FBI Investigating RHOC Vicki Gunvalson Photo Leak?


A topless photo of Vicki Gunvalson has triggered an FBI complaint.

The pic was taken while the ladies were filming the Real Housewives of Orange County in Ireland, as you may remember, and Heather Dubrow was Facetiming her husband Terry. Vicki wanted the Botched surgeon to examine why her nipples appeared uneven.

TMZ is reporting that Tamra Judge snapped an uncensored photo of her co-star during the call and sent it to other cast members along with some snarky comments.

Somewhere along the way, the photo ended up on social media in the hands of a 15-year old girl, who tweeted it.

Now, a woman named Rosalie has filed a complaint with the FBI and the agency is looking into it. “Tamara Judge … sent a nude photograph of an acquaintance of hers (taken at a small gathering) to a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD girl & asked her to distribute it online in an effort to humiliate & harass one Vicki Gunvalson.”

Sources close to Tamra tell the site she had nothing to do with leaking the photo.

The FBI is looking into the situation and deciding whether or not to launch an investigation.

Photo Credit: Bravo


76 Replies to “FBI Investigating RHOC Vicki Gunvalson Photo Leak?”

  1. No one knows yet if this is true, that is if Tamra sent the photo. I am NOT making any excuses IF this isn’t true.
    Aside from that Vickis boobs have been flashed more than any other HW. She has done the flashing herself. They aren’t anything to be proud of just like the rest of her.

  2. Hi Suze. I am not commenting on this boobs article. I just squeezed between the cleavage to say I how happy I am to see you this morning. I hope you are having a good day sweetie. ❤️️❌⭕️❤️️

    1. Did somebody say boobs ?? 🙂 boobs McGee reporting for duty lol!!! How you been Sandy, missed you . Hope hubs is well too. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Hi Rain and Suze ❤️ Missed you too.
        I am fine ladies. Thank you. I try my best to avoid stressful situations and am just staying clear of conflict. I do appreciate how you stepped in Rain, in that situation the other day. ❤️️
        The hubby is doing fine too. Thank goodness.
        It figured you would comment here!
        ( ^ ) ( ^ ) 😮

        1. Glad to hear from you Sandy ❤️❤️❤️We are a peaceful group and it’s stressful just reading the posts, even if I’m not personally involved in it . Looking back, I wish I’d stayed out of it because I don’t think it was helpful in the end . Its hard to mediate between 2 people that i don’t know

          I hope you and your husband have a great and lovely weekend xoxoxo

          1. It has happened to me more than once. Some of them (responses) never appear while others eventually do. 😉 ❤️

          1. One of mine which was just correcting my previous comment is as well. Not sure what has happened! Technical probs I guess!

            1. I think our dear moderator is just being extra careful due to the problems we have had with a troll the last few days and I appreciate that.

        2. Hi, Sandy. I just now saw this, I am so pleased for you both that hubby is doing well! How wonderful. I missed the entire day of the cyber war, hahaha, but I heard a little about it. Just yesterday one of my comments went into moderation, like someone mentioned, maybe our esteemed blog owner is simply being watchful. She is the best.

          1. Hi back at ya. Thanks, yes, hubby is doing well so far.
            In the past I have had my comments go into moderation and I never found out why and some never even posted, while others eventually did. It made no sense to me, since I said nothing questionable. I sometimes just think it is a quirk in the program perhaps.
            As for guessing what kind of cancer the child has, I made an educated guess based on the fact that it was confused with mumps by someone who I would say was inept, really. I would guess it was NHL most likely with that presentation (swelling (lymph nodes most likely) in the neck region etc.) and his age, but as I said, I have no idea what the boy has, but he does have cancer, sadly. I do hope he gets well.
            I hope you are having a nice weekend 3 D’s. 🙂

            1. I don’t think the parents mind professionals and/or lay people on here discussing their child, it shows we care, IMO. It seemed they were asked constantly whenever they were out together what the doctors were saying etc.,, in the hospital parking lot and that kind of thing. Relatives of theirs were being bombarded with speculation in a much different setting than here, where we speak with respect and compassion. Many of us here know how difficult every part of life becomes when illness and disease come knocking. As a professional, you have a unique perspective of seeing it from both sides. I always am interested to hear it spoken about, that might sound odd, but if it is kept a secret, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I know all of us here hope for the best possible outcome for that little boy, and peace for his family. oxoxoxoxox

              1. I understand. It is not right for some who just to want to know the diagnosis for a news story. In time, perhaps, the parents may share, but they are now so affected by this, they want to just shut out the paparazzi, etc., and keep it private. I think when it is a small child, parents just want to protect the child and do all that they can for the little one. It is so hard.

