First Look at RHONY Season 9 Reunion

The first preview for this season’s RHONY reunion has been released and the three-part reunion looks very intense, as Luann de Lesseps was foreshadowing her highly-publicized divorce.

In the clip, Luann addresses the ladies’ “obsession with Tom” and she foreshadows that her marriage with Tom D’Agostino wasn’t going as well as she thought it would.

“Any one of 10 things that he has ever said to you, I would be crying in the bathroom,” Bethenny tells Luann.

“Why do you think I stayed at the hotel last night?” Luann replied.

Bethenny also talks about the long road she’s had with her ex-husband Jason Hoppy. “You can’t even imagine the torment that this has been,” she cries. “There’s no way to describe it. It was torture.”

It also gets heated when Frankel questions the sincerity of Ramona Singer’s tearful apology for the accusations she made against her this season.

Check out the clip below.

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16 Replies to “First Look at RHONY Season 9 Reunion”

  1. I swore I wouldn’t watch this season…until I saw the previews of Luann falling down drunk! The Mexico trip was hilarious!

      1. I think this trip had a little of both, little skinny dipping – when Sonya was putting on – rather they were putting it on her – I was dying! There was Ramonacoaster and B going at it, but kissing and making up over shopping. The first episode when they were fighting over the rooms though – UGH! Luann falling not once but twice was priceless.

    1. ITA kt. This was the best. Tequila affected them ALL differently, and it was great reality TV!
      Luann was the friendly drunk, laughing at herself too after her stumbles (a good sport) though Tom was not a rose! Sonja was crazy as ever and really dipped into that lady pond, I mean pool! Bethenny showed true Bethenny form…with all of her words of wisdom (hysterical). Tequila Tinsley yelling at Ramona and then forgiving her was priceless… Carole…is the most boring but we need a straight man/woman, and the winner of the most crazy for me was Dorinda, with her slurred speech, crazy arguments and then makeup hugs and then dressing Sonja in Bethenny’s bikini, hysterical!
      This is the best group of Housewives on vacation I have seen. I loved it!!!

      1. Hey, Lovely lady. I have been missing in action with an allergy that literally was the most disgusting illness I have ever had. Anyway, so happy to see your name. I think also this was a great season, the best since the first 3. One thorn in the mix is it looks as though Carole, Ramona and Bethenny have all had their lips fattened. It always makes me think of Susan Lucci, who I adore, who is such a lady and so classy. I saw her from the first day of AMC to the last, and she simply applied her lipstick differently, didn’t have her boobs done and if she did have any plastics, it was minimal. I hope they all stop now, but really, IMO, too late.

  2. I love that luann (former contessa) was giggling at herself after her drunken falls. she wasn’t her usual stuck up self. this Mexico trip was nice to watch as all the ladies were kind to each other for once. if that’s a result of tequila then keep bottles handy!

    1. Me too, 80’s. I laughed a lot when she said “I guess the Tequila broke the fall.” She has become much more real and genuine this year. I am truly saddened that everyone was right about Tom. WTF is with some men? They have to have what the bikers I used to hang with ( oh, so many ears ago) used to call “strange stuff.” A definite part missing I guess. Anyway, I enjoyed her as well.

  3. Has anyone watched Sweet Home Oklahoma! I haven’t seen them all but these ladies have fun without all the bickering and backstabbing. It is an enjoyable show.

    1. I agree, Aunt Bee! The Oklahoma women are actually clever and funny, and not the least pretentious and backstabbing. They are much more fun to watch.

  4. Ramona is getting under my craw big time. She has always been insincere, with that phony laugh that sounds like the Scrub Jay’s that migrate here in Summer. She is always saying, “I am a lot of things ( yes, A LOT of shitty things ) but I am not a liar.” Oh, what a joke. UFB. At Dorinda’s telling Carole Bethenny said she was booooring, for just one of the multitude of total LIES. Then her usual I am NOT A LIAR. She lies to everyone, mostly herself. Saying “I am not going to say more….not going tit-for-tat, then she says a lot and goes way, way down the liar tit-for-tat. She is so juvenile that it actually surprises me at times. If anyone besides Sonja is booooooring, it’s her. I feel for Avery, always having her mom partying with her & her friends. And, I know from where I speak. I have Daughters, and I was and am loved and respected by their friends. Occasionally I am invited to a concert or a comedy show with one of my kids and one or more of their friends. In turn, I sometimes invite them for dinner, like when they were all teens and catch up on their adult lives. We don’t go to bars and drink after as if I was also 22. That is just sad and desperate. Avery, somehow, has grown up into a lovely young lady with more wisdom than Ramona has in her baby finger.
    Ramona lying again, naturally, saying B went after her in the Berkshires….no, Bethenny said how she herself felt that Ramona had not been a good friend. Meaning things like bringing up something that happened 25 effing years ago. Spreading LIES about Bethenny’s 1st marriage. Too many lies to recall. Being compassionate and helpful during a friend’s very serious and frightening illness is wonderful. Bethenny gave her kudos for a long time during that season for that. Dorinda and Carole were also very much there for her, and they don’t believe that gives them a pass to be a total bitch toward Bethenny forever.
    Bethenny is so correct when she says, 1st. Ramona acts like a raving bitch.
    2nd. Then she ignores you, refuses to apologize and goes to everyone she knows to get everyone on her side while LYING about the entire exchange.
    3rd. Then she kisses ass until next time. Who is the real Ramona? Who gives a F? Not me. After one of her many intrusive, cruel remarks, during the time she is going all over town swaying the jury pool, she has time to spin the entire situation to make herself look like the victim, the one who was wronged, or if she has the insight to see she was wrong, blaming it on something else, booze, her own trauma at the time……… in her head. LIES, LIES, LIES. That will be what we hear at the reunion too.

    1. Oh…P.S. She was NOT married for 30 years either. The number of years just go up & up & up. Their 17th anniversary renewal was not long before their break up. Another HUGE LIE.

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