Former RHOBH Star Kim Richards Ordered to Pay $59K for Dog Attack

Former RHOBH star Kim Richards has been doing quite a bit of working on herself recently, but that hasn’t stopped a judge from ordering her to pay $59K for her dog Kingsley’s attack on the victim.

The originally amount Kim was ordered to pay was $8K, but Kim now has to pay seven times that amount.

According to United States District Court of California records, a judge demanded Richards pay former friend Kay Rozario $59,083.53 on September 14 in an amended judgment after an appeal.

Kay admitted that is wasn’t ever about the money.

“It was about forcing Kim Richards to get rid of that brutal, vicious dog,” Kay told RadarOnline. “I’m really thankful and very happy that my attorney Bill Zuhdi fought so hard for me and did such a great job in getting me the huge win in the appeals court. Hopefully, this will help others by getting that horrible dog away from people before it kills somebody. I’m really glad Kim has to pay for what she did to me, that she lost the case, and I’m so glad she’s being punished financially for her blatant disregard for the safety of people and me.”

Photo Credit: Bravo