Gia Giudice Apologizes For Using Gay Slur On Twitter


Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Gia Giudice is apologizing for using a gay slur on her Twitter account, saying that is not how she meant it. Gia, who is 13 years old, replied to one of her friends using the slur, writing, “@nickslaaen who’s this chick u little f*gg*t..” which immediately sparked controversy and caused Gia to delete the tweet.

Now, Gia explains her comment telling Star Magazine she has learned from her mistake. “People took it as a gay slur. I would never think that way. It was a mistake to joke, but that’s not what I meant. So that’s hard, and I feel awful,” Gia told the magazine. “I have to take responsibilities for my actions because I am always in the public eye.”

Despite the backlash Gia received, she also dishes the perks of being famous. “When I go to Disney or want concert tickets, I can get them for free!” she told the mag. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images