Is Former Bachlorette Star Rachel Lindsay Joining RHOD?

Could former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay trade in her roses for being a Real Housewife?

Rachel recently told E! News that is has always been a fan of the shows and with the franchise now in Dallas, it has to make you wonder if she is interesting in joining the cast.

“No! I said I would never do reality TV, yet here I am. But I kind of don’t want my personal life to be out there so much,” Rachel explained. “Housewives is a little different. You’ll know where I live, you’ll know what I drive, who I hang out with. I like to keep that secret.”

Rachel revealed she does get engaged on The Bachelorette and although she may not want to be a Real Housewife, that doesn’t mean she is giving up on being on a different reality show saying, “Never say never!”

Photo Credit: ABC


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