Friends And Family Fear Giudice Girls Are Under Too Much Stress


The Giudice family is still in shock as they are grieving from the sudden death of Joe Giudice’s father and RadarOnline is reporting that those closest to Teresa and Joe are growing increasingly worried about the stress that is being placed on their four daughters.

“The family is heartbroken and devastated,” a family friend tells the site of Frank Giudice’s sudden passing.

With their sentencing for felony tax evasion coming up on July 8th, this is another situation that the children are having to unexpectedly dealing with and friends and family are worried about the Giudice girls.

“Friends of Teresa and Joe fear for the kids. They are very worried about how the daughters are handling everything,” another source tells Radar. “They have been through so much stress lately, with the fear about the trial and their security and then to have their grandfather die in their home, this might be too much for them.”

“The girls are all so young having to deal with all of these emotional situations. It is really a lot for little children to handle and so their parents are rightly concerned about them,” the source said.

The insider shares that for now, the family is preparing for Frank’s memorial service.

“The Giudice family is coming in from Italy and arrangements are being made now at Festas Memorial Funeral Home in Totowa, NJ,” the source said. “All four girls are loved by everyone and they’re going to be protected at all costs.”

Teresa and Joe’s oldest daughter Gia, who is 13 years-old, took to Twitter Wednesday night to speak about her Grandfather’s death. “this is not really happening right now, this is not real..” she wrote.


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6 Replies to “Friends And Family Fear Giudice Girls Are Under Too Much Stress”

  1. I feel badly for the girls. It would be horrible for any child. But these kids are going to have an especially hard time dealing with loss, because they have been raised to feel entitled. There is never a consequence for anything. No matter how they have behaved, they have always been rewarded. When the kids say or do something outrageous Teresa looks at them like she’s brain dead. How does a kid that thinks the world owes them something deal with huge losses that aren’t even their fault? Probably not very well.

  2. They have their parents to thank for that. Shame on Juicy and Teresa for not even giving those kids a thought during their illegal activities. #parentingfail

    1. So much for “keeping a low profile until sentencing”….now time to rack up the sympathy points. So far it has worked. Now sentencing date moved back to September. next: sentence reduced due to “time served waiting for sentencing”

      Sorry no sympathy hear….feel bad for those girls who were kidnapped for years, or the kids who were shot in school, or even little girl who was ordered out of fast food restaurant due to disfigured face…but not this.

      1. Rotten egg, I hear you. I feel for All you mentioned And these girls, too. No kid(s) should ever be put through any horrors in life. None.

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