First Preview of RHONY Season 8 Reunion


In this dramatic first look of the season eight Real Housewives of New York City reunion, the gloves are off as the ladies reunite to discuss what happened this season.

“You called me every name in the book for no reason,” LuAnn insists to Bethenny, who responds, “Not no reason.”

The ladies continue to grill one another, including the Countess, who is accused of sleeping with married men.

“Give me the name of the guy that I’ve slept with that’s married,” de Lesseps asks Carole Radziwill.

“You don’t even know the name of guys. How are we supposed to know?” Radziwill fires back.

“The real hypocrite in this room is Bethenny!” LuAnn declares.

Bethenny is then shown calling the daughter of her boyfriend to verify information about de Lesseps. “You were born a liar and you will die a liar,” Frankel yells at LuAnn.

“You are a horrible person,” LuAnn tells Bethenny.

Watch the preview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


37 Replies to “First Preview of RHONY Season 8 Reunion”

  1. Lord, please tell me Carole is not wearing that Alexander McQueen dress that I absolutely hated from RTW 2016…that thing is only fit for editorial use and never looks right in a sitting position – if it’s not worn in the right context it looks like it’s straight out of “Dark Shadows”, groooannnn….AND it’s +/- $15,000 on TOP of looking awkward if it’s not upright or in movement, ugh…I know she admittedly has a Victorian fashion fetish and we see her in a lot of McQueen pieces, but no, Mama. NO.

      1. The first thing we did as kids after getting off the school bus, was watch “Dark Shadows”. Loved that show. Mom loved the show as much as we did. LOL

  2. What the hell is Carole wearing? It looks like Little House on the Prairie. Good lord, don’t wear crap like that if you want to keep dating your son. Even Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane would have nixed that get up. And I’m sick of seeing Bethanny crying. I want a show with B, Kelly and Vicki, NeNe, Jac, Brandi and Yo. Only one would survive. Who would make it out alive? These women are way too “mature age wise” (and I’m older than they are) to be acting like fools on tv. NOBODY will ever take them seriously again. Good bye. Hope next season has more dignity.

  3. Carole has to be Carole. I do have to say that even from a distance, it is just way too much frilly froufrou. She does have her own sense of style, but I agree with the other posters here, Bon V., and Gigicat, that though it may be a vintage or vintage looking piece and from a major designer, it is not at all attractive from my vantage point.
    I love the Dark Shadows reference too, Bon Vivant! Yes, it is! 😉
    Gigicat, you made me laught with your Little House on the Prairie and dating your son…LOL

  4. I love how I got everything you both three are saying – we must all be in the same age group – and the person I think that would come out alive is brandi – because that bitch will cut you

  5. I know I am among the minority but I luv carol’s Victorian blush dress, I just don’t thk carol does it justice, I wld luv to wear that for a wedding I am going to but unless they hav a knockoff @ Macy’s that aibpnt gonna happen

  6. The entire season was very one note (boring.) Bethenny thinking she would make the show interesting by being mean, completely backfired. She used to be fun, now its obvious that she wants to make others look bad and sell cocktails. I think the reunion will be the only good thing all season because people will stop kissing her a$$ and will call her out. Bring back Jill!



  7. Hey everyone .. I can’t wait for the new Below Deck! I’m thinking Eddie will be on it and they are just hiding him from the commercials?? I’d rather think about the price of rice in China then think about these bat shit crazy women that are all thinking they are 25. They won’t act or dress their age. Must be disturbing for their families.. Except for Carol.. Every commercial I see, she actually dresses her age. I give her that

      1. I love me some Ben also! And Kelley! Too bad about Eddie. I hope he at least makes an appearance. It’s much better TV than this housewife trash.

        1. Rocky (Raquel) said some not so nice stuff about how she and Eddie slept together more than once and how he still contacted her, yet he said he still had a girlfriend. I don’t know of they will have him back. I don’t see any mention of him.

  8. Enjoyed every post here. Love Bethanny though. The to say this, Carole’s dress was out of place there. Missed the season finale as my husband had surgery–all’s well thank God.
    Will catch it before the reunion

    1. I like Bethenny too, as you know. But, I just recorded The Housewives Of Melbourne because of the trailer here! I watched it a few times back when, but I wasn’t well yet from my injury. Now, it looks good. I do so like listening to accents, and the girls look interesting. We will see. I wonder if they will ever have a reunion, or do they always? Does anyone know? Andy doesn’t host it though. I know a lot of people don’t like Andy, but I didn’t know that until I started reading and writing here. I don’t think anyone else could wrangle all those housewives the way he does. And, I think he does a great interview. Besides, the RH was his brainchild, so it’s only fair he does the reunions. I like him, but I don’t read rag mags, so there might be a lot of stuff I don’t know, and that’s just how I like it. Then I can enjoy the show like before everyone knew everything about everyone and posted it around the world in a split second.

