Former RHONY Star Husband Facing Possible Jail Time

Former RHONY star Jules Wainstein’s estranged ex-husband could face jail time over unpaid child support and other expenses totaling $135,000.

After being given two chances to pay the amount, Michael has to appear in court next month to have a hearing.

“You should be prepared with your defense,” Justice Michael Katz told Michael Wainstein at a hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday. “You’ve had two tries and I’m not convinced [you have] an ability to pay.”

Page Six reports that Jules’ lawyer, Allan Mayefsky, claims Michael is a mama’s boy, who spends his money on lavish trips to Florida instead of on his children.

“He comes up with money when he needs it for his own purposes,” Mayefsky said. “He flies to Florida, has all sorts of expenses, dines out. Recently he threw a birthday party for his son, which was very nice … I don’t deny that, but when can’t pay the court’s lawyers, one would think you had some priorities here.”

The justice wasn’t having any of Michael’s excuses.

“It is my observation that when it’s important for your client to come up with the money he’s able to come up with it. You say it’s from his parents but his parents give him money for the things that are important to him. He hasn’t demonstrated that complying with my orders is important to him.”

Photo Credit: Bravo