Former RHOBH Star Yolanda Hadid’s New Memoir Talks About Ex-Husband David Foster Leaving Her

Former RHOBH star Yolanda Hadid’s new memoir, Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease, talks directly about how her ex-husband David Foster dumped her.

The new memoir is set to be released in September, and Yolanda told the Daily Mail, her ex was far from supportive and she talks about her ongoing disease. Saying, “Foster was too busy and self-absorbed to be involved with her treatments.”

Yolanda also reveals that “David would deliberately ignore her for days on end when she needed him the most.” And with years of marriage problems, Hadid says in her book that “the musician finally pulled the plug on their relationship during the peak of her illness, heartlessly informing her, “Your sick card is up.””

At this point their relationship was already done, with David having moved out of their home in Malibu, CA to a hotel in Beverly Hills.

Yolanda also hints in her memoir of David’s “cold-hearted spirit”, recalling a moment he told her something so horrible that she refuses to repeat, even for her new book…

Are you interested in reading her new memoir?

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48 Replies to “Former RHOBH Star Yolanda Hadid’s New Memoir Talks About Ex-Husband David Foster Leaving Her”

  1. Actually, No. I wont be interested in reading it as I feel it will be one sided. Her version only. Her own self absorption, constant selfies, non-stop pity parties etc, etc, etc.

    1. I agree, though I know we both wish her health. I never liked her at all. From the very 1st day. How are you? I hope you are well Starr of the skye. I see the housewives still don’t write weekly blogs, which kind of ruins this for me. I haven’t and won’t ever be watching the OC again, so I won’t have anything pertinent to add. I can’t even stand to see Viki’s face in the photos. Tamra and Lydia are the only 2 I am a fan of, the rest of the depressing cast ruin what might be enjoyable to watch. Take care, and I am so, so happy to see you & other friends here. I told Sunshine about the reason for my absence, every time I write it or think of it I start itching. I actually take a knife and go out in the shade and scape my arms until they quit itching. Then I wash it and apply the medicine. I have never had an allergic reaction accept Poison Oak & pollen, and I don’t know which pollen. As a gardener it wouldn’t be useful information anyway. So, I simply blow my nose a lot…..☆

    1. Hi, Rain. How are you? I know you have always been very empathetic of Yolanda. I don’t want to read her book any more than any of the other HW books. But we all have our opinions about Yolanda. She really created controversy and polarity. What better for Bravo than that? I sincerely wish her health and peace. I just don’t like her. I have never liked her, but that has naught to do with hoping she finds health and joy in her life. I relate to being ill for a long period of time. I have lived with illness throughout my entire life, through my Mom with her undiagnosed gall stones during my childhood, then my own endo and other health issues and injury. I hope you are having a wonderful Summer and still enjoying your job. I haven’t hardly been on my computer since the allergic reaction to the soap.
      I am looking forward to BH starting. NY, NJ and BH are the only ones I watch now. I have been enjoying “Tabatha Takes Over” during my convalescence. She and Bethenny have some things in common, IMO, so of course I respect her. She was on Season one of “Shear Genius” too, so I got that and watched it too.
      I was so happy to see that you were here. Take good care…

      1. You are lovely as always 3Ds ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ That allergic reaction was something else , I’m sorry you had to go through that sweetie xoxo. I know you’ve had to deal with a lot , be it yourself or family . You are the sweet strong and compassionate woman because of all of it though .

        I have indeed always had a soft spot for Yo :). But just like with Shannon, I am also aware of why people have issues with her. Some women are not for eveyone . Is she a drama queen , yes !!! But is she faking, no! . But again I know I’m in the .01% minority LOL .

