Feds Could Sieze Apollo Nida’s Assets In Fraud Case


Phaedra Parks’ husband Apollo Nida was charged with bank fraud and identity theft, and in an effort to reach a plea deal, Nida waived his indictment last week. Now, RadarOnline has obtained court documents that reveal the feds could seize Nida’s home, where Phaedra lives with their two sons.

“Upon conviction of the offense alleged… [Nida] shall forfeit to the United States … any property constituting or derived from proceeds obtained directly or indirectly as a result of” his alleged scam. If the court can’t find or agree upon what that property is, the government will expect a cash payment,” the docs state.

Phaedra and Apollo signed a prenup when they were married in 2009, and she Parks and Nida moved into their $849,000 Buckhead mansion in 2013, according to a sale report, her name was the only one on the lease.

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4 Replies to “Feds Could Sieze Apollo Nida’s Assets In Fraud Case”

  1. Only a matter of time before we will be reading Phaedra is divorcing his ass! What ever happened to people thinking they are above earning an honest income?! Disgusting I tell you.. just like the GIudices.

  2. I think so little of these peeps…I hesitate to comment. Everyone knows Apollo is not smart enough to pull off this major fraud scheme.

    Phaedra is involved in litigation with Stanton over book exposing Phaedra as mastermind of prostitute-insurance fraud-car theft ring.

    Neither one has a conscience and Phaedra is so certain she is untouchable.

  3. They LEASE the house? How many of these women need to get thrown out of homes they can’t afford before they discover that Housewives’ money doesn’t mean they can afford a mansion?

  4. If they are leasing/renting the new house, there is nothing for the gov to take..it’s not theirs. Also, if there is property they own, I doubt Pheadra would allow his name on the properties, cars etc, so again, it will be harder for the gov to take it.

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