Former Hills Star Audrina Patridge Talks Possibility Of Joining Real Housewives

Throughout the years we have found out that every Bravoleb has a connection to the MTV show The Hills and the latest connection made is Real Housewives of Orange County’s Meghan King Edmonds who is good friends with Audrina Patridge. As it turns out, Meghan actually asked Lauren Conrad’s former pal some advice before making her reality TV debut.

“I actually know Meghan. We have mutual friends and we all went to the lake together and at the time it was right before she went on the show and I was giving her advice,” Audrina told Entertainment Tonight. “But I had no idea she was going on The Real Housewives.”

When asked if she would ever consider going on the show now that she has moved back to the OC, Audrina said, “I’m not opposed to it but I’m not gonna lie, I’d be afraid. They’re just really intense. It’s crazier than The Hills. I don’t know if I can take that. I don’t know.”

“I just feel like they’re so much older than me!” (Well, Meghan isn’t.) “I feel like they’d eat me alive, I’m scared!” she added. “I have the experience, and I would be like, ‘OK, you guys are trying to do this to me right now, so I’m not sorry, I’m not doing it!’”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Cin

    she would be a good addition. Although I like that the ladies are older and not some young silly girls – but then they behave like silly girls – so maybe it would be better to change it up and make half the ladies in their fifties and the other half in their early thirties… and see who acts worse!!!

    • Starr

      Again, great post, Cin.

  • Jay

    Oh well no I loved Audrina on The Hills but she’s really dumb she would be made fun of right away haha, Lizzie was younger too and she couldn’t take it. I don’t think she’d be asked to join anyway.

  • Max

    Oh no please she was very boring on The Hills, bring on Kristin Cavallari even though she’s not the bitch she used to be on Laguna!!