        My SF is going well. Today is SO COLD 🙂 typical sf summer day . Been taking more days off work but the thought of going back to work actually encourages me and helps me push myself . I need that motivation,

        Hugs and kisses from me and Mary Jane 🙂 ❤️

  2. I love a good celebrity memoir, and I would go for this one over others from Bravo wives because Yolanda actually has a level of jet set life experience going back to her modeling days here in Germany. I would love to hear about her earliest days in the fashion industry; the 90s were such a GOOD time for fashion- it was the true age of the supermodel and good lord the money was insane. Even catalog girls like Yo were being paid massive daily rates, I was often responsible for casting and booking models from her agency so I know her former bookers- had to haggle their model fees when possible ( usually impossible, lol), and I often sign the vouchers at the end of a working day- the voucher is the industry’s version of a model’s (or creative crew artists’s) time sheet, with the amount of time they worked and how much they made for the day with three copies: one for them, one for their agency’s accounting department, and one for us (aka the client team/ production company). She would have been very well off by the time she was in her early to mid twenties. I’d also be interested in hearing about how she transitioned into interior design, she has great taste that is true to her Scandinavian roots. I Think the only other housewife bios I’d read outside of Yolanda’s would be maybe LVP, because she reminds me so much of the Collins sisters with all her frou frou French connections …any maybe Kyle’s, about growing up as a child star.

      1. Hi, Sunshine! I have been absent due to a severe allergic reaction to some soap. I had no idea what a simple hand washing could do. I won’t go into detail, but I will say my arms swelled up so much the 2nd day that I could not touch my face with my hand, besides my entire torso, feet and legs up to the knees were covered with grape seed size bubbles. I have one of the few doctors left who keeps appts. open daily for emergencies. I called and was in there within 45 minutes. He always says unless you are transported by ambulance from whatever might befall you physically, always come here 1st., and if you need ER treatment we will get you there from here. It’s been 14 days now and I still have bumps, I itch to the degree of crazy, no shit, & mostly I look burned, and the skin is so dry and cracked.
        Sorry, I digress. I would not be interested in reading Yo’s book. It was pretty clear what was happening on the show, and I don’t ever go further looking for articles etc. about the Franchise reality stars. Just the show and the blog.
        How are you? I haven’t even read the rest of this page, just to your name and wanted to say “HI” before going on. It is so good to see you here, along with Starr, Rain and Bon. I am sure there are more elsewhere that I haven’t been to as of yet. Take care my friend.

  3. Good morning, friends!
    I am happy to see Yolanda looking well.
    It’s sad when people divorce, but in this circumstance, it seems as though it was never a marriage, both seem much happier on their own.
    Sad to say, but maybe Shannon can take a page from Yolanda’s book, move forward without her David, and raise her children in a less toxic environment as well.

    1. …and while I usually err on the side of only the people involved knowing what’s best for their marriage, in Shannon’s case I have to agree. Even in the few scenes they’ve shared over just the first two episodes, it’s clear she’s drowning in the toxicity of her marriage. Then, having to also deal with all that comes from living it out on national television, and at an age where her beautiful girls now have access to all the ugliness that takes place in the public spectrum about it all…it cannot be psychologically healthy to hold on like this, and especially not on a reality show. When Shannon’s not hysterical or holding onto a grudge, everyone can see her best qualities. I’m sure with everything she has to offer with those best qualities, she could also be living her best life (divorced). But I imagine a woman in her position who has had such a long marriage, is such a fixture in her community…how divorce would affect the dynamics of who she is in her community, in her social and civic relationships…that must be terrifying to her. This is why many women, unfortunately , just stay put and remain miserable. I discovered a scenario this summer with a girlfriend who is wife to a small fry political figure here…they hate each other, and she gets depressed periodically to the point of suicide. But she doesn’t have the drive or courage to give up what’s familiar and what’s ‘securely in place’…even thought it’s brought her to being 50lbs overweight and being on the verge of heart disease. It’s really a shame…

  4. I do like Yolanda. I don’t usually buy anyone’s bio but hers I might be tempted to. I don’t think I would have expected David to understand or even sympathize. He’s just not that kind of guy. You would know going into that marriage, that it was all about him. No way about anyone else! But sad for her nevertheless.

