GiGi Hadid Lands The Cover Of VOGUE, Bella Hadid Signs With IMG Models


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster is one proud mama. Her oldest daughter GiGi Hadid has hit a new career high as she posed for the cover of Vogue Magazine, paying homage to the very first cover featuring Michaela Bercu that was edited by Anna Wintour 26 years ago.

The magazine took advantage of Gigi’s physical resemblance to Michaela Bercu, as well as her casual, easygoing nature, to recreate the original iconic cover. Gigi sports a sweater from Dana Lorenz and Andrew Lieberman, her trademark beachy waves, and a winning smile.

“My friends from home know me as a horseback-riding, volleyball-playing goofball,” Gigi says of the sporty personality that shines through in the images.

GiGi’s modeling career is taking off with magazine spreads, a coveted spot in Sport’s Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, and her New York Fashion Week debut walking the runway for Desigual.

Yolanda’s younger daughter Bella Hadid has also just signed with IMG models.

“Signed on the spot! Congratulation @bellahadid @iMGmodels @LisaDiruocco on the beginning of an exciting journey #ProudMommy,” Yolanda tweeted, sharing the photo below.


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10 Replies to “GiGi Hadid Lands The Cover Of VOGUE, Bella Hadid Signs With IMG Models”

  1. One must wonder if it’s because of the parents’ big bucks. If these girls were of typical suburban, middle-class descent, where would they really be?

  2. You know N.J. just finished reading the blurb and all the while thought the same as you. I’ll be
    heading down to the shore next week for a time at L.B.I.. Will be there for the super moon on the

  3. I love Yo and think her daughters are Stunning and obviously following in their beautiful moms footsteps. I wish them the best with their success!

  4. Well they are tall, they are thin, they are beautiful and they are willing to get naked so it’s a good chance they would be models. But they might have to work a little harder to get noticed and they wouldn’t have fully furnished luxury apartments to live in right off the bat either.

  5. I agree these girls are no doubt more privileged. But it’s their parents money, can’t help your born rich. They are still young girls and it must be so exciting for them. I don’t get why people are so down on this money thing with these girls. They can’t win, what if they did nothing? Then they would be little brats living off their parents. I figure they are out there in the big world working away from home forging their way in this world and making a life for themselves. Scince when is anyone down on that?

  6. Wonder if yolymebrains will let her eat more than 3 almonds a day now???? I cannot stand that idiot yolanda (who thinks that because she was a model like a hundred years ago), that somehow she is special (they are a dime a dozen)…. One daughter poses nude for men to “jack off” in magazines, the other one gets a dui (underage), gee, Mom must be proud. These apples did not fall far from the uber brainless lemontree………

  7. Wow, everyone is so hateful. They are beautiful girls. Good luck to them… I’m sure people will always be jealous of their lifestyle…

  8. I don’t have a problem with these teenage girls working, and going to college at the same time. That’s more than most models would do whether from money or not.

    There are lots of lazy kids out there, especially those born into privilege because their parents don’t teach them to earn for themselves. So it may not be flipping burgers but why does it have to be. If they weren’t genetically attractive, they would still be working doing something else. I’ve also never heard of these girls being anything but nice, normal girls. Hopefully it stays that way.

    I was very hard on the younger one for the DUI and if that is the biggest mistake she makes in her young life than it is a learning lesson. Yolonda did come from and is proud of her normal, humble Dutch roots, and she did work for a living for many years before marrying and becoming a mommy. So I don’t automatically think ill of a girl who works just because its’s as a model.

    If they are kind, productive members of society than good for them and congratulations on a job!

  9. One thing is true. They are both working. And too stay in elite model shape it does take commitment, discipline and work ethic. Plus Yolanda must keep a close eye on them because (as she knows) the fashion world is not a very friendly world for young girls. There are predators out there everywhere. And it’s a very fast- paced world with many pit-falls that can ruin a girls life. So while we see the glamorous side of it, the gobs of money, the fame and attention. I’m sure Yolanda and Mohammad are worried about the other side of it. And that is one place where the girls wealth may not protect them. Some kids when they have money ( I’m talking if the girls become financially wealthy on their own at a young age) – they stop listening yo their parents and the adults in their lives. And because they have enough money to live on their own they can shut their parents out. Then you get what happened to Britney Spears.

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