Former Housewives Brandi Glanville and Joanna Krupa Finally Settle Lawsuit

Former Real Housewives Brandi Glanville and Joanna Krupa have finally settled their lawsuit, and hopefully their issues with each other that go all the way back to 2013!

According to TMZ, both sides have reached a,”full and final settlement.”

As we have said before, the problems go back to 2013 when Brandi was a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and claimed that Joanna had a smelly vagina.

Brandi made a public apology saying, “I want to apologize to Joanna Krupa for the statements I have made about her. I regret ever making such statements about Joanna Krupa; I also certainly never intended my statements to be taken so seriously and out of proportion.”

Brandi then added, “I apologize as I never wanted my statements to affect Joanna Krupa’s reputation and I wish her nothing but continued success in life.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


5 Replies to “Former Housewives Brandi Glanville and Joanna Krupa Finally Settle Lawsuit”

  1. Good. For her to put that out there about someone who makes their livelihood as a swimsuit and beauty model I can see how that would absolutely impact Krupa’s career. To me, Brandi always represented the disturbing phenomenon we have today of people slandering others simply because they think they’re entitled to do so, not understanding that there is consequence for how we choose to use language against others. During her Housewives period, Brandi Glanville always was always reckless with nihilist tendencies in the way she went after people, so perhaps now that she sees there are consequences to lying, slandering, and libeling against others, she has hopefully learned her lesson and not a moment too soon.

  2. Brandi meant the comment for sure. She is an ignorant idiot with no morals or values. The apology was BS she only did that because there was a chance that Joanna could sue her and win. Brandi is evil. After she attends school to learn about keeping her mouth shut, she then needs to learn that everything she has ever done is going to affect her kids. It’ so sad. Those kids are watching everything she is doing.
    If Brandi didn’t mean it why did she send the fish dinner to Joanna when they were dining at the same restaurant. If she had just left well enough alone she might have not ended up with everyone thinking she is just a bitter foul mouthed whore. Sorry Brandi is a waste of space to me. Get your things and get them out of my house.

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