Former RHOA Star Phaedra Parks Still not Divorced from Apollo Nida

Former RHOA star Phaedra Parks recently spoke with US Weekly, and mentioned that her divorce from her husband Apollo Nida who is currently in prison isn’t quite yet complete.

“[The divorce] was finalized last year in July so of course that obviously made me assume that I had regained my independence and a new start,” Phaedra said, referring to that her divorce was reversed reportedly back in March. “So to be placed back into a position where I have to do it all over again … it’s disheartening but it’s a process and I can’t obviously change it.”

Phaedra added, “Of course we’ve made some motions that will hopefully speed it up, but it’s basically at the beginning part of the divorce.”

The mom of two talked about how an ongoing divorce isn’t easy saying it is, “very frustrating, it’s very expensive, it’s very emotionally draining and quite time consuming.”

As we saw on last season Apollo has apparently moved with getting engaged even though he is in solitary confinement. But US Weekly is reporting that his romance doesn’t void any legal ties to Phaedra. “It’s a very difficult process and it’s unfortunate that it was overturned but it is what it is and so I’ll go through the process again and we’ll see what happens this time. Hopefully it won’t take as long as it did the first time,” she said.

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18 Replies to “Former RHOA Star Phaedra Parks Still not Divorced from Apollo Nida”

  1. Morning, friends!
    I have thought of you and missed you much.
    Three weeks ago, in the midst of all the happy graduation times, my family got some ready sad news.
    My niece who is barely 30 had just about finished her course of treatment for breast cancer when some brain lesions were discovered. She has since had surgery, and will have more radiation. Her docs are very optimistic, and she looks and feels great.
    I know I do not have to ask for your prayers.
    There have not been many posts on here, but I’d sure love to keep in touch. I have been thinking of you all, Sandy with your sister, k t with yours, MaryBoston with your trip, all of you, and hoping things are well with you.
    Much love to you all.

    1. Sunshine I’m so very sorry for your niece and all your family . Of course you have my prayers and best wishes for health and recovery . I’m sure this is a difficult time but you are a close family and will get through this together… we all love you here , as you know xoxoxo

      1. You are such a beautiful and caring person, Rain. Thank you for your kind words, I know they are heartfelt. She is in excellent spirits and doing well.
        I read on another thread that you are done with NYC, you are correct that you may have picked the wrong season. I hardly recognize these women, and Tinsley is a snooze fest.
        Potomac isn’t horrible, and Days, Aunt Bee and I watch Southern Charm. Maybe you’d enjoy it.
        Do you post on AARH?
        Maybe I’ll go there, not much posting going on here.
        Love to you, , be well.

          1. I’m not sure I like it either, for all their talk of pedigree some of them seem more dense than the Delta.
            I think we are just in need of a really good storyline on most of these shows. I’m so glad Kathryn is doing well , aren’t you? Those babies deserve a good mother.

        1. I do watch Potomac and I do enjoy it , not love it but it’s ok. I agree with the posters who say that it’s just hard to find decent HWs anymore …
          Thank you for your kind words ❤️❤️❤️ You’re sweet as usual xoxxo

    2. Oh Sunshine, sending loving hugs & prayers for renewed health for your young neice. This has to be so heart-wrenching for your entire family. God be with you all.

    3. Sunshine,
      I pray for healing for your niece! It’s so difficult watching family members deal with illness, please take care of you too!

        1. Hi Sunshine ☀️☀️☀️
          My prayers and thoughts are with you and your niece. She’s facing a great battle but with all your prayers and actions, I’m sure she will be battling knowing she is loved and cared for and that’s what is needed to face it head on. I hope your all well. I’ve not posted for a while due to circumstances but I’ve missed you all.

          1. Asher!
            Hi darling! I hope and pray things are better for you. Thank you for your kindness.
            Please keep in touch, have you heard from RealSandy? Worried about her, hope all is well with her and her family.
            Please take good care. <3

  2. FAKETRA was always shady when it came to details about her divorce. Why doesn’t Apollo just expose her part in his scam once and for all, and let those darling kids be raised by more respectable people.

    1. I think maybe because she is the mother of his children. Also, who will support those kids if her own income is taken away? Surely not Apollo…..

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