  5. I root for Yolanda as I understand invisible diseases. I’m so sad for any spouse that doesn’t have a loving spouse that took their vows to heart, you know ‘in sickness & in health’. He’s a vain asshole. It’s got to be about him and Yolanda’s health needs coming first was impossible for the narcissist. Yes there are two sides to every story, but, when your significant other needs your help and care? It tells an awful lot of the character of a person, is all. And he’s the lowest of the low imo.

    1. I can relate to that on a personal level. David being a genius musician puts him in a different category than most men. Yolanda knew who she was marrying and even tho she likely loved him, she knew what the deal was. And, visa-versa. Unfortunately she was the one who changed. David could hardly give up all of his many obligations. Some of them could have been negotiated certainly, but not all. And, as much as I want health for her, she did some things that made it much more difficult for David and her entire family. I would have never put my family through that oh-so-public pity party. I don’t know David personally, many that do have very complimentary things to say about him. But geniuses tend to be a different breed, and one that few understand. I wish happiness and peace for both of them.

  6. No I do not want to read how bad he was after your divorce. I can remember when Yolanda use to say what a wonderful understanding husband he was. So get your stories straight,

  7. Very sad situation. Since Yolanda I have become close friends with a woman who is battling Lyme Disease. Its absolutely horrible what she goes through. It saddens me all the more that Yolanda was attacked and mocked while suffering physically and being betrayed by her husband. I am shocked at the cruelty I see online. Our society is truly depraved.

    1. I am living with MS , which is also a neurological disease. I was always team Yolanda and the idiocy of the criticism of her was mind boggling …. it is very typical of neurological illnesses that you would feels GREAT one day then shitty for the rest of the week or month . So when people would post about why was she walking on the beach one day and then took to her bed for 3 days after that , it made me livid because that is quite NORMAL with most of theses illnesses. It’s a roller coaster of fatigue , energy, optimism, sadnesss etc etc
      Why the heck would she fabricate something that cost her the marriage she so treasured? And it is a SILENT illness becuase even though I don’t look sick, I’m often in great pain and discomfort

      But suddenly every poster was a doctor and an expert and gave their uninformed opinions about something they know nothing about . They made her into a joke and a faker ! Smh

      Ok rant over 🙂

      1. Thank you for sharing, Rain. You are an amazing person with a great spirit and huge heart, and well loved here, deservedly so.

        1. You’re too kind Sunshine but thank you ❤️❤️❤️… we are all amazing in our small way in this big universe xoxo

      2. Rain, I’m sorry about your Ms & I pray your pain is not so severe with whatever meds you’re on . I do have 2 nieces with Ms as well. One is an Actuary, & the other is a cardiologist. The one who is an Actuary is also legally blind. Somehow they’re coping well with meds & very long working days.
        You will be in my prayers.
        If I somehow sound a bit harsh about Yolanda, it’s because it’s touched my life personally with my own daughter & being that I do know a lot about it, I somehow do not have it in me for self imposed pity. I, too live in non stop pain with very advanced osteoporosis, stenosis of the spine as well as scoliosis–all advanced & I do not curl up in bed & expect sympathy, on the contrary. Osteoporosis, also known as the silent disease, undetected, which was my case, was too advanced by the time it was picked up. My bones are sand. We cope the best way we can & do the best with what we have to work with ,with a cheerful outlook & gratitude to God.
        I wish you painless days & many blessings.

