Full RHONJ Cast Reportedly Returning To Season 5!

There are still rumors flying all over the internet speculating if all of the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will return for Season 5! We reported exclusive details from our insider saying Caroline and Kathy wouldn’t be returning, you can read more on that here. Now RealityTea is exclusively reporting that celebrity journalist Tom Murro has new details about Season 5. Tom’s source shared this, “All of the Housewives are back for the 5th season. Danielle has NOT been asked back and Kim D has not been given a contract, but has a small role (and not that of a Housewife). Teresa has friends they they have asked to film with her but not offered contracts yet or to be Housewives.”

The source also tells Tom that Jacqueline Laurita is having a hard time beginning the filming process, saying, “Jax is struggling with starting to film and keeps putting it off. A part of her is afraid to take the time away from her children. Especially Nicholas who really needs her focus. As much as she wants to share her journey with others, she doesn’t want it to distract her from her kids.”

As I’ve said before I will believe this when I hear it from Bravo. There have been so many speculations, rumors, and conflicting reports about who will or will not return, there is no way to know the truth… yet. Our insider is very close to the situation and stands by the information they gave us. Personally, I don’t see how Bravo could have another season of RHONJ without somewhat of a cast shake-up. Viewers were very disgruntled with how dark Season 4 was, and voiced their opinions they wanted a change.

Another FYI- Tom Murro has reported false stories in the past. For example, he alleged Slade Smiley was talking smack about Joe Giudice, which Gretchen Rossi later confirmed was not true.

Tell Us- What do YOU believe?

Photo Credit: Bravo