Gia Giudice Apologizes For Using Gay Slur On Twitter


Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Gia Giudice is apologizing for using a gay slur on her Twitter account, saying that is not how she meant it. Gia, who is 13 years old, replied to one of her friends using the slur, writing, “@nickslaaen who’s this chick u little f*gg*t..” which immediately sparked controversy and caused Gia to delete the tweet.

Now, Gia explains her comment telling Star Magazine she has learned from her mistake. “People took it as a gay slur. I would never think that way. It was a mistake to joke, but that’s not what I meant. So that’s hard, and I feel awful,” Gia told the magazine. “I have to take responsibilities for my actions because I am always in the public eye.”

Despite the backlash Gia received, she also dishes the perks of being famous. “When I go to Disney or want concert tickets, I can get them for free!” she told the mag. 

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  • only1me

    gia is growing up, most kids won’t say sorry,if in public eye.everyone forgets she is a child. judge judy told 18 yr old’s mother, her daughter\s brain is still growing, doesn’t stop till she’s 21 lol

  • Aunt Bee

    Oh yeah, she is learning how to get away with crap at a very early age. Is this “affluenza”???

  • zzz BeGone zzz

    Either way, she apologized, I’m happy with the gesture, even if mom forced her to do so, Gia has to remember, their bread & butter is determined by keeping Andy happy. Gay slurrs are just NOT acceptable by anybody.

  • only1me

    aunt bee, you’ve never said anything you are sorry for? in 20 yrs are they going to make gia another paula dean? gia is going to be ok,watch and see. time for you to lay off the kids

    • Anonymous

      Paula Deen is a grown up Gia is a child. I’m glad she apologized but I get what she said & the meaning behind it. That being said I don’t condone any words bashing anyone but I get it

  • Aunt Bee

    I hope you are right only one me, we will just have to wait and see.