        1. Starr, I hope you didn’t think my post was about you because it wasn’t ❤️❤️ I don’t honestly remember what each individual poster says but I was speaking about the collective view on Yolanda . 99.99% of posters held the view that she’s faking, etc etc. Reality shows have created a certain lack of compassion and made us a bit jaded emotionally . We forget that there are real people and that this their pain regardless of how trivial we think it is .. we think we can watch an edited version of someone’s life in 40 minutes and that we somehow know them enough to lecture them and judge them. I know because I do it all the time 🙂
          I’m so so sorry about your nieces 🙁 and I know that you have your own share of physical pain. It definitely takes its toll. You’re right though that we just have to keep on moving and not throw ourselves a pity party. It’s wonderful that they are healthy and still working long hours , I’m fortunate to some extent too and I’m very grateful for that . However, not everybody is that fortunate and some people really do feel ‘stuck’ and takes them a while to find their stride . Eveybodys pain is different in its intensity and in their ability to cope .
          Thank you for your prayers and I will pray for you and your family ❤️❤️❤️❤️…. have a lovely day xoxoxo

          1. Oh Rain, I did not even think it was an attack–not at all. We all suffer & have med issues & I’m very sympathetic to people in pain and/or suffering. In Yo’s case, 103 doctors, selfies making sure she looked like death, pitying herself, closet brim full of meds, reading in bed & when she knew Rinna & Eileen had come to visit, quickly put the book down, curled onto her side & feigned sleep, forgetting the cameras were on, literally did me in & left me cold, especially as I see so much suffering around me & this seemed a bit put on to me. AND, dont forget when she gathered her mom & kids to stress & frighten them. Maybe I thought she used her platform that way to bring awareness to lymmes disease, but it was over kill to me., & even when I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.
            As for you Rain, I will definitely have you in my daily prayers, I truly love & admire you.

      3. Just popping in to say – I love you Rain!!!! And Team Yolanda!!! It’s ironic when people deal with illness – everyone – becomes a doc and says what you should or shouldn’t do. Just know, Rain, I get you! XOXOX

        1. Love you too sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you xoxo. Don’t be a stranger and I hope work and family are well ❤️

      4. YoYo is a liar and a fraud I understand MS as I have it but she is a whole other situation research her before you defend her

      5. I’m really sorry you’re going through this Rain. I have fibromyalgia and, like you, have a really good day now and then. I don’t think people were criticizing Yoland for being sick, it was for how she handled it. She said she couldn’t read or listen to music for three months, but we saw her reading and watching TV and such during that time. Then there were all the crazy treatments and the horrible, self-serving selfies she posted relentlessly. It all had very little to do with illness and everything to do with Yolanda.

        1. You’re so sweet Mary ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I don’t think my pain is worse than anybody else’s , we are all dealing with something, and I’m very sorry about your fibro !!! I hope you are finding some good treatments to help you deal ❤️

          I think editing played a part in how she was portrayed . I don’t know what sequence of events Bravo chose to splice and edit to drive home their narrative . And as for writing her blogs, most of these women don’t write their own blogs lol. And I’ve tried many crazy treatments myself within my limited financial means , that’s not unusual . Anyways that’s just MO and I’m not trying to change anybody’s mind .
          Have a great weekend sweetie xoxxo

          1. There really isn’t any great treatment for fibro – I’m not even sure I have it. Its seems that they call if fibro is they can’t find another disease. Anyway, I have good days!

            Have a great weekend too!

            1. I read some good things about Lyrica . I’ve found that Cannabis works for me but I know many have moral opposition to it

              I’m sending you love my sweet ❤️❤️

              1. I haven’t yet had time to go the the pot store. I want my daughter to be with me, since you can’t. One of them is right up the street!! I am going to find one for my particular illness, though. I understand they have many cultivars or strains, I don’t know which term is correct. So, my girl will help me decide after her beautiful S-Daughter leaves. I love you, Rain. And you to Starr, Miss M, you too. Hi, justanothermary, we met briefly before I was absent. I am so, so happy to see you all here, even tho it is 3 days after the fact. Love and peace to all.

                1. Love all around 3Ds ❤️❤️❤️❤️ In addition to your daughter, the people working in there are very knowledgeable and will always stir you in the right direction and will have answers to all your questions or concerns
                  Enjoy xoxo.

