GiGi Hadid and Avery Singer Turn 21 Years-Old


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid’s daughter GiGi turned 21 years-old over the weekend. Instead of going to a bar to celebrate, GiGi gathered her closest friends and family and headed to the beach. Check out the photos she shared below.

birthday week begins

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

more like it

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

GiGi spent time with her father Mohamed, brother Anwar, as well as sisters Bella, Alana and Marielle.

Family. Pre birthday lunch @gigihadid @mariellemama @lanzybear @bellahadid @anwarhadid and little #cocoaflalo

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GiGi also hung out with her BFF Taylor Swift. The two flew to Coachella together.

Birthday Weekend Goals-met vibes. One night at Coachella, thank you T! 🍓⚡️☄🎈

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Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer’s daughter Avery also turned 21! Ramona headed to Charlottesville, where Avery goes to college, to help her daughter celebrate her big day. Avery’s birthday included a giant cake and puppies… every girl’s dream. Check out the photos below.

Good morning. 6 weeks old. SPCA rescue #puppies #love

A photo posted by Ramona Singer (@ramonasinger) on

#happy #birthday to @averysinger who I #love more than life !!!

A photo posted by Ramona Singer (@ramonasinger) on

Celebration continues #crawfish #beautiful #sunshine #birthday #weekends @averysinger

A photo posted by Ramona Singer (@ramonasinger) on

Great #birthday #weekend @averysinger I will miss you ❤️

A photo posted by Ramona Singer (@ramonasinger) on

#celebrating all#weekend with @averysinger for her #birthday

A photo posted by Ramona Singer (@ramonasinger) on

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Avery was in a bar with Ramona on a recent episode, Ramona said she was 21 and she can go to bars with her. That episode was shot months ago Right?????

Avery looks so much better with very little make up. And those little black puppies, awwww. Best part.

Yes!!! I was just thinking that when I read this.

Yes!! That’s exactly what I was thinking

I can’t help feeling that Yolanda used the RH shows to promote her daughters and their modeling careers. Once they became superstars (I use the term loosely) then she was done with David Foster? I don’t know, just a weird feeling she’s been using people with a very calculated agenda. We live in such a Kardashian world where nepotism and connections mean everything. Is everything bought and paid for?

I’ve always been a fan of Yolanda’s too. Having to re-evaluate my thoughts on her.

Wow, that’s a quick turn around lol! Ok , next you’ll be a Rinna fan 🙂 I kid, I kid ! Yo was a model, having her daughters turn out to be models too is not that inconceivable. And yes most HW use the show to promote themselves, their business , charity etc , again not that far far fetched. Kisses

You know, I’m not for trashing Rinna. There’s a ring of truth to what she’s been saying about LVP and Kyle. I totally agree with the way she responds to Kim too. She finally called out he elephant in the room with regards to Kim. Everyone knew she was a train wreck but just made excuses and ignored her antics. As for the Yolanda/modelling connection, I’m aware of that. I’m also aware that Gigi modeled from the age of two but got away from it for a few years. I just think that people use their connections and power to… Read more »
Pj, I do love you and I was NOT being shady, and I did not consider you bashing someone. I have an odd sense of humor sometimes and I qualify it by saying ‘I kid’ or something silly of the sort. I love reading what you write and we are definatey not going to agree 100% but I apologize if you misread my reposne as snarky because that wasn’t my intent. I TRY not to get emotionally attached but maybe sometimes j do but I’m not afraid to call out the HW I like e.g, as much as I like… Read more »
Oh, no worries. I had no problem at all with your comment. I took no offense whatsoever. I don’t think I misread it at all. I find it’s not always easy to express yourself in writing. I’m not that passionate about any of this. I consider the HW shows as exploring the human condition. I find it fascinating that intelligent women can behave like they’ve never left high school. I guess that’s why I find it sometimes amusing, sometimes troubling, the vicious response some of these shows get out of the audience. That’s an interesting study of human behaviour too.… Read more »

You are definately a great communicator PJ! I imagine as you a young lady in her 30s for some reason ❤️❤️
I’m glad you didn’t take offense but I want to be clear that I did NOT mean offense :). I’m not giving you the standard HW apology xoxo

Hahaha! I wish I was in my 30s. They were many years ago!