  9. I love Bethanny, Carole and Dorinda. Sonja makes me laugh, Ramona is a naughty nut job, feel sorry for Jules and can’t stand Luann. I enjoyed this season of NY more than any other season of any other HW franchise. Ok I feel better now. Ty.

    1. Me three, girls. I really enjoyed this season. I am a fan of Bethenny’s, always have been. Her, Kyle and Lisa V. are my 3 favorite housewives of all. Sonja seems to be getting her act together, and I am glad she quit drinking. I have always liked her, too, even when I thought she was a little loose. I like Dorinda, too. I like her a lot, she looks great with her short hair, and I love the way she dresses most of the time. She does get a little shit-faced, and that makes her look bad, she also stirs the pot, so to speak, but she doesn’t get crude and cruel when she gets drunk, just a little hostile at times. I think her choice of male companion is horrible. This whole thing about “we don’t all have to like everyone’s BF,” well, true. But when EVERYONE dislikes him, that is something maybe to look at. Jules takes this good girl thing way too far. It must be difficult to be a newcomer on a long time show though. The OG’s started when it was new and grew with it. It’s like I used to tell people who said “OMG, you have 3 teen agers!” I said, “I didn’t wake up one day with 3 teen agers.” I had one baby, then another, then another. Then when my youngest was 1, I got 2 step kids, but they didn’t live with us all the time. Anyway, I digress. I think Jules is paranoid and childish. She is very judgmental while saying others are. I used to dislike Carole, and I do think she is a little boring on her own or with Adam. I zip her when she is alone or with him. I don’t care that he is so young. If the gender situations were reversed, there wouldn’t be so much speculation about it. But I am liking her more now that Heather is gone. Ramona has been an embarrassment from day one. But, I think divorce agrees with her. I can not even believe I am saying that I actually listened to what she said this season. She seems to be much more involved in others and their feelings than ever before. Hopefully, she is showing her Daughter that side of herself.
      And last but not least, Luann. I can not stand her. I have never been able to find much to like about her. She is a hypocrite and a liar. The only thing that made it seem like she was not a totally rude, uppity bitch was how she defended Bethenny. But, then when she says she forgives ( anyone but the men who cheat on her ) she doesn’t. She brings it up when she knows it will hurt the most. I can see her writing notes when she gets the episodes about how and when to use anything she can to make herself look better by trying with all of her might to make anyone else look bad. For example, when Bethenny went off on her at Dorinda’s, she was saying in one breath that she was mentoring Sonja, then minutes later when Bethenny answered her question about who said “she was bringing different men home nightly” and Bethenny said “it was Sonja, it was Sonja who told me” she said “Oh, and you believe SONJA?” So, as B says, pick a lane. The trailer I just saw on Bravo shows Bethenny asking Luann who it is she is speaking of when she says Bethenny has dated married men, Luann says ( I forget his name ) but the guy she is seeing now. That doesn’t hold water, being that Luann had “an open marriage” what a joke. Open, yeah, open all right. When a marriage is over legally and publicly, it is not “dating a married man or woman” IMO. If no one could date until the divorce was legal and stamped, gosh, it could be years. It is only cheating when one spouse doesn’t know the other one is “dating.” Luann saying Bethenny is a hypocrite is so hollow that it echoes. I can NOT WAIT to see what Bethenny says she knows that ( oh, yeah, Dennis ) Dennis’s Daughter knows. And what does Ramona have behind her pillow? And, why is Sonja so hurt she says she doesn’t want to be part of the show anymore? I hope that has nothing to do with Bethenny.
      Oh, and Bee! Thanks for saying such kind words when you said me and Sandy were historians and were good writers. I am a writer, so thank you, but Sandy can say every single thing I say with half the words. It is a gift she has. I proof read, and add and remove words and sentences, but I rarely end up with a short post.

      1. Yes, Aunt Bee is too kind. ❤️
        3 D’s, brevity has never been my forte, but thank you so much for your kind words, even so. I remember teachers telling me I was “too wordy”, though, maybe you have a point about your posts compared to mine, on average. 😉 Yet, you do mention a lot more details and give examples to back up your points more than most of us, and I am always amazed with how much you remember. ❤️

    1. I do too. She is harsh at times and very opionated BUT she doesn’t lie. These ladies have put up with the countess bullcrap for years and the countesse deserved everything Bethany said to her the night of the NY party and all that phony could do was sit on the steps next to Jules who was worried about her sick father and bitch about Bethany. Give me an effen break.

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