      6. That was simply the truth, not a rant IMO. My problem with her was the 106 doctors. I believe many of the “doctors” took great advantage of her, her notoriety, her money and the public’s love of her. She was in such a weakened state that anything that looked like it could be of any help was given a chance. Someone should have stepped in IMO. Someone she trusted and would listen to. It was the very public travel and the outlandish treatments in countries where the medical industry is so far below standard that made me realize just how truly ill she was. She is lucky she didn’t contract some greater, more serious illnesses than what she was being treated for. I am very happy to see her writing again. That is one of the things she grieved the loss of, the ability to write. So, peace and joy to you, Yolanda.

    2. I understand what you’re saying. But, my daughter has lymme disease & not once did she not do what was needed. Never missed a day of work, while working toward her PH.D Tired & feeling ill , never for a moment complained. After viewing Yolanda’s non-stop pity party, I’m sorry, my sympathy was depleted totally. She cried wolf one time too many & David could no longer be patient. As soon as she noted she was seen through, she certainly recovered fast. I cannot forget her closet filled with drugs from top to bottom–unreal.

      1. Wow Star, I did not know this about you nor your daughters. I’m so sorry. We all seem to brave these chronic ugly painful health conditions on a daily basis,,,,and the thing for me I have learned throughout my own issues is that it seems no two people seem to have identical experiences with these diseases. The symptoms and treatments seem to have some variations and some will go by the doctors orders and others will try other off label therapies and those who can afford will try expensive holistic approaches that are untested and controversial. Medicine is a practice and doctors & healers don’t have all the answers and are still learning and experimenting on us! I remember reading in mind/body books that diseases are actually created by our inner brokenness in an area of life, and that if we work on identifying what is wounding us internally and try and fix that, then the health of our body can repair itself,,,,maybe not to its perfect pre illness state but to a place that is restorative enough to live productively and joyfully again. It takes a real leap of spiritual faith for those who want to try that kind of healing path but I’ve read & seen it happen. (Prayer alone being the most remarkable and mysterious of them all.) But no matter, everyone’s pain experience is totally unique to the person, we may share the same diseases, but we don’t share the same DNA or life circumstances or inner belief systems, and it’s in that area that we create our specific road map to health. I believe that I would try anything and everything I could if I could afford it for my life to be back to what it was before dis-ease.

        1. Thanks Miss M. I must say your thoughts are so insightful. Yes, everyone deals & feels differently. For me, a chronic pain sufferer, my salvation is my faith in God & a positive attitude. 4 kids, each with one health problem or another, my husband with cancer that has dissappeared. My eldest daughter with congestive heart failure that God has blessed me with her life, my 2nd daughter, not only with lymmes, but thyroid & other health issues & then both my sons, I could write a book. With each, my eyes focused on God & prayer & I feel blessed on every level, even with all I stated above. “But for the grace of God, go I” & “this too shall pass” are my best sayings.
          Saying “oh woe is me” is not a happening thing in our lives, the main thing in our lives are grateful hearts.
          So forgive me all, I cannot feel very deeply about Yo & her woes, she used it totally, focusing only on herself. I am happy she seems healthy now & is a beautiful woman to look at, but I do not delve any deeper.

  8. This makes me so sad. It’s something every viewer felt but she was too classy. She tried so hard to fight for her marriage while being deathly ill. Yolanda comes across as this vibrant, POSITIVE, radiant, beautifully intelligent, remarkably brave survivor. She looks absolutely amazing & I hope she realizes how important she is. She’s raised; inside & out, beautiful children despite what appears to be Foster’s negativity. It’s almost like his songs that he’s created are fake. I apologize, not fair when I don’t know the two of you but I hope Yolanda remains strong & continues her positive spirit.