From you, I’ll take a HW apology any day. LOL

Well you have a young spirit ❤️❤️❤️

I think Spinna Rinna was totally out of line bringing up Kim’s problems up at that party. Asking ” What the fuck is Kim Richards doing here?” What the fuck reason do you think she’s there, you moron? She is Kyle’s sister, they are at Kyle’s house. My God, who the hell does she think she is anyway? Does she really believe that she is a more important guest than Kim? ( Sorry of there are a bunch of mistakes, I am trying to correct them, but I am taking this medicine that screws with my typing ability, which is… Read more »
I think Rinna is foul. I couldn’t care less whether she was right or wrong about Kim. She considered Kyle a friend, and the way she spoke about Kim this season was sickening. I am a Kyle fan, if she keeps Rinna as a friend after she sees what Rinna said in Talking Head, I also will have to revaluate my feelings. After the lunch at Frida’s, when Yo and Kyle got into it, and Rinna came over and they spoke about the “vault” comment, Rinna said “a friend doesn’t store secrets to use at a later time” Well, once… Read more »

I agree with you about Rinna! She sure cemented her villain status. But other than all the atrocious things she’s said and done, I just find her to be disingenuous and fake , even in her interactions, talking, laughing , whatever, it seems forced, contrived and without feeling. And YES I’m still NOT over the butt waxing lol

Yes, the disgusting waxing. I swear I hope she NEVER lives that down. Even she must realize how head banging boring she is to allow that to be filmed. Also, at the finale party when Kim asked to speak to her, when Rinna went and relayed the conversation to Eileen, she LIED AGAIN. Kim wasn’t trying to start a fight. ( And I am no fan of Kim’s either ) She actually said she wanted to stop any bad feelings Rinna had toward her, referring to the fact that Rinna was enraged about the lunch. And Rinna, in her usual… Read more »

Rinna is fake and detached from any real emotions or feelings. I’m not sure if she’s lying or she actually believes this bull crap and maybe that’s her distorted reality . I honestly think she could care less about any of these women and she just creates these little cyclones in her head and then around her and then goes home and doesn’t even think about it. Even Brandi wasn’t this bad , because she actually felt things, got hurt, she showed emotion . Rinna is just blank , even her ‘anger’ seems fake and contrived to me

Very Fake.. Her interviews especially. She just started to stir up drama to lock a spot up for next season. Due to her lack of storyline 😉

Sent you a long response but forgot to log on, 3Ds lol. It’ll show up as anonymous soon I hope

🙂 I will look for it. I don’t have to log on every time when I post here. On the other blog I post on occasionally, I do, but never here. Hmmmmm.

It just posted 2 postings up as anonymous

I just keep shouting YAAAS at everything you say!! Ive been looking for the words for Rinna forever and havent been able to find them. You found them for me.

3 D’s & Rain, I fully agree with you both. Too, too many discrepancies from both Rinna & Yo the crow. Pathological liars both.

That was disgusting on international TV, that’s all she will be remembered for now and dirty carpets!

This reality TV world is getting too much for me. Nowadays, aspirations are to get your own reality TV show it seems. People push their kids in front of the cameras from a young age ahead of education in many instances too and then hope they get their own shows. I am questioning why I even waste my time watching any of this. My own son refuses to watch all of these reality shows, and it looks like I raised my kid right. I should learn from him and stop watching all of them. I honestly would rather watch movies,… Read more »

Here here sister! I was questioning myself too after the last RHOC season! Like you, my kids laugh at me for watching! We need a HW rehab support group Sandy ❤️❤️❤️

Sandy, the one reality show that brings me joy and no drama is Drag Race!! Try it!! It’s much better than it looks actually

I never watched it. I will have to look for it.
Yes, we need rehab for this! 😀 😮 ❤️