    2. Sandy❤️❤️❤️ I’m happy to see you back here dear lady. You’re a good woman, a great heart. xoxo

  3. I highly doubt this report is accurate. I don’t like tamera but I also don’t think she would send a pic of anyone’s boobs to a 15 year old

    1. I don’t either Amy but there will always be those that dislike her that jump on it. I don’t like or dislike Tamra so neutral on this one.

      1. That didn’t make sense! I started with I don’t either but I’m never sure how I feel about Tamra, I don’t like a lot of what she does but I would sooner have her than Liarface Vicki.

    2. I don’t think she would do it purposely either…but this is where sound judgement comes into play . You can’t be so blinded by your hate of a person that you allow yourself to be reckless with actions that create collateral damage that affects others. I guess this is just another example to show us the seriousness of what’s happening in cyberspace, & that people really need to be more cognizant and more prudent about what they write, share or distribute in digital medium: keep in mind that the proof never goes away, even if it was a thoughtless action done in the heat of the moment out of passing anger.

    3. I like Tamra, but not for that reason am I saying this. She’s just not that stupid. Especially to send them to a minor and tell them to spread them among social media. I, personally, would be investigating Vicki’s address…or maybe Brook’s?????

  4. OMG, the lying POS is the same kind of person who sues McDonald’s cuz the coffee is too hot, or KFC cuz she’s fat… She has flashed her boobs on National Television so why such modesty all of a sudden? She’s talked about her vagina and her love tank the way I talk about new yarn. She is a disgusting, low life, slab on trailer trash. Listen, bottom line this: The Lying POS is pissed off BEYOND WORDS that the other women are done with her. She knows she messed up, she knows she can’t be forgiven by the viewers, she knows she can’t redeem herself and she is screaming and clawing at anything she can to try to hold onto a scrap of dignity. Too bad you lying old hag. Shannon’s tag line says it all.. “karma’s a bitch, so I don’t have to be one.” Good luck you old lying POS.

    1. Gigicat, I might have read this too fast but I think it’s the girl’s mother that is making this claim, not Vicki. The mother could be after 15 mins of fame. I’m definitely not feeling sorry for Vicki though because she posted a pic in the past that was “supposedly” an accident. Remember when she took a pic of headphones and her reflection turned out in the pic. It was her boobs as well and she supposedly took the pic coming out of the shower. lol.

  5. It sounds suspicious to me that the FBI would waste any time on this, regardless of how irate the mother is that her fifteen year old saw a pair of boobs that weren’t her own. I have no doubt Tamra took the picture and distributed it to everybody she knew to make fun of Vicki. But I doubt that she was targeting the youth of America. Pictures like that are gold for redistribution.

    1. Not suspicious at all, this very issue falls directly under the duty and jurisdiction of the FBI. US law is VERY clear about adults filming and distributing nudity to, of & amongst minors. Whether we agree with this particular scenario or not, there is legal precedent and protocol regarding sexual materials and the online safety of minors that has to be followed to make sure adults everywhere understand there is zero tolerance policy towards this issue. To give you an idea of how serious it is, let’s be clear: in many states this very act of sending that photograph to a minor is a class 3 felony. If someone sends tit pics to your kid, my kid, anyone’s kid, it’s illegal, period, even if they didn’t realize the age of the recipient. The adult in the scenario is the one required to exercise prudence with what they choose to distribute & ignorance of the law is no excuse.

      1. Wow. Bon…you are well versed and I liked it. I wouldn’t want my child to be apart of any petty scheme, especially if it involved nudity. I could care less about Vicki’s boobs, but my issue is involving a minor to distribute the nude photo to embarrass someone. Do that on your own. There’s no reason for it, especially now the season is over. The allegations get worse and worse with Tamara. She’s got herself into some muck.

          1. This remark is in response to the MIchael Buble post and in the love I have for those suffering with this wicked disease. Also explains my disgust with that old hag Gunvalson.

            1. Yes, I thought so. I have not read any news yet about the child, but it is so unfair for anyone, especially the children. ❤️

            2. I didn’t know who Michael Buble was, so I googled him. The article stated that they hope everyone will stop trying to find out what kind of cancer their son has, so that they can concentrate on just being with him and their younger son. I think it is easily forgotten that we are speaking of medical privacy when a story that saddens us hits the news. I HATE CANCER, was the best post. I can not imagine what that family is going through, all of them, so we will just pray.

