Friends Fear Mario Will Hurt Ramona Singer Again


After filing for divorce in January, Ramona Singer has been toying with idea of taking her cheating husband, Mario, back. But RadarOnline is reporting Ramona’s friends and family are concerned she is going to get hurt again.

“Ramona is not going to leave Mario and she is convinced that things are going to be fine moving forward,” a source close to Ramona tells the site. “Her friends are really concerned that she is so blindly believing everything he says now.”

Mario’s mistress Kasey Dexter, wrote a letter the RHONY star, revealing that Singer never ended his affair with his young mistress, even after Ramona vowed to take him back.

“He [Mario] can do no wrong in her eyes, none,” the source says. “Despite everything he did and how he was so publicly caught, Ramona does not care. She is happy being in the marriage with Mario.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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    1. His slimy eyes were all over me last summer at the gourmet shop down the street from his shop near my office. She is delusional to think there was only one girl, he was gross.

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