Is Former RHOC Heather Dubrow’s Home Finished?

For countless seasons we heard about former RHOC star Heather Dubrow’s new home being built and it certainly didn’t ever seem like it was going to get finished.

So have the Dubrows finally moved into their mansion? The answer is yes. In the words of Heather herself, “get the champs ready,” and let’s celebrate, because her husband Terry Dubrow confirmed the news to the Daily Dish.

“The good news is we finished the house and that has freed up a lot of time. And the house she built is just spectacular,” Terry shared. “It’s 22,000 square feet, and it looks like a combination of a department store meets a resort. And it’s got a 21-seat movie theater. And Heather has put such elegant, perfect touches — it’s ruined vacations for me because there’s no place in the world I’d rather be than that house ’cause it’s so spectacular.”

One of the bigger amenities to the place is Heather’s champagne doorbell which she can access from her master closet.

“We have so many sort of mini-bars, there’s Champagne in all of them. So we really haven’t had to [use it],” Terry said. “And, by the way, when she rings the Champagne doorbell, who does she think’s gonna bring the Champagne anyway? Me? She does that occasionally. I’ll be in the kitchen with the kids, and the doorbell will be ringing from upstairs. I’ll be thinking, ‘Really? Really? Busy!'”

Yup, I did this . #champagnedoorbell #inmycloset #Ringsinkitchen #heatherdubrowsworld #RHOC

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Are you glad to hear that the Dubrow’s house is finally finished?

Photo Credit: Bravo