Gia Guidice is Now Driving

Just weeks after Gia Guidice celebrated her 16th birthday she is now driving on her own.

Teresa always one to be proud of her children took to Instagram, “Look who is driving my car to school with me in it. When did this happen?” she wrote, adding the very real hashtag “#mybabyisnotababyanymore”.

If that doesn’t make you feel old…

Photo Credit: Instagram

Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

Tina is from Chicago, Illinois and loves The Real Housewives. She's even met several of the ladies while traveling. This sweet Italian girl is currently a student, and loves to blog in her spare time.

  • timdun

    Gia is such a pretty girl.

  • barbara

    Boy does time fly. I remember when as a little tot she was strutting the runway. She was great! Please Gia, be careful on the roads. It’s crazy out there!

  • melodie Phillips

    Why is this newsworthy. WHO CARES….. My son got his drivers license a couple months ago I don’t see anyone putting my kids name on posts. A for her mother…. Stop putting you kids in the media. Keep them out of all this crap. They are suffering enough for your F…Up and its your responsibility to keep them out of the limelight and safe and secure. Teresa be a REAL MOTHER and on’t post about any of your children you moron

    • Jack

      Why does something so sweet and endearing make you so upset? It’s news on a blog site full of people that have watched this little girl grow up and it’s crazy to think she’s driving now. Is Teresa not allowed to be proud of her daughters? Aren’t “real mothers” proud of their daughters and excited to share their accomplishments? I hope you feel better Melodie! 🙂

      • melodie Phillips

        Jack I’m guessing your not a parent because if you were you would understand that the Giudices have thrown their children to the wolves over the past many years with all of the illegal operations that they have been involved in. That child IS getting negative attention from the media and Im sure there is some good too. When your children see or read what people say about them it is hurtful and it is just wrong. The way to fix this problem is to keep your children OUT of the media and protect them from any and all negative attention. If I had gone to prison ( YES PRISON NOT JAIL)
        and was charged with a number of felonies the very first thing I would do is shut down all the phones, computers etc and NEVER put my children faces on the internet. Why can’t she just be proud of her daughter within her family. Gia with her friends but NO Teresa is throwing them to the wolves AGAIN. Those kids and you KNOW IM RIGHT went back to school and took a HUGE amount of peer pressure and the parents of their acquaintances. People are mean and evil and they stop at nothing to hurt. I guess I just have a difference of an opinion. If Tre would just keep her face (and the other girls too) OFF the G Dam internet it WILL eventually go away, not for a while but it will die down.
        I NEVER MADE ONE BAD comment about Gia I actually feel so sorry for her and her sisters. Having her father in prison and her mother just home from prison is so hard on a kid. She should have gone into counseling so she had a outside person to vent to that is safe and secure and PRIVATE, but yet again….. because their italian which is a bunch of crap they choose to avoid what is best for their children because it MIGHT look bad. Another great parenting choice by Tre and troll. This kid and probably the others too are going to have to carry this crap all of their lives. It’s so sad. Fame and money over your kids. Good job mom and dad. IF an when you have kids Jack you will understand that everything I have said is about protecting those kids keeping them safe and out of harms way.

        • SayYerPrayersVarmint

          Pfft! Tis all!

        • Jack

          okay but it’s an instagram post about her driving…. I don’t get how that’s throwing her to the wolves. Making their kids suffer more by shutting them off from the world for their own mistakes is totally harmful and doesn’t help anything?? Clearly there is some projecting going on here as you felt the need to defend multiple things I never even accused you of but…. oh well!

  • Not a Housewife & Neither RU

    I love Teresa’s babies and I can’t believe this baby is old enough to drive while I’ve managed to remain ageless…:)