Former RHOC Peggy Tanous Facing Home Foreclosure


Peggy Tanous appeared in season 6 in of the Real Housewives of Orange County and according to new court documents, a bank wants permission from the bankruptcy judge to take the home she’s resided in for the last eight years.

U.S. Bank claims Tanous has missed the last 75 monthly payments of $6,000 and that she owes $1.54 million on the Irvine, California, house that’s worth $840,000. Tanous also owes $300,000 to another bank on a second mortgage on the house she bought in 2006, the court filing says.

According to RadarOnline, the Tanous’ home was just three days away from a foreclosure sale when she filed for voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy in February of 2013. The bank is asking the judge to lift the automatic protection from foreclosure because she has no equity in the property.

The documents show Peggy’s annual income is $30,000 a year. Her only income appears to be $2,500 in child support from ex-husband Micah Tanous, although she’s never publicly acknowledged the divorce.

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7 Replies to “Former RHOC Peggy Tanous Facing Home Foreclosure”

  1. Since when did “live within your means” become code for “skip mortgage payments”? The bullsh*t is deep in Tanous-land.

      1. Teresa STOLE MONEY by COMMITTING BANK FRAUD MULTIPLE TIMES, nit to mention BANKRUPTCY FRAUD to try and escape MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars of charges that she doesn’t at luv poetry stores. Peggy was divorced and her income fell dramatically. She probably made some mistakes, and she probably tried to gang on to a life style she could no longer afford, but like thousands if others in SoCal she found herself upside down on her mortgage when the Real Estate Bubble burst, and then she couldn’t unload tiger house gir anything. Geeze. A HELL of a lot different than Teresa.

  2. How do these people get away with such grievous shortfalls? How does one miss 75 payments?!?!? How does one think they can maintain a house worth $800,000, while owing $1.54 million on it on an income of $30,000? This “privileged” attitude is ridiculous.

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