Gizelle Bryant: Charrisse Wishes She Could Talk About Going on Dates


Gizelle Bryant is talking about this season of the RHOP in a new interview with Bravo. She says Charrisse wishes she could talk about her boyfriend and going on dates, but she can’t. Bryant also finishes the race conversation with Katie Rost and weighs in about Katie’s promiscuity comments. How did you feel about the end of your conversation with Katie about race? Did things feel settled?
Gizelle Bryant:
Everything that I need to say about the conversation of race has been said. For the record, I never brought up Katie’s children or asked her about her children, that was a question that Robyn asked. My background and Katie’s are clearly different so we have a different perspective on most things. Tell us about your confrontation with Charrisse about Eddie and her (and Katie’s) comments about your promiscuity. Do you agree with Charrisse’s comment about being narcissistic?
Charrisse doesn’t remember the things she texts or the tone in which they are written. I guess I can’t be mad at someone who has convenient amnesia. Now, there is not a man under the sun that can say that Gizelle is promiscuous…and truth be told Charrisse wishes she could talk about dates that she has had recently. But she CAN’T. When it comes to being narcissistic…well, after I think about my children, yep I think about ME, ME, ME. If I don’t think and take care of me than who will? Where’s my mirror so I can start looking at myself? Tell us about confronting Katie about her behavior this season on the show and the peeing incident.
I was tired of being frustrated with Katie’s behavior. Whatever you want to do recreationally on your time is your business. Go for it, have fun, let this be Woodstock all over again. However, when the cameras are rolling be in a mind frame that you can have an adult conversation. Is that too much to ask?!?! If there’s anything you can go back and do differently, what would it be and why?
I really enjoyed filming Season 1. It was a new and different experience. I’m so grateful to the viewers for watching and resonating with my life and my story. Potomac is officially on the map!

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7 Replies to “Gizelle Bryant: Charrisse Wishes She Could Talk About Going on Dates”

  1. What guys does Gizelle date? Aside from the guy she screwed to get her dad an award. She is alone and broke, her hair and make-up always looks horrible, there’s no way that guy that does her hair is is some big to do, not buying it, I think she will be the next Kenya, she has a nasty soul.

  2. She does have some deep rooted issues. She seems to mask her insecurities with over compensation about how she sees herself. I’m not sure what she meant about Charrisse not being able to talk about a date because Gizelle spilled that Charrisse was dating a hot fireman on WWHL.

      1. She also tried to say that Andrew was upset about it but Katie didn’t back her up. I agree with Katie and Ashley, that maybe if her and Robyn (although I do like Robyn better than Gizelle) need to get out and dance/have fun more, rather than sit in a corner and judge everyone else.

  3. I don’t watch this show but watched snipetts of the reunion ( while waiting for the Good Wife) . I don’t understand why a grown women needs to discuss every date she goes on. Seems silly and a bit thirsty! Not judging her at all but you don’t to brag about all the dates etc etc, you’re not 16 . I still think there something mannish about her .

  4. Rumors have it Gizelle wants her best friend, Carolina Gynning (swedish host/model) on the show for next season. Apprently she met up with producers and Andy two days ago according to her twitter.

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