Former RHONY Star Jill Zarin Credits Bethenny Frankel For New Look

I am not sure if you caught last Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, but former RHONY star Jill Zarin has a whole new look.

One specific caller wanted to know Jill’s secret for looking so young.

“Well [dermatologist] Pat Wexler—I’ve been saying it since the day I started seeing her. Also, Allyson pointed out that I had a breast reduction after Season 2 or 3, and I appeared to lose weight. This is reduced. Well, it made me top heavy,” she said.


Jill commented about how Bethenny Frankel has helped with her current look.

“And I just just think less hairspray, and I used to add hair,” she said. “And I had too much makeup on. You know, Bethenny [Frankel] was right about that, for sure. It was too much.”

What do you think of Jill’s new look?

Photo Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “Former RHONY Star Jill Zarin Credits Bethenny Frankel For New Look”

  1. She looks like every other 50+ socialite in NY, plastic. I liked the way she looked before she went overboard.
    I also don’t understand why she feels the need to bring up Bethenny, like they’re friends.
    At one time I liked her (for a split second) until I seen what a mean vindictive person she is, and most of all what she tried to do to Bethenny.. it was so obvious it was nauseating. Take care of your sick husband Jill instead of trying to stay in the spotlight.

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