Gizelle Bryant Explains Why She Refers To Herself In The Third Person

Some of you may have noticed that Gizelle Bryant from The Real Housewives of Potomac likes to refer to herself in the third person. Gizelle reveals she didn’t even notice she did this until her co-star Ashley Darby pointed it out.

“I didn’t know I did it until Season 1, and Ashley [Darby] told me it annoys her. So I was like, ‘Really? I do that? Me, who, she, Gizelle does that?’ So she was like, ‘Yes, cut it out,'” Gizelle explained to The Daily Dish. “And then I realized that no, I’m not gonna cut it out. I’m gonna continue to annoy Ashley.”

“You have to be extremely confident about yourself. Not everybody is, even though they pretend to be,” Gizelle said. “And you have to be a bad one. And this thing right here is a bad one.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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What a ridiculously silly woman. So she’ll continue to be obnoxious just to bother Ashely? How about the poor audience??

Gizelle would me more interesting if she just spills the beans about her ex, Mr Chocolate and Faketra from ATL.


Referring to yourself in a 3rd person way IS annoying. Unless you have multiple personalities…lol

I agree! She’s so obnoxious. So she got rich through her marriage but now she’s shaming Monique? . And continuing to refer to herself in that way just to spite Ashely is silly and juvenile. Plus I don’t like her ‘gay’ , come on peoeple, it’s friggin D.C., can we have better gays than this guy ?

This woman is irrelevant and that’s the only way she can attract some attention to herself

This whole show is boring IMO. They just aren’t that interesting.

So nice to see you back Lady of London ✌️