Former RHOBH Star Kim Richards Ordered to Pay $59K for Dog Attack

Former RHOBH star Kim Richards has been doing quite a bit of working on herself recently, but that hasn’t stopped a judge from ordering her to pay $59K for her dog Kingsley’s attack on the victim.

The originally amount Kim was ordered to pay was $8K, but Kim now has to pay seven times that amount.

According to United States District Court of California records, a judge demanded Richards pay former friend Kay Rozario $59,083.53 on September 14 in an amended judgment after an appeal.

Kay admitted that is wasn’t ever about the money.

“It was about forcing Kim Richards to get rid of that brutal, vicious dog,” Kay told RadarOnline. “I’m really thankful and very happy that my attorney Bill Zuhdi fought so hard for me and did such a great job in getting me the huge win in the appeals court. Hopefully, this will help others by getting that horrible dog away from people before it kills somebody. I’m really glad Kim has to pay for what she did to me, that she lost the case, and I’m so glad she’s being punished financially for her blatant disregard for the safety of people and me.”

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19 Replies to “Former RHOBH Star Kim Richards Ordered to Pay $59K for Dog Attack”

  1. Even the dog trainer couldn’t help her, her dog bit her niece and now Kay. Kim has no business with any dog much less one who has bitten twice. The dog has taken on her personality. If Kim doesn’t pay I hope they put her in jail.

    1. This would be considered a civil matter so jail would not be a remedy for nonpayment. At most, the injured party could put a lean on Kim’s property. However, I don’t think Kim actually owns anything worth $50,000 so it would be futile.

  2. Oh please. She takes better care of that menacing animal than anything else in her life. Don’t quantify it’s actions. Great progress? Sure. That’s it. They kicked her off of RHOBH because she can’t stay sober.
    She can’t name the way she GOT sober, the way she STAYS sober.
    She cannot pay the vig for her dog biting the person.
    Maybe her sister will pay for it. Kyle pays for everything else.

    1. I respectfully disagree. She did not take good care of that animal. I am a pit bull owner, lover, and advocate. I’m also the first to admit that they are not the dog for everyone. They need a firm hand and training from someone who is willing to make themselves the pack leader. They certainly are not a good breed for someone who is emotionally unstable and neurotic – they end up taking on those personality traits themselves. No judgment here in terms of how she handles her addiction, but I certainly have judgment for the lack of stability and proper training that she gave that dog. When it comes to training, it’s not just about the dog – it’s about training yourself as well. You can’t just send them away to be trained and then bring them back and not continue to use the training methods yourself. They are extremely loyal and protective, and this was not the breed for her.

      1. I agree totally. We have a bully and he is a great addition to the family. As a recovering alcoholic, my number one priority was my sobriety. I couldn’t focus on my dog or rely on him for sobriety as well.
        You make a good point about the personality of the pet. They definitely need us for guidance. One bite maybe circumstances.
        More than once, the dog is a menace. This is not just my opinion.
        This is law.

      2. Thank You, Catherine. I couldn’t agree more. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the owner of the dog to make SURE the DOG has what it needs. It isn’t about what the owner needs. It makes me sick when I see a person come home with what is going to be a large dog, whatever the breed, and begin by chaining it up. No large fenced yard for the animal to do what comes natural, running and playing. Chaining dogs makes them mean. And, it is just cruel. Kim has lied about her alcohol and drug addiction for years. That is not the way to act when you have decided with all intent, to put your disease in front of the world. And you are spot on about the dog. A person who is weakened by disease is not right for a dog like a pit. My daughter had 2 pits, and she was a very responsible dog owner. She was the head of that pack, and those dogs, huge as they were, minded her. They never bit anyone, or acted in a threatening way toward anyone. She trained them herself from the moment they came home at 9 weeks. They didn’t as much as jump up on a person entering the house. They were so lovable, and as a person who has been bitten by a large dog, I was totally at peace around those beautiful animals. They used to lay their soft necks on my feet, awwww. We all loved them.

  3. The dog cannot be properly trained in the care of someone like Kim who is unable to control him. Kingsly deserves a better life than Kim can give him and the people around Kim deserve to be safe from a dog who cannot be controlled.

