Former RHOC Star Lynne Curtin’s Daughter Alexa Identifies Cop In Alleged Rape Attack


Former RHOC star Lynne Curtin’s daughter Alexa Curtin filed an amended complaint against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department after she learned of her alleged attacker’s identity, and the attacker just happens to be a cop!

Curtin, 23, claimed that Nicholas Lee Caropino raped her, despite Orange County’s refusal to help her peg him.

Alexa filed her lawsuit earlier this year, although the alleged incident happened in April 2014. The cops were called when Curtin and her then-boyfriend got into a verbal fight. They separated the couple, and an officer drove her back to her car that was parked a block away.

“Upon arriving at Plaintiff’s vehicle, Deputy Caropino searched Plaintiff’s purse and vehicle,” the documents, obtained by RadarOnline, claimed. “While searching Plaintiff’s vehicle, the Deputy Caropino found some of Plaintiff’s underwear and began inappropriately questioning Plaintiff about her underwear; asking if the underwear belonged to her, how many pairs she had, why she needed the underwear, etc.”

He then left the scene but told her “She was not free to leave” and “if she did leave, she would be in ‘a lot of trouble.’” She stayed put, and tried to fall asleep in her car while she waited for the officer to return.

Caropino returned about 20 minutes later in his personal car in plain clothes. He allegedly told her, “since you are still here, I am going to f**k the sh*t out of you” and to “show me your p**y.”

“Deputy Caropino then pulled his pants down and shoved Plaintiff’s head down towards his genitals and forced her to orally copulate him despite her pleas to stop because he was hurting her,” the suit also claimed. The two then engaged in non-consensual sex, and “Deputy Caropino partially ejaculated inside of Plaintiff’s vagina, and partially on the passenger seat of Plaintiff’s vehicle.”

“Deputy Caropino then pulled up his pants, and asked Plaintiff for her cellular phone number so he could text her and to do this again,” Lynne Curtin’s daughter claimed. “Still afraid, Plaintiff gave Deputy Caropino an incorrect phone number. Then the Deputy Caropino returned to his personal vehicle and left.”

She is suing for mental anguish, emotional distress and financial losses.

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19 Replies to “Former RHOC Star Lynne Curtin’s Daughter Alexa Identifies Cop In Alleged Rape Attack”

  1. That was a really fucked up thing to say. Rae. It is very common for women/girls to wait a while before filing complaints, as they are likely scared out of their minds knowing this rapist pig now knows where she lives, and if he can get to her once…..especially when she later learns that the rapist is a cop. I can’t believe you made such a demoralizing comment about a young lady you not only don’t know, not that it would matter in the least, but you are apparently too ignorant to have any idea about how horrifying this must be for her. Her personal and physical space was violated. You have no idea what is happening to her now, constant nightmares when she can sleep, fear of being out anywhere, fear inside one’s own home, just fear all of the time. Does that give you joy? Do you have any idea what her motives are for filing these type of charges. Often attorneys suggest these in loo of formal rape charges, knowing they are going to put the girl on trial instead of the pig, which your one comment proves true already. If the young lady has had any sex life at all, she is considered a whore by the defense team, and often the entire room at large, although that line of defense is illegal, they claim the girl was “obviously asking for it”, as you do, & I see above her arrest records are already being spread out for the world to see, her “crimes” that I doubt ruined any person’s life.
    As much as I’d enjoy slapping the shit out of you right now, I hope no bigger, stronger, intimidating man with a gun and who has a lot of friends within the offices of the powers that be shove his cock in your mouth or any other parts of your body. Whether you’re a man or woman maybe you’re the one who would enjoy it? It can and often ruins the rest of the young lady’s LIFE. It removes your sense of personal power over your body and your surroundings. It commonly disallows the woman from ever having a normal, healthy love life with any man, even one that she loves. Maybe it’s you that only takes d*ck for money.

