Feds Order Apollo Nida To Report To Prison


It’s time for Apollo Nida to surrender. According to a new report, Nida has been ordered by the Feds to to report to a federal prison on September 10th, 2014 to begin serving his 8 year sentence for identity theft and fraud charges.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Nida must surrender himself at the FMC Lexington prison in Lexington, Kentucky, on September 10 at noon.

A written affidavit states that Nida created fake companies, enabling him to access databases to find individuals to scam. He opened fake bank accounts under those individual’s names and funneled stolen U.S. Treasury checks and auto loan proceeds into those accounts.

This is not his first time Apollo had been to prison. He previously served six years for a car theft scheme.

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28 Replies to “Feds Order Apollo Nida To Report To Prison”

  1. Funny how all this will play out: Apollo from ATL show will serve prison. Joe and Teresa Guidice from NJ–will they serve prison for same types of crime? Wonder if any media is hitting the “race” angle with this? (Shouldn’t be this way, but shameful how this may wind up).

    BTW–Shady Phaedra should be next–strongly believe she has a part in these schemes, but smart enough (for now) to keep her hands clean.

    1. Apollo Nida has done time before, and the Joe & Teresa thing has not played out yet. Please stop trying to make a race issue out of something before it even happens.

      1. read my comments again…”will they serve prison for same types of crime? Wonder if any media is hitting the “race” angle with this? (Shouldn’t be this way, but shameful how this may wind up).

        Agree–let’s see what happens.

    2. And Yes, I do think Teresa & Joe should do time just like everyone else who commits the same crime. Who cares if they have children. There are criminals in jail right now that have children.

      1. One Rotten Egg, I don’t understand all the negative comments. Judgement has not come down for the Giudices yet. If they don’t get time for their crimes I will not be happy no matter what color they are. They have wronged a lot of people. First, lets wait and see what the judgement is.

        1. Negative comments because people (businesses) were harmed financially, Guidices get paid for selling their stories to mags, and public appearances, and for being on TV.
          This is NOT a happy story–for anyone.

          To date, exactly what judgments have come down on the Guidice couple? Yes, he has committed a felony by producing false documents on his DL..yet he still drives. (Waiting for judgment from the legal system). Charged with 41 counts of fraud and other felony charges, yet still waiting for judgment, even getting sentence “pushed to later date” so they can grieve the loss of his dad. Yet, Guidice still peddling their booze and products, making lots of dough, living the “good life”.

          Yeah, I’m waiting for judgment alright.

          1. One Rotten Egg, you did a whole lot of typing for nothing! I am in total agreement that the Guidice’s should do the time for their crime.

            The NEGATIVE comments I am referring to are yours. You stated the following…Joe and Teresa Guidice from NJ–will they serve prison for same types of crime? Wonder if any media is hitting the “race” angle with this? (Shouldn’t be this way, but shameful how this may wind up).

            My point is you are already assuming that they are getting off because of their color. Those are the Negative comments I am referring to. One more thing, you state that they pushed the date out because of the passing of his father. Where did you get the facts on that?

            Again, I cannot stress enough how much I agree that the Guidices need to serve their time like everybody else…orange, green, purple, blue. Let’s wait and see what the sentencing is before we start tossing out the race card.

              1. Why Monica, what was loco about my comment? Am I crazy to say don’t toss race before it’s necessary? What is coocoo about that?

            1. Maybe One Rotten Egg stated that the media might play the “race” angle because lately that’s all that seems to be in the news is inflammatory stories that only seem to make the racial divide worse. And, to be honest, this is an open blog and everyone has a right to voice their own opinions. But, I wouldn’t say that the media might put a “race” angle on it as much as a person who has money versus someone like you and I that don’t have that kind of funding to back our legal team.

  2. Plus Everyone Apollo got a stiffer sentence because he was convicted of a similar crime- a felony-once before. You usually get a lighter sentence on your first conviction. So the sentences may not be comparable. And sentences vary from state to state. Although if it’s a Federal Crime then it should be the same.

  3. Anyway, I hope that Phaedra lets the boys visit Apollo. Or that somehow Apollo is able to keep up some sort of a relationship. What a fool. He had two lovely sons that need a father and those boys are losing out big time over greed. Phaedra and Apollo had a very good life and so much was wasted on stupid crap.

  4. I feel terrible for these children involved. I do not believe Phaedra Was involved in any of his crimes, OI think he was sneaky like that, but she did choose to marry a criminal so she kinda knew what she was getting into. Tee would sign anything Joe put in front of her. Clearly Teresa & Pheadra are totally different women. They do have in common bad taste in men. The sentencing will be different due to the crimes and it’s Appollos 2Nd Rodeo. I do also recall the reason Tre & Joe got a extension on their sentencing due to his Dads death. I just do not get why these Men would put their families through all this hell.

  5. Apollo haha what an idiot I just would like to say Apollo has been to prison before so I would say he should know better!!

  6. I’m a woman. By virtue of that fact, I don’t walk down the street at 11:00 at night in a miniskirt. Apollo is a black felon. Think maybe you’d be the FIRST person they’d go for in your little scam ring, there, dummy?

    1. OMG Monica not a lot shocks me anymore but either I don’t understand this comment or you just dropped me to the floor!!

  7. Poor Apollo, all that youth, and good looks wasted away in a prison cell. But, look on the bright side, you can exercise all you want without any time constraints!! Apollo, you should of considered your wife’s offer, and join her in the mortuary business, you could of been the groundskeeper, or just look pretty, might bring in some business (tap, tap on the head), now go sit down somewhere, and pretend your busy texting. BTW, what grown-ass man wears a backpack?

  8. Wonder if “southern belle” (black version) will be visiting the prison to see her felon husband? Yea, go take the kids to see daddy (doing time)…..
    And this one is an idiot for marrying a known felon—-fakedra has no excuse and no-one to blame but her own fat dumb butt………….

  9. Reported by Star Ledger-
    The sentencing date for “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars Joe and Teresa Giudice for fraud has been pushed back from July 8 to Sept. 23, the U.S. Attorney’s Office tells The Star-Ledger, although a spokesperson says the delay is “100 percent not” because of the death Wednesday of Joe Giudice’s father Frank. The federal court moved the date because of an administrative issue, says Rebekah Carmichael of the U.S. Attorney’s Office. “It was not moved because of any other factor.”

    1. An “administrative issue”? C’mon, seems like there is always reason/excuse for something when it comes to the NJ dealings. This is the very thing why people refer to NJ as mob-influenced…BIG coincidence. How one “doeth protest too much”

      Like the kid with the crumbs on his face and an empty cookie jar who exclaims, I may have had one cookie but don’t blame me that the jar is empty-.–very obvious.

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