  4. That vicious dog’s actions are entirely the fault of it’s owner, Kim Richards. Animals are just that, animals. They do not have common sense like humans. They don’t say to themselves, “Oh, this is a friend of Kim’s, or Kim’s niece, so I won’t attack them.” This previous good friend of Kim’s wasn’t the first or last person attacked by that dog. And my opinion has nothing to do with the breed of dog. Kim can get another dog for her psychological needs that isn’t a threat to any person, including her own grandchild. If Kim would have done what was right in the first place rather, than as usual, putting her needs and her wants before ANYONE’S, and paid the medical bills, paid for the corrective plastic surgery, and compensated her friend for her psychological trauma, none of this would have gone to court. Kay needed plastic surgery to fix the horrible scars left by the animal attack. To say nothing of the therapy Kay might have needed. Kim has always been a selfish, cruel bitch. And that includes toward her own family. Anytime her actions were questioned, she became a liar and blamed everyone but herself. It is KIM who destroyed that friendship, not Kay Rozario. Unfortunately, when a dog attacks a person, it is very rarely, if ever, the only time & it goes on the record at the local Animal Control Site. Of course, Kim being who she is did whatever necessary to disrupt the lawful chain of events that should have occurred. Here where I live Animal Control is part of the Police Dept., and anyone allowing their dog out of their control therefore allowing the dog to threaten a person by chasing them into their own house, for example, first gets a warning, second a fine, and third a $3,000.00 fine. After that the animal is taken and either put in a safe environment for vicious dogs, of which there are fewer and fewer being there are so many neglected and untrained dogs out her in the rural pace I reside. Then, usually, the dog is put down humanely with Sodium Pentathol. It is like going under for surgery, simply one moment awake, the next sound asleep, in the case of a vicious animal, asleep forever, as it should be.

  5. Why should her need to have a safe space put others in danger? Sure keep the dog. But also make sure he is under control or a locked room when company is over.

    1. Hi Mama , I love this comment . We have a dog who isn’t also good with strangers or people she doesn’t trust . She’s a rescue that came from a bad home , a very bad home . We do keep her locked up when needed . We’ve never had an issue.

    2. It’s too late, MamaBear. Once any dog has attacked/bit a person, or 3 in this case, that we know of, they will ALAYS consider humans enemies. They need a place where they are separated from people, or to be humanely put down. Any large dog can kill a person, it has happened too many times to count. Like just one of the many times when a woman who was putting her keys in her door in SF, was attacked and killed by the dog next door. It made me sick when there was an outcry for the DOG to be saved. She left behind young children and many people who loved her, all because the OWNER wasn’t a responsible dog owner. A PERSON was killed. I am an animal lover, always have been. I think people who abuse them in any way should be in prison. But when an animal kills a person, they need to be put down, humanely. Period.

  6. I know right , it’s amazing how many people don’t have common sense . We actually have 4 rescue dogs . They’re the sweetest dogs ever . I feel blessed to have them

  7. Oh yes, puppy days . I remember them well ! !! The youngest is now 7 so things have calmed down . I will say that I miss having a puppy . All the new experiences

  8. Being an animal lover, as I’m sure many of us here are, I, personally felt pain for Kingsley who, in my opinion, was a product of his environment.
    Kim spoilt him, did not give boundry lines & same as children, they do need to be trained as well as loved the way they love–unconditionally. Kingsley attached himself solely to his owner, his mama, & felt threatened by anyone’s presence, almost as if he had to share Kim. Kim loved him, embraced his love, something she possibly felt deprived of & he filled that need for her & so she gave in to his bad behaviour, he only learnt what he saw & felt & reacted to that. I do not blame that poor dog.

    1. Neither do I Starr. It is entirely the fault of Kim Richards. She cares about no one but herself. She turns on her own sister, no matter how many times Kyle has stood up for her, paid her bills, forgiven her, she always takes anyone above Kyle. She literally makes me sick. I am so glad she is not on BH anymore. I pray Bravo didn’t take her at her word ( what a complete joke “her word” ) and believe that she is now sober because of her beautiful Grandson. The LAST thing Kim needs is to be back on RHOBH.

  9. Other than your own comment, you don’t read others. Let’s simplify…
    1. I was in her position.
    2. Your sobriety HAS to become your life because that’s what a stake here.
    3. These particular dogs need lots of guidance and exercise. 4. Not doing that almost guarantees the kind of pitty that gives them all a bad name…so unfair!
    5. Google pictures of dog bites. Not fair to them to get this
    So. I’m now in your face. Too bad we disagree on this, we agree on so many other things lol.

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