  2. I think what Rae was saying is considering both of her daughters past this is not surprising.. they have both been arrested more than once, one has made porn movies, drugs…. I’m not saying her allegations are false, but I am saying considering her priors and her part time career choice, most would judge this book by its over. I can say I have NO respect for Lynne’s girls what so ever for the way they spoke to their parents on the show. I would have slapped the shit out of those girls. However, look at them now. See how far all of the things and money got them now.

    1. So because they were raised by a mom that set no boundaries for them and didnt punish then for their lude behavior, it is okay for a man (a cop no less) to rape her? Like physcially shove his penis in her mouth against her will. Do you think about that? Did you think about that when you decided to type this out. I want you, a woman who has undoubtedly had at least 1 sexual encounter and has spoken to your mother at least one time disrespectfully, to imagine being pulled over by a police officer. And then being threatened with legal action to make sure you stay put. And then!!!!!! I want you to imagine him coming back, and forcing himself on you. Then, i want you to imagine a random woman on the internet saying “well, i dont respect that time Amy disrespected her mom and had sex with another man. So eh, so what if she got raped.”

      Like, for christ sake, how hard is it to imagine what someone else is going through. Thank you 3D’s and all your supporters for showing both of these posters (and me) that there is still some dignity here. I appreciate you. Amy and Rae can go post their stuff somewhere else. Shame on you two.

  3. IMEO, that was a depraved, hateful comment. I am sickened that two of three posters, not knowing what anon meant, were totally lacking in compassion for this young girl. How absolutely detestable. NO woman deserves to be raped, by anyone, especially someone who has taken an OATH to protect and serve, no matter what she had done in her past, which I am sure he knew nothing about. By your prospective, if he had, he had the right to hurt her more. I guess where the Bible states “The love of the greater number will cooI” is foretelling this repulsive attitude you show here.
    If by some weird chance, you have a daughter who had been held against her will for 11 hours, raped and sodomized, tied up so tight it cut off her circulation, strangled to unconsciousness several times causing blood boils in her eyes, having not an inch on her beautiful 22 year old body that was not bruised, cut, pinched, torn, twisted, broken and invaded, that if she had been bratty during her teen years and/or shoplifted and gotten caught, giving her a police record, ( neither of which happened ) she would then have learned her lesson? You have made it pretty clear you have no respect for these young ladies, or anyone besides yourself.
    I am gong to go vomit now. You make me sick.

  4. Anyone who as any feeling for this young lady besides compassion and a wish to help don’t deserve to be called human beings. Animals have been shown to not possess evil, but these posters have shown that they certainly do. These remarks give me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and a pain in my soul. I sincerely hope none of you ingrates ever have something like this happen to you or to anyone you love, if you do in fact possess love.

    1. Love you 3 D’S . I agree with you entirely . Other than that I’m absolutely speechless . Can’t believe how low down and heartless some can be

      1. Wow. Are you okay? What that poster said was totally out of line and repulsive. There is no place for violence against woman in a civilized society. There is no place for violence against humanity in a civilized society. You have lots of us backing you. I hope you’re coping better today. Like I always say, “Dogs….because people suck”. Hang in there.

  5. I have a problem with telling someone not to judge, by judging the hell out of them. Getting riled up because the allegation is horrific in no way assures the accusation is the truth. Most women would never lie about such a horrible thing, but this girl isn’t most women, and what we know about her doesn’t support completely trusting her. What we know about both these daughters is that they have shown us a lack of interest or even understanding in doing the right thing, honoring truth, or being fair if it stands in the way of what they want. These girls have also been knee-jerk in responding with anger in every situation, not shying away with fear for repercussions. I can’t imagine the scenario where she wouldn’t have gone after him immediately if it happened having witnessed her responses to other situations. I think it more likely that she’s heard somewhere that she can make a fortune suing the city and winning, since these municipalities settle for large amounts rather than fight the charges. That’s what you get when you raise kids to worship money over everything. I can’t believe this cop would not think he was screwed if he did do this, out of his career, family, friends, his freedom, and possibly his life because cops don’t fare well in prison. These are my opinions. But I sure wouldn’t condemn some cop as if I knew he was guilty before I had more information than this.

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