    1. It’s funny how two people can see things so differently. I saw her as a very self-centered, pity seeking type of person, much like Vicki Gunvalson. The constant cries for attention with the selfies and then her miraculous recovery as soon as her divorce was final. I still believe she staged this to try and nullify her prenup and get more $$$$ out of David. I’m in pain almost all the time and the last thing I want is anyone’s sympathy or even recognition of what I’m going through. All I need is a little understanding when I’m not able to do certain things that I would like to do.

  9. Not really, I have better and and more interesting things to read. Right now I am reading the a book about how to practice the Kama Sutra in a kosher way

  10. I live with MS,Lyme,Chronic pain,DDD,Cervial DDD,curve of spin ,Arthritis half of my things I can not spell and AS
    I would not spent a penny on any thing this Fraud ever wrote or sold
    Reasons why
    1… she constantly got caught in lies,who films a classy reality TV show from bed ,and expected everyone to go to her 6 months bed rest her co stars thought she was a fraud they had to know more than was shown
    2… she could not read or write watc h tv drive yet was caught out and about wrote her bravo blogs
    3…. she could not get a DX she was never offically DX’d by a doc she went to 110 doctors so she left country and doc told her she had Lyme he was a USA Doc who lost his license
    4… this doc was ripping her and David off i would not be surprised if the fake quack cost David and YoYo a million dollars or more chasing a cure
    5…. she wanted her own spin off show from rhbh and lvp got it no lifestyle show for her ,she went after LVP and used Brandi to do it
    6.. LVp outted YoYo’s claims of her kids have Lyme Mohammod denied he said it… why cause YoYo is a vendictive person
    7, at a gala ball she got an award and her words not mine she was never offically DX’d with Lyme look up Lyme and YoYo watch her speech it was 2012 and she rambles on for a long time no speech issues
    IF SHE HAS NEUROLOGICAL LYME THERE IS NO CURE My friend died of Neurological Lyme it cripples you to the point you can Not move,you go slowly blind and lose your speech slowly it never comes and goes just gets worse and worse it kills you. My friends hubby took her to Germany for months of treatment he sold his plumbing business $ and half a million dollar home to cure his wife and she died in a group home…
    8… when filming was over she was claiming she was cured divorce was well on the way she is on vacation
    all the supplements she was taking and IV’s alone could of killed her and made her deathly ill…

    David called her a Fake ,Con and Fraud and refused to keep paying her bills Davids daughters did the same called her out … YoYo she can not repeat it ,because it will affect her fame
    Mohomid divorced her she said she broke her back could not be good for bedroom fun and I am sure Lyme did the same to her she marries and can no longer have sex for some reason or another
    yes I sound cold hearted and a B#@$! but I researched and closely followed YoYo you can find everything I wrote on line if you look.
    YoYo needed Brandi used her and once filming was done YoYo is done with her

    1. missrox, 1st of all, I feel with you, you’re dealing with a tremendous amount . That’s what I call pain & suffering.
      As for Yo, she’s a joke & a grade A all time fake. What was she thinking–that the world is retarded & all would buy her fake ilness? she really had munchausen, no more, no less. All she had was a mild case of lymmes which I very much even doubt & her main dilemna after seeing 103 doctors, were leaking breasts implants. Do I blame David for running? I would’ve helped him get a head start. He lived with her, saw right through her & and lost all sympathy & patience for & with her. He is not the one to be blamed.

  11. I will be buying and reading Yolanda,s book. Maybe you have to walk through the rain yourself before you get it. I have battled cancer for 16yrs and husbands hide in their office etc.Yolanda is beautiful inside and out . A true Capricorn (like myself . Authentic ,transparent and at times vulnerable. ( not weakness Meekness: Erica was her best friend and a great lady)Yolanda is still beautiful (inside and out) Illness is a hard and sometimes lonely journey. You may never be out ( of the woods!) BUT there is life in the woods . Life in abundance . My prayers are with her for a total miracle. Margaret. Belfast. N.Ireland . My love goes with this.

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