Gia Giudice Debuts Her New All-Girl Band


Gia Giudice has been singing and dancing since we first met her during season one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and now the 13 year-old is ready to make a career out of it. Over the weekend Teresa Giudice introduced her daughter’s all-girl singing group, writing, “So proud of my baby Gia and her new girl singing group @3ktofficial.”

The group features Gia and her two best friends Alexa and Cristianna and over the last few weeks, they’ve been busy recording their first few tracks in the studio. They’ve also shot their debut video. Perhaps their biggest music industry bonafides: they’ve scored management from Xist Model & Talent.

“The [world] ain’t ready for us,” they shared on Instagram.

[The band] 3KT shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot, where the crowd is cheering for the girls on stage. Their music is set to debut next month.


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14 Replies to “Gia Giudice Debuts Her New All-Girl Band”

  1. What do you mean she’s been singing and dancing for years, we haven’t seen Gia doing anything but gymnastics so that’s a lie! And of course they got signed, she’s Teresa Guidices daughter and their quite the celebrities right now and now because they have any kind of talent, it’s the reality show where from the beginning showed us she was a stuck up snob “I can’t live in someone else’s house, that’s gross” and a lying, stealing thief! Of course, now her daughters a singer, I’m gonna vomit!

  2. Gia has been dancing for a long time. She danced at some local event on camera before- I think at the same thing where Melissa first performed her first song, and she did quite well. I never heard anything about her singing before though. And today with auto-tune and very little production almost anyone can “record some tracks”. But hey, she has to be better than most of the other Housewife singing efforts, right?

    1. I remember the dancing thing Karen. She was performing with her dance troupe when Melissa “sang” her song “live” for the first time. Weren’t they in a limo making fun of the song or something like that? As much as T and Joe (I REFUSE to call him “juicy”) are going through right now….you would think they would be doing their level best to keep their kids OUT of the public eye, not thrust them into it even more. As much as I don’t feel sorry for Joe and Teresa…they broke the law and now it’s time to pay…I don’t think the kids deserve what they’re going through. Hopefully, all of them will recover from what their parents have done.

      1. On a side note, ever wonder why Teresa calls him “juicy”? Wonder if it’s because of all the rumored trysts he had with other women and spewed his “juiciness” all over the beds, walls, etc.. THAT’S GROSS!

        1. OMGOSH!! One Rotten Egg!! LOL Now I’m going to have to bleach my brain to get those images out of my brain….(but still hella funny!) Could be what you said or all of the steroids he’s done…don’t they call guys like him “juice heads” in Jersey? LOL Thanks for the laugh!!

      2. Yes, even Gia at 10 was making snarky remarks about Melissa’s singing and tJoe and Teresa were all laughing. I was really shocked that they would be dragging their child into the family drama but clearly Gia was in on it as she was leading the way with making fun of her Aunt on National TV. Disgracefull- but you KNOW where she learned that horrible behavior. But still Gia did a good job, and I don’t wish her ill will. No, I feel sorry for her. She has been raised by low class criminals with even lower morals. Good luck to her, but like you said Michelle, she won’t find it in the limelight.

  3. Get this kid out of our faces! No offense but I remember when G to the Eeeya was modeling & hamming it up for cameras on the runway. Gag! Her singing stinks. That episode where she sings at the birthday party, a song she wrote for Zio Joe, was sad but what was even sadder is the kid couldn’t carry a tune in a designer bag held by Michael Buble’! Her dancing is better but she is not very graceful & kind of clomps around with her moves. On the show I think she comes off as snotty & spoiled. I wish this kid the best because she is a kid but a NORMAL life. Seriously. Not a life where she feels she entitled because she is on TV & Mom & Dad have (stolen) millions that they spend on her & her sisters. Be good in school, be a good sister & get off tv & off the stage in general. Look, I am sure this child is going through a lot but how good is all this media attention? Not good.

    1. Wow- calling out a kid for a “Crappy singing voice because she couldn’t carry a tune” or whatever you said, no kidding, the poor kid was crying her eyes out. Sorry but that’s just silly. You don’t see everyday of their life so you have no idea how she can actually perform. You’ve seen one or two perfomances for a couple years ago…

  4. Eyeroll. Yeah, sure. Anybody today can buy recording equipment with autotune and create a crappy ditty. Does not mean it’s “music.” Just more pop noise pollution.

    This kid needs a reality check. She is rapidly becoming as narcissistic and entitled as her mother.

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