Giudice’s & Gorga’s Homes Damaged By Hurricane Sandy!

The East Coast is cleaning up after the destruction that Hurricane Sandy left, and this includes Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Giudice & Gorga families. The Gorga’s had a tree fall on their Montville home, while the Giduice’s had damages to their house at The Jersey Shore. Photo Gallery below.

Melissa Gorga tweeted, “I’ve been at my neighbors all day!!! Lots of wine. just got a service! Maybe for a minute! Tree fell on my house!!!”

Melissa also tweeted that The Gorga’s Shore Home was affected by Sandy, “My shore house isn’t doing good:.( my outdoor fireplace & my wave runner slip.. No wave runner.”

Teresa Giudice tweeted (along with the photos below), “I feel grateful that everyone is safe and sound. I will focus on that during the clean-up.”

My thoughts & prayers go out to all of those affected by the Hurricane.

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Photo Credits: Twitter/Splash News


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