point that I made CLEARLY across social media and I notice Monique picked it right on up for the first part of the reunion. She needs to tend to her own garden and hope that clown make-up of hers will take off so she can stop living off the backs of parishioners at a church she is not the First Lady of and no longer even attends.

    1. Gizelle needs to worry about her horrible makeup throughout the season and those pink glittery shorts she wore to the boat LOL . Even ‘the gays’ in this are subpar !! 🙂
      Charisse is THE WORST though! Fire her now please
      Robyn is misplacing her frustration with Juan and being aggressive to cover her inability to leave him . I’m
      Disappointed in her

      1. Pink shorts…didn’t she also have on gladiator boot stilettoes with those..? On a boat. In a tropical locale. The facepalm moments just keep on coming with that one..and the make-up definitely speaks for itself, good gracious!

  3. Gizelle you’d better be careful that you don’t reap what you sow! What beauty you have left is “marred” by the ugliness in your soul! “Pride goeth before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction”

  4. Robyn is the only one I really like. All the rest (except maybe Monique) are snobs who think they are better than anyone else.

    1. I do too, but Aunt Bee why is that girl so weak? She’s pretty, she has lovely parents, a good education..but she spends her time playing sidekick to Giselle always ready to have that woman insert a battery in her back, she’s a complete doormat for Juan, and allows her little boys to run all over her. On one hand you want to have at least one nice girl on the show, but the way she allows herself to be led by the nose and the steamrolled is such a shame It almost feels like we’re watching a grown woman who hasn’t really figured out who she is yet. If they come back for another season, it would be great to see Robyn grown into a woman with a backbone, but who doesn’t pick up Giselle’s nastier qualities.

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