Gizelle Bryant Believes Katie Rost Acts Like a Child


Gizelle Bryant is dishing on the finale of RHOP in a new interview with Bravo. Bryant talks about her feud with Katie Rost and explains that she thinks Katie reverts back to playground behavior while Bryant likes to speak like an adult. Tell us more about why you threw the “come to Jesus” lunch. What do you think about Katie Rost and Andrew’s behavior during your call?
Gizelle Bryant:
For the first time all the ladies seem to be a little disconnected when it comes to our relationships. Everybody’s panties are in a bunch and way too into their feelings. We are all EXTREMELY strong willed ladies and that’s fine, but it seems like no one is listening…everyone is just talking (about nonsense). “Come to Jesus” meeting means that everyone comes to the table in the spirit of “What Would Jesus Do.” Let’s all be the bigger person, let’s agree to disagree, let’s hold hands and sing, “Let There be Peace on Earth.” So regardless of your race or religion, come to the lunch and act like you have some home training. I loved seeing Andrew and Katie act like two-year-olds when I called Katie as they were driving. Yep, I call that Tuesday. Your dad’s life is incredible. How does his hard work with Martin Luther King and for the black community impact your issues this season with the ladies?
When it comes to my father and my family, I am a very PROUD daughter. My parents raised me to never forget or compromise who and what you are. These are life lessons that I share with my daughters. However, interacting with these ladies has allowed me to see that not everyone is self confident, self aware or even knows their own personal history. It is actually sad to see grown women unsure of their self worth and lack of confidence. Being proud of who you are is a powerful thing, I refuse to teach my daughters anything less. What were you thinking when Karen Huger said Ashley Darby needed to procreate?
CHIIIIILLLLE!!! That Mrs. Karen says some things outta her mouth that no one is EVER ready for. When Karen told Ashley that Micheal needs to ejaculate so that Ashley could procreate, I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I needed a flashing yellow light and a sign that reads, CAUTION, CAUTION, the UNNECESSARY AND THE UNBELIEVABLE is about to be spread throughout the atmosphere. I thought I was going to fall out of my chair or choke on my bread, either one wasn’t good. However, I must admit, it might have been the funniest thing that I have heard in a looooong time…sorry, Ashley. Tell us about your confrontation with Katie over the butt grab incident and her words that you are stupid? Did your feel your beef was squashed by the end of the luncheon?
It is obvious that Katie and I are getting to know each other, and our process has been a little bumpy to say the least. As I get to know her better it seems that if her back is up against the wall and she is confronted with an upsetting topic (your fiancé is enjoying another man fondling his butt), she reverts back to 7th grade playground behavior. “You’re stupid, you’re stupid”…nope not how I discuss anything. I use adult words, concepts and relate to thought provoking discussions. I think more could have and should have been said by many of us but my mother has always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing. While my sister has taught me that sometimes you just let people talk so that you can assess just how clueless, irrational, and borderline bonkers they really are.

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  • Justmedoubleb

    I wonder how Ms.Giz would feel if someone did something considered inappropriate and someone said it must be a black thing. I also wonder how proud you can be if you get your confidence by denigrating others.

  • Naynay

    I wonder that too double D. She would probably set up a march protesting it.

    • Justmedoubleb

      ITA! And I love that the double d stuck. It’s so funny!

      • Suze☕️

        It’s because we both wish we were! Hahahahaha

      • Naynay

        Hehe oops, like Suze said, I’m dreaming I had Double D’s

  • Bon Vivant

    I actually enjoyed Katie’s read of Gizelle. Gizelle is an entitled brat and self-appointed Madame Busybody under the guise of being a “leader” in this group. Somebody might want to inform her that effective leadership in social situations requires grace rather than constant gossiping and putting others down to show one’s perceived superiority.

