First Preview Of RHOC Season 9 Reunion


In the first preview for the Real Housewives of Orange County season 9 reunion, Andy Cohen picks up where the season 8 reunion left off… Briana’s accusations about Brooks and how Brooks broke up with Vicki on-camera at the reunion.

A viewer asks Vicki how she was able to forgive Brooks so easily after the horrific things Brooks said.

“I didn’t forgive him so easily,” Vicki says. “I’m sure all of us at one time when we are angry have said something we wish we didn’t and that’s where I’ve come to with Brooks. I’m sorry goes a long way. We’ve all been hurt and if he ever said it to me or did it to me I probably wouldn’t be forgiving. It was wrong.”

Next, Andy asks Tamra if she listened to the recording of Brooks. Tamra said “it was disgusting” and that it was “not acceptable” behavior from Brooks.

The topic of what Tamra said about Brooks to the other women came up and Tamra insists the only time she ever talked about Brooks is when she was asked about him.

“I told you half way through the season, ‘Vick, if this is what you want, I’m fine with it,’ Tamra says to Vicki. “And you were fine, fine, fine until we got to Bali and this one (Lizzie) tells you, ‘She’s talking sh*t!'”

Vicki explains she was upset with Tamra for speaking poorly about Brooks when she doesn’t know him and Tamra argues that she has never been quiet about her feelings towards Vicki’s boyfriend.

“I didn’t say bad things about Brooks,” Tamra insists. “I said that I didn’t think he was good for you.”

“How do YOU know what’s good for me?” Vicki yells.

“THAT’S MY OPINION!!!” Tamra screams.

Watch the preview below.

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31 Replies to “First Preview Of RHOC Season 9 Reunion”

  1. This and shag, marry, kill need to go away. Still surprised that the oh so formal, highly educated, anti-onion rings, and shaming blue collar workers would play such a crass game. Nothing amusing about such a low-brow game. Then again the topic du jour at the Dubrow dinner party was anal, so maybe the Dubrows need to look in the mirror. They’ll see arrogant hypocrites.
    Eddie is crude and that’s ok. David apologizes and that isn’t ok.
    Heather tells Shannon to come to her directly. Shannon does twice. First time Heather throws her out of her house and then is obnoxious enough to say how gracious she was to even let Shannon in her house. Um what?!
    Second time in Bali Shannon takes her aside and says thank you.
    Her kindness is returned when Heather then questions her motives for thanking her by trying to publically shame her. Very uncouth of Heather. And no thank you I don’t need a thesaurus.
    Heather and Terry and Tamra are all liars and vultures.

    1. You are 110% correct. Every time Shannon did go to Heather, she was ridiculed. I really hope the comment about taking Shannon and David down is settled. Obviously they have seen the show where Vicki states that Trashara said it.

      1. Heather is a real”Bitch” she’ll never be anything else she and her poor pathetice husband terry need to be dumped from the show

    2. Heather and terry are snobs, theirs Noses so high in the air they better be careful not trip. They need to go they would not be missed just like nobody misses Heathers so called acting.

    3. I agree!!!

      Can’t stand the Dubrows!!!! They act so high and mighty…but in reality…they suck!!
      Heather is supposed to be such good friends with Tamara yet at her ground breaking party…she’s the one who hurt Tamra’s arm when she got thrown off the bull!!!! I never saw her speak up and say she was the one that said something. Also, Eddie said something vulgar to Heather…yet they only yell and got mad at David. They are such hypocrites!!!

    4. Heather,Tamra AND Shannon have all become “The Mean Girls” and Heather is the ring leader !!! She was actually smiling on the bus as they all attacked Kelly! She really is a witch! If THAT is perfection I want no part of it, she is EVIL!!!

  2. Tamra needs to go and she can take the Dubrows with her, and their thesaurus.

    I love how snobby Heather is and Terry with his construction worker comment choose to be friends with trashy Tamra who thinks nothing of bringing bottle openers shaped like you know what to a party. What a low-rent, immoral, vile, freak. She contributes nothing but sex talk and curse words to a conversation.

    1. Tamra is incredibly unstable, and like Lizzie said, “the most insecure person I know” It’s terrible that she gets away with her lies and manipulation just o hurt others. I am so done with her phoniness. Does the show just keep her on because of the drama she stirs up ? Because I love the authentic and emotional story line of Shannon & David working on their issues so honestly – LOVE Shannon !!! Heather and Terry Dubrow are simply so full of themselves and have SUCH a superiority complex, it’s ridiculous. They have obviously been seeking fame for years; with this show being the best platform for them so far. Andy, Keep the drama queens on the show if you must, but please give the viewers some satisfaction by calling them out on their crap; and don’t just allow them to belittle and set-up the nice ladies like Shannon.

  3. That screeching at the end was really classy. Does she need the paramedics? Is she crazy like she thinks Shannon is?

  4. How often must the Beadors apologize to the classless Dubrows? Why do the Dubrows dislike the Beadors so much? What a low blow Terry – David has more class in his construction finger than you have in your self-important, overblown medical degree. I guess I won’t be watching this show next season either.

  5. I wonder what Heather calls that screeching sound coming out of Tamara if she thinks Shannon is the one yelling?

    By the way– yes, Tamara got caught in another lie so yelling out her comments makes it alright–NOT!

  6. The entire reunion trailer is on the RHOC Hulu page! It actually seemed pretty lackluster to me — not the Tamra ‘blood-fest’ we were all hoping for 🙁

  7. I think it bothers the Douchebrows that the dumb construction worker can afford their zip code. Who would the Douchbrows be if they couldn’t look down at everyone? Here’s the thing, that dumb construction worker was in the neighborhood first. Who needs a thesaurus when a calculator works much better. Also, I wonder how Lizzie feels about her hero Heather now. Christian is in construction as well.

  8. The Durows are so threatened by the Bedoras it is a joke. That’s been Heather’s problem all season. They just wait for the cameras to start stuff. Obviously apologies aren’t really wanted, so why bother.

    1. I totally agree Overtheoc. I never liked Heather but this hate I see on both of them disgusts me. If the Dubrows are in the middle of construction on a new house I hope their constructions workers don’t take too much offense at Terry’s attitude toward them.

  9. I am not a fan of Vicki or Tamra but am curious in the age difference between the two. Suspect that Vicki is the OG but recently Tamra looks so much older.

  10. wow, I watch one episode of Botched, Terry was playing with one of the woman FFFF size boobs. It was horrible the way he acted. He also made reference his is wife not being good in bed.

  11. Bravo…. listen up….. we are fed up….. Get rid of Tamra and Heather and bring in a couple of smart, funny ladies who can make us want to watch the episodes one or two times instead of using the fast forward button.

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