My other son is not into anything but sports, but he watched a few episodes of Rich Kids of BH in the past and could not believe how clueless they were about so much…and spent money like water…another world. Both sons love sports and go to soccer games, ice hockey, football…and are very close. I am lucky that way. ❤️
How are you, Rain? I hope you are having a good day. Love you. XO

Love you too!! I’m doing well thank you, I hope you and your hubby are too! My boys love sports too and I don’t think they even watch anything else, no comedies , dramas , nothing lol. We have to admit Sandy , that’s an area where males have us beat, they don’t succumb to trash tv like we do 🙂 LOLOL. My daughter doesn’t watch much tv either but that because she thinks this is all beneath her, lol. She’s a very ‘serious’ person, sometimes I worry if she has any fun at all . Yes, we could defiantly… Read more »

All is well here. Thanks for asking. Hubby is okay.
II try to watch sports…some of it, anyway, but boys have their own club here when they are home with dad…and even if I get into the games and excited at times, they tell me not to…can’t win!

Serious is okay. She probably has fun with her friends when not at home. My younger son is the more serious type, but he does laugh…with his friends and his brother…just not too much around his parents. He has fun with his peers…not us oldsters…Oh my! 😮

That could possibly be the case lol. She had s fiancé and he’s s stick in the mud so I’m sure that doesn’t help 🙂 but she’s happy and that’s all that matters, right? We oldies are at that point where our kids think they know better than we do ❤️❤️❤️

Yes, they do that! We’re oldies but goodies…even if they haven’t figured it out yet. ❤️

That is the Ru Paul show right? I have seen clips.

Yes the Ru Paul show! My gay posse begged for years to watch it but I was reluctant and thought it’s probably just silly and uber gay lol. Well I was pleasantly surprised. It’s so much FUN ❤️❤️

Rue Paul is a fascinating man. Very intelligent. I watched Drag Race years ago, but with so many channels now, I haven’t been able to find him . 🙁

I agree about so many channels. Some shows I always watched moved to other channels I never knew I even had…so many. HGTV to DIY.

I have Hulu and I watch him there PJ

Is he on Logo? I must check. I have Logo. ❤️

I’m saving Ru Paul for my daughter coming up not surprisingly! We get it on NetFlix!

Yay Suze ❤️❤️❤️

I hate to think what I will end up watching with her! Lol ❤️❤️❤️
It won’t be RH she can’t stand them.

Real Sandy, I read your comment after I posted my comments. I justify watching these shows for the reasons I posted above. I tell myself I do it to explore the human condition. It’s a guilty pleasure, what can I say. I watch very little tv, am not a fan of movies and do more reading than anything else. I agree with you that society has taken a very terrible turn when one’s biggest aspiration is to star in your own reality tv show. Kids surveyed today tell you their goal is to become rich and famous. If they can… Read more »

I love it when some housewives…say, I have to go to work…and they mean reality TV…a job…of just being yourself most of the time, anyway. Yes, if work is being yourself, it is not too exhausting. Being like Kim K is a dream for some now too…that says it all.

I grew up watching the Housewives and a lot of other reality tv. It’s crazy especially seeing Avery turning 21 because I grew up, more or less WITH her as I am the same age as her. I too watch these shows as a guilty pleasure but I also tend to learn a lot from them. I would watch them with my mom who would was always smart about these shows and would always teach me that this wasn’t reality. Still, I learned a lot about the way people behave and I’m not above using these shows as a learning… Read more »

PJ, I am not a movie buff either. Naturally there are a few favorites, ET, Hunt For Red October, Quiggly Down Under, Top Gun, Pulp Fiction etc. But Reality is almost all I watch, and not much of it either. I am reading the first Book in the Outlander series, about 4/5 of the way in, and just ordered the next one. I used to think I watched a lot of reality, till I started posting here!!

