First Preview Of RHOC Season 9 Reunion


In the first preview for the Real Housewives of Orange County season 9 reunion, Andy Cohen picks up where the season 8 reunion left off… Briana’s accusations about Brooks and how Brooks broke up with Vicki on-camera at the reunion.

A viewer asks Vicki how she was able to forgive Brooks so easily after the horrific things Brooks said.

“I didn’t forgive him so easily,” Vicki says. “I’m sure all of us at one time when we are angry have said something we wish we didn’t and that’s where I’ve come to with Brooks. I’m sorry goes a long way. We’ve all been hurt and if he ever said it to me or did it to me I probably wouldn’t be forgiving. It was wrong.”

Next, Andy asks Tamra if she listened to the recording of Brooks. Tamra said “it was disgusting” and that it was “not acceptable” behavior from Brooks.

The topic of what Tamra said about Brooks to the other women came up and Tamra insists the only time she ever talked about Brooks is when she was asked about him.

“I told you half way through the season, ‘Vick, if this is what you want, I’m fine with it,’ Tamra says to Vicki. “And you were fine, fine, fine until we got to Bali and this one (Lizzie) tells you, ‘She’s talking sh*t!'”

Vicki explains she was upset with Tamra for speaking poorly about Brooks when she doesn’t know him and Tamra argues that she has never been quiet about her feelings towards Vicki’s boyfriend.

“I didn’t say bad things about Brooks,” Tamra insists. “I said that I didn’t think he was good for you.”

“How do YOU know what’s good for me?” Vicki yells.

“THAT’S MY OPINION!!!” Tamra screams.

Watch the preview below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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