Former RHOC Star Gretchen Rossi Sued By Her Own Attorneys

TMZ reports that Gretchen Rossi was on Santa’s naughty list this year. The former RHOC star may have to find new representation in the form of a new lawyer soon.

Rossi allegedly decided not to pay thousands of dollars to her current lawyers, Brown & Charbonneau, LLP located in SoCal, and they have filed a lawsuit against her.

They claim she owes a balance from the end of 2013 that totals $285,000, and then a few months later she has another bill for around $16,000.

Rossi hired them to work on a harassment case and she plans to pay her unpaid balance as soon as she is able to collect money from a separate legal matter, and says this is all a “misunderstanding.”

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7 Replies to “Former RHOC Star Gretchen Rossi Sued By Her Own Attorneys”

  1. This must be the harassment matter she tried to use to cover up the fact that she was cheating on her dyeing “fiancee’. This was talked about at the 8th season reunion, so it’s been a while. But, her and Slade had had that fake helicopter engagement where she was asked if he bought her a ring, and in her oh so annoying baby voice said “no, we went in together on the ring,” which must have been at least $175,000.00, and then said with even more baby lisp, “and see, there is an S for Slade and a G for me over here.” Puke. And, of course, since her ploy was unsuccessful and Bravo, or whoever, didn’t pick it up for a spin-off, they aren’t married yet 3 years later now. So, not only would that have paid his 10’s of thousands of dollars of back child support, she could have paid the attorneys who supposedly won the case for her. She has got to be the phoniest HW ever. Her and Sonja have those voices that are so high pitched or something, that they use to their advantage by talking over everyone, and that with the concrete she had poured into the bottom of her face makes her look like she should be entombed. She has to be the most juvenile person to work with, with the “soNething” BS that she pretended she didn’t realize she pronounced that way. God, she still bugs me every time I see her name.

    1. That’s not nice. Karma just msu get ya back for that. But it is kind of funny. And by her own lawyers. For to love her.

      1. I met her in person. Wretchen was not nice to me. She is not a warm and inviting person. A few people on twitter have told me that too. She is the furthest thing from being an Annette Funicello kind of celebrity. Wretchen is getting what she deserves. It’s called karma. Now, Jeana Keough is nice. I would go as far as saying that Jeana Keough accommodates the fans or people in general.

  2. She’s not going to pay unless she has additional mad cash, her upkeep and living beyond her means is her priority, no way is she letting go of a dime if she had it to spend on more “fun things”.

    She’s a criminal. She and Slade deserve each other.

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