Gia Giudice Says Her Dad Is Her Rock, Releases Emotional Song About Teresa


Things for the Giudice family have been difficult since Teresa, who is a mother of four, began serving her 15-month prison sentence on January 5th. But Teresa’s oldest daughter Gia, is revealing how she and her family are getting through this tough time.

“My sisters are okay. They obviously miss her dearly, but they’re okay,” Gia tells Access Hollywood, pointing to one very important man who is responsible for keeping her family together. “My dad has been amazing. Like, he’s honestly the rock. He’s helping us so much.”

Gia has been working with her girl group, 3KT and is pouring her emotions into her new single “Just 13.”

“My voice teacher and I sat down and we just basically like poured out our thoughts. It was really just a song based on my experience and what I’m going through, and it was really just me and her like really writing it out and just expressing ourselves,” Gia reveals. “I just want [my fans] to know that I’m okay, but also give them a little input of what I’m going through.”

In the song’s music video, Gia is filmed singing against a black backdrop with framed family photos on the wall. At the end, there’s a video clip from RHONJ in which Teresa blows a kiss to Gia.

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15 Replies to “Gia Giudice Says Her Dad Is Her Rock, Releases Emotional Song About Teresa”

  1. I’m sorry, but that was a amateurish and juvenile song sung by a girl who has minimal singing skills even when helped by Autotune. And, before all the haters start screaming, I liked the last song put out by 3KT. But this effort only put the emphasis on the fact that Gia does not have a great voice and should not be dinging solo or lead. Not all songs by groups are going to be great. Not only that, it’s beyond ironic that for a subject matter its about complaining the media being in her business while she just went on a tour of the media outlets hawking herself and her video and is on a Twitter and Instagram constantly doing the same thing and had a mother who invited the press into her bedroom since she was 5. (Bra shopping and everything) That’s pretty hypocritical to complain about the beast that you exploit that feeds your bank account do nicely. Didn’t mommy teach you that before she “went away?

  2. It’s awful! The video looks like a funeral video. She has mediocre talent at best. Instead of complaining about all of the “haters”, she should understand that HER PARENTS did this to her! Her parents made her grow up on tv, her parents stole and continued to be on tv. She should let this 3kt thing go (it’s going nowhere anyway), study hard and be a little girl.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. Oh my goodness the evil in this world, and the bitterness toward a child. Really? Thanks for standing up for what’s right.

  3. There are evil people in this world hiding behind jobs and apartment walls, etc…all of you trolls. haters, jealousy filled, bitter hearted so called humans should put a mirror in front of yourselves. This is her LIFE. ITS NOT THIS WEEKS EPISODE for you to rant about. Rant about the state of race relations. Rant about the price of beef. Better yet, don’t rant. Find something good to rant about. She’s a child. She didn’t commit any crime and she’s barely a teen. No wonder bully’s push kids to suicide. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Pick on someone your own size.

  4. So, let me get this straight Tula, everyone is supposed to LIE to this poor widdle CHILD who is out there in very short gold lame hot pants and 2 pounds of make up, with skin tight, low cut tops showing off the little chest she does have, undulating in very suggestive sexy moves for the masses, and pretend she is the next Beyoncé because it is SOOOOOoooo obvious she has SUCH overwhelming talent that record producers everywhere are breaking down her door to sign her after getting more attention than 1000’s of way more talented kids just because her mom is a notorious felon/d-list celebrity that flipped a table. Oh wait, that’s NOT happening is it? If this CHILD- who, BTW- CHOSE to enter the Entertainment business, cannot take criticism than she had better pack it up right now, because any TRUE artist- child or not- know that criticism comes with the territory, while lying to someone about their abilities will fo nothing to further their aspirations.

  5. Exactly Karen. Good grief, we can say that we don’t like a video that was put out for the public. We didn’t talk about beating the girl so get over it. The song truly sucked…sorry but it did. If that was a video that was professionally made, then fire that company. Some ppl are made to sing and some aren’t. Gia isn’t. What she has going for her is TV and she has potential to make a lot of $ for that in the future. Stick with what ur good at. This girl is not good, plain and simple. And I even like Teresa, just not this career path for her daughter.

    1. Seriously Jenny… They took a shot, which is a positive thing, and I actually think one girl, the one that doesn’t look like Gia, can sing and has some charisma too, and their Christmas song was decent, but they are not stand out compared to other young groups out there, at least not right now, and Gia doesn’t have a very good voice. And FOR SURE if she did, sone money hungry record producer would have snapped her up by now. Gia’s group, 3TK has has more NATIONAL exposure than any kid could dream of and her group couldn’t even raise $1000 on Go Fund Me for a video. And that’s the plain truth of it. No shade- truth. And when I was 14 I wanted to be a model but I was only 5’5 and 123 lbs how DARE those HATERS tell me I couldn’t be a runway model? Geeze sitting there in their chairs at 5’7 and old ladies at 27 at that!

      1. Exactly, Karen! If she had any talent, she’d have a contract. Just bc I don’t lie to the kid and tell her she’s wonderful, I’m a hater. Ummm, okay. She’s looking for sympathy and to make it that way. Instead of feeling sympathy for her, I will feel sympathy for all of the people affected by her parents’ fraudulent acts. Her parents obviously didn’t care how this would affect their daughters, why should I?

  6. Kids seem like entitled brats who want the media for branding themselves, but don’t like the media when it exposes their trashy family and bad singing.

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