Former RHONJ Star Dina Manzo Still Scared After Robbery

I can only imagine how scary being robbed would be, and how much it would affect me. That is exactly what is happening with former RHONJ star Dina Manzo, according to her friend Teresa Giudice. Teresa wrote about the robbery in her new book; Standing Strong.

“Dina told me that she’s scared now. She doesn’t want to be afraid, but how can she not be?” Teresa writes. “Someone violated her space and then attacked her physically. There’s no way to forget that.”

“She’s walking on eggshells. She’s looking around every corner. She’s aware of who’s in front of her, who’s next to her, and who’s behind her,” Teresa added in the book.

As we previously reported Dina was robbed in May with her boyfriend David Cantin.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Pamela White

    It is natural that after the experience of the Home Invasion Robbery that what Dina would experience is PTSD and that is so awful for anyone who has experienced Trauma to move through but Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Meditation have helped tremendously for me and for my clients. I hope and pray she reaches out for similar help because you do not get through something like this alone or without help. She is in my prayers.

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    It looks like she´s fishing for her own reality TV show based on her recovery, which will probably last for at least four seasons, and include trips to exotic locations, and retail therapy as well, lots of crying bellyaching and so for

    #PrayForDina #DinaMatters #WeAreAllDina

  • TrumpsRolls

    Dina: I’m freaked out for a real, legitimate reason. How can bastardize this into reality tv world and whore myself out for attention?

    Tre: Go on an irrelevant silly half hour show with a wonky eyed slimeball who lives at the bottom of a bottle of booze! And also, I’ll be your mouthpiece in the media!


    • RMAN56

      Where’s the goodbye part?

  • RMAN56

    I’m not diminishing what she went through but that was May, it’s not October. If you haven’t got a handle on the situation by now, maybe you should consider therapy. I’m not being snarky. I was burglarized (better than robbed) and while it took a while to move beyond it, I did.

  • HJ

    She wasnt just robbed she and her BF were physically assaulted. How horrifying.