Gia Giudice Filming Her Own Reality Show


Teresa Giudice’s oldest daughter Gia will be following in mother’s footsteps, as we have learned that Gia is filming her own reality show! E! Online is reporting that Gia is in the “midst of filming all about her big foray into the music industry.”

“It will be all about her group, 3KT. They’ve been filming already for two months,” a source told the site. “So far, the footage is really fun. Once the pilot is completed, they’ll start shopping it to the networks.”

“All the girls’ families are in it here and there. But it’s not a show about the grownups; it’s all about the girls. Everyone’s very excited about it,” the insider continued, adding that Teresa is very supportive of Gia’s decision. “Teresa’s thrilled but is keeping her distance. She’s really not interested in being in the spotlight right now. She wants the focus to be on Gia.”

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27 Replies to “Gia Giudice Filming Her Own Reality Show”

  1. First these people steal to support their lifestyle and now they will live off the daughter. Gia is such a nasty big headed little girl now so this will only make her worse.

  2. Oh brother, really? They are just not that talented or interesting. I’m sorry. At their first live show there were only 4o people- most of them relatives. Give me a break.

  3. These are just kids give them a break. Gia is already going through enough without cyber bullies. Good luck to them. If you don’t agree don’t watch or is that too simple!!!!

    1. Sorry if you want to put yourself out there in the publics eye, then critiques are part of the package, you do not sugar coat it just because they are kids. 3TK is nothing unique or special otherwise they would have been picked up by a real label, producer or someone serious in the industry. They have had more publicity and exposure than most groups could dream of and…….a big fat nothing. They are nice girls, having fun, doing a positive thing, but the only reason they have as much exposure as they do is one of them has a mom on RHONJ.

  4. What’s on the agenda of this new “reality”–more fake lifestyle, or “high demands” for appearances? Will they show Gia going under the knife to downsize that nose? When a 13 year old dresses so provocative and is praised for it, then why not?

  5. I happen to think Gia is pretty and as a parent can’t believe any sane adult would make ake fun of facial features or looks of a child, or Gia in this case.

    However, Gia’s playing around with music should just be kept as a hobby/fun thing with her friends, like most teenage girls, because I wouldn’t call any of the 3kt girls talented when it comes to singing…although if they find a great producer, am sure their tracks will sound more catchy and pleasing to the ear.

    Gia should dance, model, or even act.

    1. I agree- i will not comment on the kids looks, but I will – fairly -comment on the work THEY THEMSELVES put out there professionally. 3TK as I stated before is nothing that special. The dancing is so- so, and if you followed dance competitions you would know that. The singing is so-so- none of them stand out although one girl (not Gia) has a better voice than the other two. None of them have star power- they are cute enough for mom, dad and grandma, but they aren’t the next Big Thing. And when you, seek to put yourself out in public, especially someone like Gia, who full well knows what’s in store for her, I think she is being more realistic than some people here on this website about what to expect.

  6. I agree, maybe try acting…not singing. They don’t have what it takes not to mention one of the big YouTube videos is a cover song of Britney Spears old songs. This is just going to be a reality show about 13 yr olds. Nobody but other 13 yr olds will have anything in common with them, so is that their target audience? Maybe a kid network like Disney or Nickelodeon but nobody else should be interested. I’m not trying to say she’s ugly or boring or anything like that….just not show material IMO. And this is a comment section…. if u don’t wanna hear other people’s opinions, then don’t read em. Stop attacking ppl for their opinions. Geez!

    1. If ur comment is directed at me: then take your advice others’ opinions, and learn the meaning of the word “attack” instead of passive aggressively throwing it around.

  7. C’mon! Who is their audience? Housewife fans could possibly watch once out of curiosity. But 13 year olds don’t watch the Housewives franchises, and they aren’t going to be interested in these girls, either. It’s time this girl learned there are more important attributes to cultivate than looks. No matter what her looks are, they aren’t going to get her anywhere.

  8. Theresa blames reality tv for what has come of her life, so it only makes sense to let your teenage daughter have her own reality show? There’s clearly a lot of stress and pressure on Gia to take care of her family while her mom is in jail.

  9. My word attack wasn’t directed towards u Fifi! I will throw around whatever words I feel like. Ur answering to a comment that wasn’t even about u. I won’t be checking what u say after this, I’m not going to argue over a comment about Gia lol. Defend away Gia police.

  10. To whoever is overseeing this show: How about giving a show to some real talented struggling artists instead of handing over a boatload of money to undeserving kids!

  11. Leave the young girls alone!!! Are all of you that bored and hateful? Yes I am bored but not that hateful! So what if you think they are not talented! Let them enjoy life and make a few bucks! Love ya Gia !!!!

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