Gia Giudice Debuts Music Video, Cover Of Britney Spears’ 2008 Song ‘Circus’


Teresa Giudice’s oldest daughter Gia has been teasing her new band 3KT and the release of their new music video, a cover of Britney Spears’ 2008 song Circus.

The band released their premiere video on Friday which features a fierce rapping breakdown where Gia and her friends Cristianna, 14 years-old and Alexa, 16 years-old say, “You gonna judge us based on our looks or our age, but I be stackin’ my stacks while you be makin’ minimum wage.”

The footage of Gia in the video has sparked controversy in the media for not being age appropriate. Gia is 13 years-old. Check out the group’s video below and of course, we want to hear your feedback in our comments section!

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22 Replies to “Gia Giudice Debuts Music Video, Cover Of Britney Spears’ 2008 Song ‘Circus’”

  1. I’ve never seen anything like it. Amateurs should not be allowed to produce and market like kids as grown women. Grotesque.

  2. Teresa spent ten thousand dollars to produce this mess. That money should have gone to those that she and her drunk husband screwed over. Good job!!

      1. Some people will Continue to believe they can screw unto others, until you get caught. Then do it again knowing ur gonna get caught! This video is every pedophiles dream! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOO INAPPROPRIATE in every way! “Teach your children well . . . . “

    1. That is true- funny how “broke” people can come up with big bucks for themselves when they want to. If this was paid for after the sentencing and bankruptcy judgement against the Guidice’s, there should be a investigation.

  3. Teresa should have had someone else read the contract, because Gia got robbed! The concept of the video was good, but the execution was SO low rent it was painful. The girls – when not “acting” were good, but their make-up was distractingly hideous- it was over-the-top clown/diva – NOT pretty, NOT edgy, NOT cool- just ugly- but not clown in the right way as in Circus. The editing and cinematography was very jerky and amateurish- it just could have been of much better. On the upside the singing was good, their version of Circus was good and the dancing was good.

  4. so now her daughter is going to be a fame whore and sell herself any way she can for money … watch for her in the porn industry at this rate … nasty

  5. They’ll sell anything to make a buck but there daughter really? Haven’t they done enough damage, go away, your phony your losers and dumb as stumps!

  6. This is what’s wrong with this society. People think there is NOTHING wrong with 13yr old girls acting all sexual. I would NEVER have let my daughter dance like this in a video or anywhere else at 13! I think this is just way too mature for a 13yr old. What people won’t do for the almighty dollar….and 15 minutes of fame! So sad!

  7. They used to say the same about all of us when we were young, Gia is super talented. These girls are great. The filming was tastefully done. Let’s all grow up a little bit and give credit where credit is due.
    The comments are embarassingly biased. She isn’t trying to be Hannah Montana (have successfully forgotten her real name). They are to be commended for hard work
    work, guts, talent, and dedication.
    Additionally, as I understand it…Joe and Tre screwed themselves…and the banksters. Have any of them been indicted for allowing them to use their house as an ATM machine? They are the heartless bastards, IMO.

    1. I am certain no one said the same about me as a young girl. I was a kid and acted like one. Not a little want to be tramp. And THAT it is the truth. People who think this video is ok are sickos.

      1. Ignorance is bliss and “Lisa” is happy.
        Shame on you and other “professional parents” who have seen fit to judge a young girl.
        Those scenes were on “fast forward” it seemed…I’m proud of BOTH Tre and Gia for sticking to it in spite of adversity.
        Do you think you are the only adult she is giving the middle finger to? Do you think she can read? Clearly she’s been influenced by the older gal and I am pleasantly surprised by how intelligently Tre is handling this.

  8. It’s fun! Maybe not the most original or best dressed but who cares. So it’s ok to watch kids killing kids in Hunger Games trilogy but teenage girls being flirty in a music video is sooooo controversial . Get a grip, people!

  9. Omg–poor Malania looks like a little porker. Just kidding…we all know it’s BABY FAT…just like the thighs on Gia’s legs–if they didn’t want to be looked at like that, these girls shouldn’t be wearing tight booty shorts, dancing like they want some.

    The pervs are gonna love this music video. I personally hate it. auto-tune has made millions!

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