Giudice Family Spends Weekend At Beach, Police Called


Teresa and the Giudice family spent the weekend at the beach soaking up the last rays of the summer, but it turned into a nasty argument with police offers, reports TMZ. The site reports that Teresa and Joe got into a heated argument with 5 cops because they didn’t want to pay the $5 entrance fee for the beach. The Giudices were at Ship Bottom beach on Long Beach Island, NJ Saturday afternoon with around 30 family members and friends when a teen girl that worked for the beach approached them. A witness says the girl asked to see their “beach badges,” $5 admission tickets required to be on the beach and the family flipped, refusing to “pay to go to the beach.”

That’s $5 per person. One family member even cursed at the worked, “F*** you, f*** this we are not paying for the f***ing beach. This is a joke!” The girl reportedly starting crying and when the police arrived the Giudices eventually paid.

Photo Credit: Instagram