Gizelle Bryant Faces Off With Karen Huger and Charrise Jackson Jordan


This week on The Real Housewives of Potomac Gizelle Bryant’s reputation was being called into question by Karen Huger and Charrise Jackson Jordan after her supposed bad behavior at Charrise’s house at the crab boil. The three ladies sat down over lunch to discuss what happened and Gizelle started by addressing Karen.

Gizelle tells Karen that she didn’t like her delivery regarding the issues she had about her birthday party. Karen insisted that the gift she gave Gizelle about etiquette at Charisse’s house after was just a joke, but Gizelle told Karen it sure didn’t seem like a joke to her.

“Excuse me,” Karen said to Gizelle. “You’re a joke, first of all. Behaving that way at my birthday party, ok?”

“I’m sorry?” Charrise jumps in. “So you’re saying your behavior that night was good?”

“I just don’t know what you’re mad at?” Gizelle says.

Jordan continues, “You’re friend immediately talks about my hair. I think that was so rude and inappropriate. Then, this guy, who I don’t really know, is coming up to my private space.”

“You asked him to come do your hair!” Bryant says.

Charrise denies asking Gizelle’s friend to do her hair, even though the footage shows otherwise.

“So this lunch is not called to put this behind us is it?” Karen asked.

When Gizelle said she tried to arrange the lunch, sent them transportation, and wrote them nice cards, things turned sour. Karen said she didn’t want to be indebted to Bryant for anything and Charrise told Gizelle, “The presence of your face repulses me.”

Karen scolded Gizelle for having her children help her write the letters to Karen and Charrise, which included a saying from the Girl Scouts. Gizelle insisted she would not apologize again.

We also met new Housewife Ashley Darby. Ashley is only 26-years old, and is married to her 55-year old husband who is in real-estate.

The women met Ashley at an event for charity, but Gizelle was taken back by her larger than life personality and even called her THOT-ish.

“She’s definitely not from Potomac,” Bryant said, as Robyn Dixon couldn’t believe Darby was humping her leg at one point.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Discuss below.

What do you think of RHOP so far?

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  • Justmedoubleb

    I think some of the comments Giselle made in this episode were very racist. Talking bout Ashley’s bad behavior must be because she’s been around white people too much and when some of the women were talking about being mixed race, she emphasized that both her parents are black. She needs to look harder at herself before she starts throwing shade!

    • allreal

      That was Robyn and not Gizelle. But it was extremely racist. I’ve never acted like that and I don’t attend these types of functions.

  • Judge Judy

    Some of these ladies have quite ignorant ideas of what constitutes manners. Like the old lady being rudely demanding in someone else’s home because the tea they served her wasn’t hot enough to suit her. THAT’S the queen of etiquette? LOL. Sorry but the old bat hasn’t a clue about etiquette. Not to mention Karen handing Gizelle a mirror with etiquette rules on it for not giving up her seat after Karen showed up late. Or Charisse yelling at Gizelle for her poor manners when Charisse herself dumped the cooking and greeting guests on Gizelle and sat upstairs being groomed like a queen. Newsflash- “Etiquette” is all about making OTHERS feel good, NOT flouncing around as if you are the queen of the world.

    People with real “breeding” and “pedigree” (Huh? Are they dogs?) do NOT go around bragging about it constantly nor rudely correct what they THINK are other people’s etiquette lapses. Can you say Noveau Riche?! So buffoonish.

    Darcy, ugh. No, actually White people don’t go about humping other women’s legs either, thanks. Anyway, if what’s-her-face doesn’t like White people then she should stop putting in so much effort trying to look like one. Of course Darcy humps other women’s legs at a charity event and doesn’t even appear to understand what charity she is representing. That’s what we expect from someone who sits on Grandpa’s lap for money.

    The one who’s after the Jewish guy should really tone it down. Begging for marriage is not attractive.

    • judy the power jew

      yes, they are animals

  • Kat

    I am not sure how much longer I can watch this train wreck of a show!

  • naynay

    Judge Judy I must say I agree with everything you wrote, I feel the same way so far. Holy cow is gizelle racist!!!

  • allreal

    That’s not Gizelle. It’s Robyn that said it.

  • Hmmm, I’m white and haven’t been involved in any leg humping with anyone of any color. Am I offended by the comment? No because it was voiced by an idiot.

    I’m not a fan of Gizelle but Karen and Charice were so bitchy at that lunch. All Gizelle did at the lunch was sit in the center seat. Not like she got drunk. And Charice might not have had a crab boil if it weren’t for Gizelle and her friend. Karen and Charice need to pull that stick out of their butts.

  • starr

    Karen & Charice are definitely ghetto material trying to act like they have class & conducts themselves with grace & class which gives them the right to be judge & jury to those they want out of the picture. They remind me of Cinderella & the two ugly step sisters who thought they were the king’s ransom. Giselle’s looks reminds me a bit of actress Vanessa Williams. K & C definitely needs to learn proper etiquette & not from old aunty who lacks it severely & yet is who Karen aspires to be like. That alone tells it all. Can someone tell me what THOT-ISH IS? Never heard of it before. Giselle made that remark to the one with the golliwog hairdo.

    • THOT stands for That Ho Over There

      • starr

        Thanks Vineta, I never would’ve guessed that.

    • lalala

      I wish Brandi would move to Ptomac and be allowed on this show. THAT would be worth watching!

  • I have shamelessly watched all the housewieves shows ever aired on Bravo since RHOC. After last night, I will not be watching these boring pretentious bitches.

  • Potomac has won me over. I like Gizelle and Robyn. Gizelle is great TV and Robyn seems really genuine, I think she will be really interesting long term.
    I have a very high tolerance for innaprpiate stuff but Ashley was a bit too much for me, but she needs more time.

    The two “snobby” ones are insane, the trailer really didn’t paint Potomac as having insane characters like those two, it seemed more mellow, but it was drama right from the start, so it’s been good. I have good hopes for the rest of the season, the two episodes of Potomac have already had more entertaining drama that the first 8 episodes of RHOBH.