First Look At The Real Housewives Of Orange County Season 10


As we await the official trailer for season 10 of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge shared a sneak peek of the new season on her Facebook Page. As we previously reported, the official cast includes Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, newcomer Meghan King Edmonds and Lizzie Rovsek will return part-time.

Premiereing June 8th on Bravo, the trailer states that the drama in the OC is “code red” this year and the ladies are more “real and raw” than ever. From Vicki hazing new Housewife Meghan, to more drama with Brooks, and returning veteran Housewife Jeana Keough, this season is sure to have it all. Take a look at the first preview below.

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  • Anonymous

    Are they saying Brooks faced his cancer? Gross

    • Karen’

      We haven’t heard anything lately….

  • Anonymous

    Faked oops

    • Aunt Bee

      It wouldn’t surprise me at all. He is such a gold digging phony.

  • One Rotten Egg

    If Brook did fake Cancer, it would be no different than Kim Zoziak claiming on the Reunion she had cancer, but then said she didn’t–she wound up getting her own show out of it.

    • A

      Funny how people forget about that? Huh? Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

    • Meg123

      If I recall She never said She had cancer, just everyone assumed it! Not very clever but it was minutes not weeks/months!

      • Anonymous

        I’m pretty sure she did say it when Andy asked on the Reunion but then in the next breath she said it was some other issue. He ended up asking her several times to clarify. She was saying she wore a wig because of her issue. Of course we all know now she wears wigs because she just wants to, but that has always just irked me! She lied about having an illness and Andy never called her out on it later, that I know of.

        • T

          I can’t remember exactly what she said either. I think she said she had a disease but it wasn’t cancer

  • A

    Did Liz get cut?

    • Karen’

      Yeah… No pics of her anywhere!

    • T

      She is a friend of the hw

  • DebBrenn

    I LOVE that Jeana will be back, and also Shannon. WTH is wrong with Vicki that she’s so damn mean with any new girls? Does she really think that’s a good look for her middle aged self? I wish Tamra would disappear.

    • Meg123

      I have always felt Vicky feels threatened with any new girls and expects them to bis down to her holyness!!! Jeanna is great and I agree it’s lovely to see her back, Tamra is another Brandi- no one wants Her!!

  • getreal

    Funny how they want to emphasize how “REAL” the show is even though they’ve brought back the self proclaimed “FICTIONAL CHARACTER” for another season. LOL. And how predictable is it that SHAMra flips flops AGAIN when it comes to Crooks? How many times is she gonna “hug it out” with him when she doesn’t even mean it? “REAL” MY ASS.

  • naynay

    If brooks plays the cancer thing it is phony! Vicky is trying to get people to like him, not falling for this one!!

  • apple

    I see this more as Shamra and Briana claiming he faked it… with no real proof, just their usual “looks like a duck” and women’s intuition malarky…basically because they don’t like him. I don’t like him either, and because of that, I think he is perfect for Icky.

  • Donna

    no one whats too see Tamra Barney Judge any longer ….I will pass on whiching !!!!!

  • I haven’t watched for a couple years, or I should say haven’t gotten it on Amazon so I could REALLY watch. On TV, even taped the adds are soooo long, and the out takes and in takes just repeat so much of the show it gets so annoying. Like, the scene before the add is replayed and the upcoming scene is given a few minutes, then the actual show show is about 2 minutes. Makes it really hard to watch even zipping adds.