3Ds , I also enjoy some reality shows like ‘Alaska the last frontier’ which is drama free lol. I do watch some comedies , like Big Bang, modern family and 2 broke girls. Love the ‘good wife’ but it’s ending this season . But with regards to Bravo I’m down to BH and OC , and I dabble in Vandepump rules and million dollar ( i.e. I don’t watch them religiously , just when I’m out of things) . I’m NOT a reader!!! There I said it LOL. I feel much better now. I have to read a lot for… Read more »

I don’t know if you would get it there but we have a new drama in place of Downton, (time slot,) The Durrells, about Gerald Durrell the conservationist growing up in Corfu and his maniac family. It’s ITV not BBC so not sure if you can pick that up. It’s really good and the scenery is stunning.

Oh I’m so jealous Suze!!! I can’t pick up itv but maybe they’ll show it here eventually

I was able to find the trailer on YouTube!! Looks like such a fun show 🙂

It is and I love Keeley Hawes. It’s just a Good Sunday night show!

Oh, 3 D’s Forever, you are in for a marathon of Outlander books. I’ve read the whole series. Twice. I read the first 4 in Game of Thrones and then watched the series by binging. Amazing.

Favourite movies that I watch once a year? Jaws and Gone with the Wind.

Yes, I left out Jaws and Gone with the wind. North and South. I see there are maybe what? 8 of the Outlander series? It’s all good, really very much like the story.

OMG! Haven’t thought of North and South for years. Loved the books, loved the tv shows.

Yes, there are 8 Outlander, I believe. All well over 1000 pages. I read them back to back this winter. Miss Gabaldon sure does like to write. 🙂 I also read all of her Lord John books and really enjoyed them too.

1000 pages EACH!

I am more than halfway through the second Outlander book…and it is addicting. 😉

Jaws is my all time favorite drives my husband crazy I still watch it several times a year!

Hi five! The production values of that film continue to amaze me. Steven Spielberg was 26 years old! That’s just never going to happen again. It’s a brilliant masterpiece.

There’s a group on Facebook called the Jaws Fin-atics. It’s full of psycho obsessed Jaws fans. Someone will post something, and everyone jumps in with an appropriate quote from the film. It’s hilarious.

Same here Sandy, like you I’m so proud of my kids going to university then my son adding another three years to become a chartered surveyor. I watched a programme last night on kids turning themselves into Barbie Dolls with so much surgery they looked deformed! I had to turn it off. I can’t watch the Trashy Kardashians, can’t think of one of them I like. What is wrong with further education? I don’t watch that much reality now, I still like Made in Chelsea especially Mark Francis, he makes me laugh and also Binky. I wish they would bring… Read more »

Barbie dolls…scary. Be proud of those children. I know you are, too. You did great raising them. This is a different world than when we grew up.
I never saw Made in Chelsea. I liked L.O.L.
Just give me more Outlander. 🙂 I do watch some HGTV… It is a channel about homes, decorating, real estate, and the best ones are the international ones…like exotic islands, etc.

I watch a lot of ‘property’ programmes as well. As you know we wanted to move overseas! Glad we didn’t now.

One extra comment I just looked at Outlander books, realized they were written by an American author. I couldn’t understand why they weren’t popular here in Scotland, but reading about it the show was considered but it clashed with the Independance referendum vote so they pulled it! I only thought about it when I saw an Amazon Prime Advert for the series. The only time I hear about Outlander is here but I have to agree Sam is a mighty fine laddie! I could help him with his kilt any day!! Lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️

You naughty lass! Yes, Sam is one hot Scot! 😉
It appears that the books are well researched for the history. The author is amazing. I wish it came with a Gaelic dictionary at times. I read on the Kindle app. i can highlight and a dictionary will pop up. Some words are middle English, some French in the second novel, and always Gaelic here and there…sometimes with meanings in the story…others not. It is so well written. I am addicted to Outlander…imagining Sam in the books too. ;). ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I wonder if Gigi was allowed to have a piece of her Birthday cake????

That was the question of the day, Bee. I hope so.

I know I eat plenty of cake! Poor GiGi

Perhaps she was allowed to sniff it?
I much prefer Bella’s looks but I do know how successful Gigi is I just can’t see why! Personal taste I guess

Soz xxxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️