    • trixie

      both of them are annoying losers with hardly any redeeming qualities, but at least katie is entertaining to watch with her random shit. gizelle is extremely obsessed with race as is robyn and they both need to shut up. potomac was a real challenge to finish watching, i just can’t like any of these girls. at least ashley is fun.

  • Naynay

    I loved how Katie read Gizelle and Robyn, they both deserved it. I like Katie I find her funny, the other 2 have broomsticks stuck up their butts

  • PJ

    Katie is a petulant whiner who needs to grow up. Pouting may have got you your own way when you were 5 but it doesn’t fly any more.

    Her whining about Andrew putting a ring on it is embarrassing too. Does she have any idea how unattractive that is? She’s got serious issues.

    • I’m with you. I’m always embarrassed for any woman on tv begging for an engagement ring or to be married. If you have to beg or give an ultimatum, is this really the guy for you? I guess it makes for a storyline when you don’t have much else going on, but I actually like when Katie doesn’t back down to the so called leaders of the group.

  • Miss Moneypenny☂

    Gazelle looks like she got heavy into the crayolas in this here pic.

  • Stephanie

    Money…. I noticed that too! I mean thick and BRIGHT!

    And of course the first sentence in her end of season catch-up is Giz has a new makeup line…blah blah blah…

    It looks like she put on every color in the palate to advertise!!

    ***btw I just love when we get housewives it always comes with a new makeup line, clothes, or toaster ovens!!

    • Anonymous

      Haha ain’t it the truth! lol

  • Rich Old Goat

    Karen is way beyond reproductive age… she sounds jealous

  • Just a thought

    I am amazed by the racist statements coming out of some of these womens’ mouths. I bet if Robyn & Gizelle had a DNA test, they would find out they have white ancestry.

    • Momto3

      Me too!!!! How many times did they do that on this show? I’m white, and I wasn’t offended by the remarks. BUT What offends me is that if ANYONE made remarks like that, “dancing like a black girl” “it’s a black thing” etc, there would be protests.

    • Bon Vivant

      The majority of African Americans in the US have white ancestry, and clearly some more than others. However the source of how the mixing came about is a very delicate, painful topic in our community and not exactly something to “celebrate” as it were. That said, as a black woman myself, I am at least thankful that I have the world experience and the spiritual grounding to not be as ignorant as Gizelle and Robyn. The things that come out of their mouths are embarrassing. But then, when I do get back home to visit the US, when I’m not in New York or California, I’m very shocked at how culturally segregated America still is on either side of the coin.

      I had a much different experience growing up, my family was the first to integrate an all white neighborhood (which was initially very dangerous for us) AND I participated in public school bussing programs in the 70s- so I had the chance to get to know people who were racially, ethnically, and culturally different from me and vice versa, though it was not always an easy road. In retrospect, the whole of America doesn’t actually operate like this, though. When I visit little pockets of the country I still meet plenty of people who never associate outside of their immediate communities or have have never spent any time getting to know someone of a different race. As a result of their ignorance, the things that can come out of their mouths are completely STUPID. I remember as recently as 2014, I was in the States purchasing wine, and when presenting my ID, the cashier was completely incredulous that apparently I, as a black woman, have a PASSPORT! I might as well have been from out of space, as he even questioned why “I” would have a passport. I invited him to actually peruse the pages and enjoy looking at the stamps from all the different countries I visit regularly: you would’ve thought this man just saw his first Martian, because he didn’t know that black American people have passports, they travel, they actively choose to reside in other countries, and even speak other languages besides English! It was completely insulting, but now that I’m older with more life experience, I understand the source of the problem better, & by God’s grace it helped me to use the situation as a teachable moment for both of us.

  • Fair

    Gizelle said she uses adult words and concepts? She is delusional. She is unintelligible. Her argument holds no water. She is self righteous and self absorbed. Yuck. She has a come to Jesus lunch and laughs at the disgusting, judgemental, mean-spirited things Karen said. Really? That’s what Jesus would do?

  • Miss Moneypenny☂

    whoop that’s me up there , ANON