Former RHONJ Star Kim G Wants To Take Down Danielle Staub

Do you remember Kim G from The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Well, she’s stirring up drama behind the scenes in a BIG way with her former co-star Danielle Staub.

First, let us give you the backstory. Danielle Staub is currently being sued for bailing on ex-fiancé Joe Masalta’s charity event and pocketing the cash advancement. Staub has been officially served and is ordered to appear in court.

So what does Kim G have to do with all of this? Well, Kim helped Masalta file the court documents and helped pay for his lawyer fees.

“I connected with Joe on Twitter and found out he was wronged by Danielle in reference to an appearance fee for charity,” Kim G tells PerezHilton. “We met and hit it off, and he decided he wanted to file a civil suit against her. Doesn’t surprise me what she did as this is her M.O. I financed him in regards to court fees and going forward. He needed help going forward filing the suit and I helped him. I also went to the courthouse to support him.”

But that’s not all. Kim adds, “I believe she has also wronged singer/song-writer Adam Barta in writing a song with him that she never released.”

And recently, Kim called Danielle out on Twitter for claiming her current fiancé is a former Yankees player.

Kim has apparently reconnected with Jacqueline Laurita and believes that Staub is using Teresa Giudice and will betray her at some point.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • donna

    Dayum, first her & Danielle got together & dragged Jacqueline. Now she’s dragging Danielle? KIM GUUURRRLLL!

  • UnrealHousewife57

    If there’s anyone on RHONJ that I despise more than Danielle it would have to be KimD.

    • melodie Phillips

      This is Kim G they are talking about Granatell…. Not Kim D. So is it Kim D or Kim G you despise. I’ll go with you on the Kim D side….. I cannot stand that woman. She is a disgusting excuse for a woman

      • UnrealHousewife57

        Kim D. I think the D stands for Dirtbag.

        • melodie Phillips

          High 5…… UnrealHW your right Kim D is a dirtbag. Actually all of them are pretty gross, but it is so fun to watch them make asses of themselves.

          • UnrealHousewife57

            And I’m a doofus for not reading the headline properly. Here I thought KimD was looking pretty rough. LOL

  • cat62

    Danielle is slime…whats new?

  • Supe White

    I don’t get the songwriting part. That happens everyday even with hot songwriters. Had she released it and not given him credit, that’s a WHOLE different story. If they wrote it together and she promised him money upfront for his contributions, then that’s a different story as well but I doubt that is the case as she doesn’t have a record deal.

    And I’m pretty sure that lawsuit is phony from what I read while ago about the whole thing. I can’t remember the details to really comment.

  • 1finleyboc2

    Kim G is like the shingles.

  • Of course Danielle will betray Teresa. This nice girl is an act, one of her many personalities. Divide and conquer is her motto this season. She would and has done ANYTHING to stay on HW. Teresa is her best bet, as much as many would like to believe it ain’t so. First she goes for Delores, knowing she can point out Delores’s friendship with Caroline ( whom I despise ) as a stain of derision. Then she tells a huge lie to start the fracturing of a 20 year friendship, knowing also that Teresa is the most vulnerable place she has ever been in in her entire life. She is barely holding on, even though it doesn’t show to most people. Danielle is a devious, cruel, selfish W****, who will lower herself back to the gutter where she’s the most comfortable and is at her best to get what she wants. Money & Fame.