How Do The Giudices Really Feel About The Criminal Charges?


Joe and Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are facing serious criminal charges which could land them in jail for 50 years. While Teresa and Joe remain positive and maintain their innocence, RadarOnline contacted a body language expert that analyzed the couple’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Dr. Lillian Glass, internationally renown body expert and author, says there were numerous signs of deception throughout the interview with Andy Cohen. “The Giudices’ body language says they are scared to death. They showed multiple signals of deception on Watch What Happens Live,” Dr. Glass said. “Joe’s laughing and joking about the prison sentence being 100 years, masks his true feelings of terror at what may be in store for him. His smile is not genuine as he smiles through clenched teeth. Then he quickly leaks out his true feelings as he looks down and mumbles.”

“When Teresa says, ‘I can’t fall apart. I have my daughters,’ her eye blinking and stammering may reveal that the opposite is true…that behind the cameras she may very well be falling apart,” Dr. Glass tells Radar. “Her swallowing her words, looking up, and the pitch break in her voice shows she is not as strong as she says, and is very much afraid.”

Our insider ensures us Teresa really is maintaining a positive outlook on the situation. “It’s amazing,” our source says. “You would never believe anything is wrong, she is a strong woman.”

Photo Credit: Bravo