              1. Here, I meant the universal “we” and was speaking of the news and gossip rags, not the posters here. I see now the way I said that might look as though that is what I meant. I always review my post, sometimes a few times, before posting, because unlike FB and other social media, once posted, no changing. No matter how careful I am, sometimes when I look later it like “s**t!” Why oh why didn’t I see that? Sigh.

      2. There’s also a “revenge porn law,” in Cali and this sounds like it falls under that. I don’t care for Tamra and it sounds to me, like something that she would do. Especially if she had something to do, with embarrassing Kelly on WHHL the other nite. Tamra is VERRRRY lucky that no one was seriously injured, when she wrecked that dune buggy. Maybe this will finally be the last straw…

        1. That was an accident. Yes, she was very very lucky that none of her passengers were hurt worse. Unless she was negligent in some way, which I doubt, she is safe from the instigators who come out after something like this happen. Everyone who gets in the dune buggy is doing so at their own risk, and hopefully with full education and knowledge of the dangers. Fun adrenaline producing activities almost always have some inherent danger.

      1. I agree. The FBI doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether Tamera is a bitch, or if Vicki has shown her boobs all over the world. They would only get involved because of the allegation about the minor being involved, and that was from the girl’s mother. Besides, we all know that it’s the IRS that is normally involved if it’s a housewife 😀

    1. It’ll pass. I went into moderation today too, but I imagine it’s better for the site to be safe rather than sorry in case there is any issue with what is posted here.

    2. Bee have you just had something go into moderation? So have I, I corrected an earlier post and it went into moderation, weird!

  6. Glad to hear from you Sandy❤️❤️❤️ We are a peaceful group and it’s stressful just reading the posts, even if I’m not personally involved in it . Looking back, I wish I’d stayed out of it because I don’t think it was helpful in the end . Its hard to mediate between 2 people that i don’t know

    I hope you and your husband have a great and lovely weekend xoxoxo
    This may appear twice, sorry .

  7. Putting things into perspective, I have just read Michael Buble’s son aged three has cancer! Poor little Noah! Prayers for the little boy.

  8. How sad for the boy and his family. I just saw Michael Buble on TV last week. He seems so nice. I wish them well.

      1. It is so very sad they haven’t said here yet what cancer it is but awful. He was on last night in a one hour special.

          1. My son was misdiagnosed for nearly a year if it is NHL! The very same cancer that Vicki and Brooks lied about. I hope hope hope it isn’t!

            1. I am so sorry to hear that about your son. It is a shame it was missed.

              I was thinking about the presentation of mumps and thought it might be a lymphoma that was missed. They never did say on the news. I really don’t know.

            2. I hope that whatever it is, it is treatable with a good prognosis. He is such a young child.❤️
              I never heard if he was diagnosed in the US, but only that he will be treated in the US for his condition. Michael Buble is Canadian, but I’m not sure where he lives. He and his wife are now taking time off from their careers for their son.

          1. We don’t know Robert, Michael Buble’s son has been diagnosed with cancer as it was thought originally to be mumps it sounds like Lymphoma. The same type Liarface and Brooks lied about. Xo

  9. I wouldn’t put any thing past Tamrat. She was telling Vicki to quit “F” talking about people, when that’s all Tamrat & Heather do.

  10. Tamara is a hateful, vindictive bully who has yet to reach the maturity level of a twelve-year-old. Hating someone does not excuse us from abiding by basic human morality and decency. I guess if you tell everyone you are a Christian over and over again people will believe you. The behavior of all three women Tamara, Heather, and Shannon was worse than Vicky or Kelly just for the simple fact that they do not own it (hypocrites) but deflect back to the behavior of Vicky and Kelly. If Kelly and Vicky were to be removed from the show you would see the drama escalate between both Tamara and Heather. They both can’t reign as Queen. The only improvement to this show would be to either cancel it or fire all the housewives.

  11. Bravo, please do us all a favor and DO NOT bring Vicki back. She has lied about and been jealous of every new housewife since the beginning. She can have a dozen plastic surgeries done to herself, nothing will change the horrible person she is. She is exactly the type of woman no one wants to know much less watch on television. Look back on Slade and Gretchen who called her out a long time ago. Please Bravo replace her with someone fun to watch. Could even consider bringing Lori back?

  12. Tamara did it only way that picture got out but FBI investigating so you know they will get to the truth and if I was Tamara I would be terrified!

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