Former RHOA Star Phaedra Parks Desperate for Job Back

Who could forget the explosive ending to season 9 of RHOA, and everything that was revealed about Phaedra Parks, which ultimately lead to her firing.

Now that her paycheck from the show isn’t coming in, Phaedra is reportedly begging for her job back as a Housewife.

“She’s desperate for cash,” a souce told RadarOnline. “She’s trying to sell one of her homes and lease a recently purchased home because she doesn’t have the substantial income that she was earning on RHOA.”

“She has been in constant contact with producers asking to make a cameo or be part of the series in some capacity,” the source added. “They have repeatedly declined her offers because she no longer has an organic relationship with any of the season 10 cast members.”

Phaedra also “offered to date and open up more about her personal life” when she was originally fired.

“The producers made it clear that they were more interested in following her story when she was married to Apollo since viewers could relate to the stigma of dating a man with a troubled past and his journey to rehabilitating his life,” the source said.

Would you like to see Phaedra appear?

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13 Replies to “Former RHOA Star Phaedra Parks Desperate for Job Back”

  1. Yes, I’d like to see her appear.
    So what, she made one big mistake about Kandi who is no saint & never will be. Actually, on the whole, she’s nastier than Phaedra in my opinion.

    1. I sooo agree with you! And i don’t know why folks don’t realize it was kandi who kept spreading the rumor to each and everyone she met! And what a double standard by Bravo! They didn’t fire Vicki from RHOC after that whole cancer scam/lying mess. Nor did they fire her for spreading the Eddie-gay rumors. Hell ALL the housewives lie, gossip and spread rumors. So why was this so special? Did Bravo just fall for Kandi’s fake ass tears?

      1. And they also didn’t fire Vicki after she threw a producer up against a brick wall. If you or I were to do that we’d be in handcuffs and not in a good way either

  2. I have no interest in seeing her return because she’s proven that she is a “vengeful little troll”! She “used” Porsha who was supposed to be her “friend” and used others to try and hurt other cast members (while trying to conceal her involvement)! She’s unethical, a liar and frankly not only a bad human being but a bad lawyer!

  3. The thing about Phaedra is, I don’t think we know anything about her except the little snips she chooses to show. When was the last time she was in a court room? Does she really embalm people? Who is she dating? Why did she buy a big house before he other home was sold. Does she actually do anything with those kids? She came on the show lying and we never got to know any truth about her at all. I won’t miss her, I never really knew her.

  4. Phaedra is genuinely interesting, as is Kandi. Kenya is only interesting because she plots to try and create interesting storylines, i.e. Fake boyfriiends. I can’t believe Phaedra was fired over that! So unfair!

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