Gia Giudice Defends Music Video, Says Her Family Is Strong


Gia Giudice is speaking out about the controversy surrounding her group 3KT’s music video. The 13-year-old has a message for anyone who might not have approved of the group’s first video for “Circus” (their version of Britney Spears’ track) last month.

“We obviously got our parent’s approval,” Gia said when she spoke with Access Hollywood. “I personally don’t think they were that bad. My parents think it’s fun. Like, my mother was there every step of the way. When my dad saw it he was like, ‘Nice Gia, nice.’ He’s like the typical laidback [dad], so it’s good. I just want to make them proud. That’s all that matters.”

The video itself features the group performing in front of a crowd and on a basketball court. They perform in several costumes, including sequined tuxedo-inspired dresses and gold shorts paired with tank tops. The video also includes a cameo from sister Milania.

Gia may be working on her music, but she shares that her main focus is her family as both of her parents were served prison sentences.

“My family is probably one of the strongest families I know,” Gia says. “So, we’ll get through this. It’s going to be fine. When it’s over, we’re going to be better than ever. So it’s going to be OK.”

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12 Replies to “Gia Giudice Defends Music Video, Says Her Family Is Strong”

  1. hahaha well we all know her parents are worthless and they are nobody anyone should strive to be like ! unless you want to end up like them then i guess go for it . i seriously have to question parents who want their young daughters to be pedophile candy ! gross ! i would never let my girls behave as skanks just to make some money !

  2. What do you expect from a 13 year old who only wants to be grown up all the time, parents who spent $10,000 on making the video when they have this enmormous debt, taxes and restitution to pay, and a follow up to this video by begging social media for money to make another?

    Yes, fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. The thing Gia and her band mates need to consider and be very realistic about is this:
    1. They already had $10,000 to do a first video- more than most kids starting out on their own have to blow on a first video.
    2. They got a HELL of a lot more free publicity because of Teresa’s celebrity/notoriety so their video got a lot of hits that most bands would EVER get.
    3. All that extra publicity and notoriety did not get them any notice by anyone in the Industry that was interested in signing them to any type of development deal. Nada. Nothing. Zip.
    This doesn’t mean they should quit dancing or singing, because those are positive outlets for young girls, but they should just take note of the situation and, unlike her mother, be realistic. It also doesn’t mean that it can’t develop into other things.

    1. I would guess the hits they got came from HW fans only looking out of curiosity (like we did). And we aren’t the audience that’s interested in buying teeny bopper music.

  4. This child is unsupervised and misdirected. Her parents have made her another sad future statistic of a “famous” person. How sad.

  5. Mom and dad need to get their money from somewhere, why not throw their kids out there and ruin their lives. Great parents! Lets teach our kids to be greedy, anything goes to make a buck!

    1. I agree. Her lips are naturally extremely large, but it also looks to me like she’s outlining outside her natural lips to make them even look bigger. Like a lot of young teens with makeup what she thinks looks good now at some point she will look back on and realize looks ridiculous. Extending that upper lip even further makes her nose look even bigger, as there is little or no distance between her lip and her nose. Kind of like her mom’s Missing Link hairline.

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