Fellow Housewives Strongly Siding With Adrienne Maloof, Especially After Paul Hangs Out With Lisa Vanderpump!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Adrienne Maloof has strong support from her fellow Housewives on her nasty, public divorce with Paul Nassif. Monday night, we reported Paul was hanging out with Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd at their restaurant, Villa Blanca, and tweeted about it! RadarOnline is reporting, Adrienne’s friends and fellow Housewives are coming to her defense!

“For Paul to go to Lisa’s restaurant and then Tweet about it was just a huge publicity stunt and obviously meant to get under Adrienne’s skin,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com. “Kyle Richards, Taylor Armstrong and Kim Richards think that Paul is using his divorce drama to further drive a wedge between Lisa and Adrienne.”

“Paul knows the hell that Adrienne went through during filming of the third season because of Lisa and Brandi Glanville’s antics. Taylor, who went through hell with her own husband previously, has been especially supportive of Adrienne during this tough time and a majority of the cast stands by her and thinks Paul is just an opportunist who will stop at nothing to make Adrienne as miserable as possible.” the source reveals.

“Adrienne wasn’t surprised that he went to Lisa’s restaurant. No, he didn’t eat with Lisa and Ken, but there are hundreds of restaurants in Los Angeles, and he obviously had an ulterior motive in going to Villa Blanca.” the insider continues.

“Paul will try and do whatever he can to drive a wedge between Adrienne and her cast mates, but the ladies aren’t interested. They don’t want to take sides in the divorce, but fully support Adrienne, 100%,” the source says.

Tell Us- What’s your take on this situation?

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2 Replies to “Fellow Housewives Strongly Siding With Adrienne Maloof, Especially After Paul Hangs Out With Lisa Vanderpump!”

  1. This story is bullsh!t. I don’t believe for one minute that Taylor Armstrong gives 2 figs about what bothers Adrienne Maloof. And then the comment about Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville pulling stunts all season on Adrienne? What? Who is the reliable source, if they are so reliable why don’t they use their name? Why? Because those comments are all lies. A fabrication of someone’s imagination. If this site is this irresponsible, I won’t be back if my comment is censored and there is always word of mouth.

    On the reunion, even Adrienne’s right hand man, Kyle doesn’t believe the stories Adrienne circulated about Paul abusing her and the kids. Taylor said she thinks Adrienne is a liar. I don’t believe this story at all

    1. I agree. This story/source came from RadarOnline as you can see in the first paragraph, and now we know their source was wrong. It wouldn’t surprise me if Chef Bernie gave them this information.

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