Gia Giudice’s First Modeling Shoot


Gia Giudice has always loved the spotlight. Whether it was from singing, dancing or modeling, she wanted to be a star and it looks like Gia is getting back into modeling. Teresa shared a behind the scenes photo of Gia at a photo shoot, writing, “My baby is growing up Here she is at her model photoshoot yesterday thanks to her manager @mariadesantisxist and photographer @steveygardner.” Gia took to her Twitter to share some of her new photos, writing, “Modeling at its best.”

When Gia isn’t filming RHONJ, she’s rehearsing for her next gig, whether it’s for modeling or her dance career. Gia recently filmed a promotional video for T.R.U.E., or The Real Unique Entertainment Company.

Photo Credit: Twitter



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  • notatrehugger

    I feel sorry for anyone that has to work with this spoiled brat that feels she is allowed to disrespect everyone around her. Maybe once Mommy and Daddy go to prison she will loose her entitled attitude will be deflated and she can become a normal child. Teresa has ruined these girls!!!

  • Sailor

    Why don’t these people leave this Guidice family alone??, does anyone of us REALLY know them personally??, I don’t and I will not make a negative comment or response…,Innocent until proven Guilty then add you remark’s until them GO AWAY NASTY NEGATIVE PEOPLE

  • Jennica M

    I don’t know the reality family personally, but I will say the girl’s can be a bit spoiled so what, every child has or had a spoiled streak some still do, but I do not see the reason to ‘bash’ the family or Teresa herself, if she did what she is being accuse of ‘shame’ or her it’s dissapointing but that is no reason to “bash’ and her children will be fine. I dont know what will happen to Teresa and Joe I can only hope the girl’s will be ok ..
    I guess I am trying to say BE RESPECTFUL regardless if you know this lady or not…