Fight Between Adrienne And Brandi Forced Adrienne To Quit RHOBH?

Brandi Glanville

We reported in November that Adrienne Maloof tried to quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while filming Season 3, but her contract with Bravo wouldn’t allow her to leave the show. Now, watching it play out, it makes more sense as to why Adrienne wanted to quit.

In a new report from The Examiner, an insider claims that Adrienne Maloof demanded her divorce from Paul Nassif be kept off camera. The insider stated it was to “project certain image of having the perfect life.” The source shares that when Brandi brought up the divorce on camera it led to major problems from Adrienne. “Brandi felt Adrienne was being inauthentic and disregarded her wishes to not discuss her marital problems on camera while the two of them were at dinner. Adrienne kept her cool at first, but she later broke out into a screaming fit with Brandi and the production staff.”

When Adrienne found out the Bravo cameras filmed her fight, the source stated that Maloof went “ballistic” and called Bravo producers and threatened to quit the show. The network wasn’t concerned about Adrienne’s threats to quit, they reminded her of their contract agreement that “binds her to the show for the rest of the season.”

The source states that Adrienne believes Lisa is behind everything Brandi has done, “Adrienne feels Lisa put Brandi up to this.” Brandi has adamantly denied these allegations, and says that she had her own personal issues with Paul & Adrienne.

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