Faye Resnick Reveals Brandi Glanville Had Sex In The Bathroom At White Party!

Brandi Glanville

In this preview for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women are at a party and Faye Resnick is heard saying to Marisa Zanuck, “Maybe she [Brandi Glanville] has a crush on Dean?” Surprisingly, Marisa replies, “I think that.” Yolanda Foster defends Brandi, saying, “Really? You think that? She flirts with all the guys!” Marisa agrees with Yolanda, and Faye adds, “Well, we all flirt a bit, but not with married men.”

Brandi has made comments about things Marisa has said about her marriage to Dean on camera. Kyle also defends Brandi saying after what Eddie Cibrian did to Brandi she doesn’t think Brandi would ever touch a married man. Yolanda agrees, and this angers Faye! “Kyle, did you really say that?” Faye asks, peeved. “Sweetheart, what happened in the bathroom at your white party… please!” Faye insists.

“She was found in the bathroom… with not a lot of clothes on,” Faye reveals. “Not by any of us!” Kyle chimes in. Faye continues, “Actually in the bathroom of a child’s room, which I thought was inappropriate entirely.” Kyle says she did not see anything with her own eyes and that she really hopes that didn’t happen at her white party.

Yolanda speaks up and says she hates speculation. Faye continues, “We know for sure about this. There is no speculation. I know about it from two sets of eyes and there were no drapes in there.”


Yolanda continues to defend Brandi, and then Adrienne chimes in… Watch below!

TheHollyWoodGossip.com reported in July, “Brandi was in the bathroom with a guy having sex when the girls caught her,” multiple sources who heard explicit noises coming through the door said. The site also reports that cameras caught Brandi in the act too. “The crew thought it was hilarious and would make for great TV, but who knows if they’ll ever air that,” a source told the site!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo


26 Replies to “Faye Resnick Reveals Brandi Glanville Had Sex In The Bathroom At White Party!”

  1. You know there is always more to it. First Faye was trying to bad mouth Brandi and connect the gossip with being with a married man. She is just a bitter person.

  2. Fay is just gross and nasty and a s***t-starter. If she’s Kyle’s idea of a good friend then it makes Kyle just that much more suspect.

  3. I do not believe at all! Trash box Faye Is so jealous of Brandi, you can see it! And this coming from someone with NO morals! Remember your BFF, Faye? You know Nicole who you profited from by writing a book trashing her? Faye needs a good dose if her own medicine. I can see right through her nasty ass!!

  4. Why trash Faye when she is speaking on what she knows…doesn’t Brandi do that and everyone just loves her?? Yolanda should shut up defending Brandi. They should just ask Brandi if she effed someone in the girls bathroom, and go from there. And speaking of nasty ass that might describe Brandi as well. If you all are gonna call a ho a ho and a bitch a bitch, someone gross and a shit stirrer take a close look at everyone, not just Faye. All she said is what she either saw or heard. Isn’t that the way they all roll?

  5. Resnick is nothing more that the lowest form of trash, an infamous e from the wrong side of the tracks and the blanket, no one with an ounce of brain matter or an iota of decency would listen to a single false word she utters, let alone invite her through their door.

  6. NO that isn’t the way they all roll!! @CALLIE I call bullshit when I see it and so does Yolanda! She just shut Faye and Adrienne right up! Because they were talking shit. She never saw it with her own eyes, she said she know someone who saw it. Anotherwords its GOSSIP. BULLSHIT. Brandi and Lisa are the only the only ones left. They need to get rid of Kim and Kyle with her friends too. And keep Yolanda too 🙂

  7. It is gossip and merely a deflection tactic of Faye’s when the truth was being said by Yo, MCFR couldn’t stand it. She is a leathery, over exposed, wanna be trying to be relevant. It is ironic that she is on a reality show and has absolutely no concept of reality. She’s a dried up coke whore.
    I guess every show needs it’s dung heap and MCFR is it in BH.

  8. Faye is no different than Brandi. They both say what they want and are morally corrupt, my wish is that they would both leave but Bravo likes the trashy ones.

  9. Faye and Brandi both needs to get off the show, the reason they do not get a long is because they are just a like 2 peas in a pod. And Yolanda needs to stay out of it and work more so she can buy her daughter another horse lol. I thought I was going to die when I heard her say “My daughter loves hores and I would love to buy her more if I had the money,” oh please she just was flying around on their on jet…

  10. Wait wait wait wait wait…. this gossip, whether true or not, as reported by thehollywoodgossip.com, comes on the heels of the news that Gerard Butler did in fact hook-up with Brandi, but didn’t know her name? Sorry Brandi but you are going to lose credibility as being the victim solely based on your less than lady-like indiscretions. You don’t look so innocent now that you are having flings like a 20-something newbie. You’re a mother that is under a magnifying glass. Tsk tsk! And when will Faye just Fayed away?

  11. I was completely surprised that Kyle would have a friend like this Resnick-person! Also, other than writing that terrible book way back when + being annoying on TRHBH now, what exactly is it that she does in life?

  12. I agree with the last reply I am so surpised Kyle would have a bff like Fay, Kyle acts likes such a true lady. To were Fay acts worse than two dogs in heat…

  13. Maj, I wonder how many women would turn down a one night stand with Gerard Butler, and worry about their reputation. I’m pretty conservative, but I think I’d take out an ad in my home town paper.

  14. Brenner hit the nail on the head and IF Brandi did have sex with this hunk of man u go girl and Faye is only mad because it was not her or because he did not get to watch or that no one took pitchers…

  15. Deborah I hear ya! If I could, I would think about it. And Maj,you need to read the whole story before you write about it and complain. 1st Gerard slept with Brandi a couple of yrs ago. It was just brought up to him…You no what? Im not explaining the whole thing, go read the story again, cause your wrong!

  16. Faye is a jealous bitter old hag. So what if Brandi had sex at the party. It still doesn’t top Faye’s despicable act of trying to remain friends with OJ AFTER he butchered her ‘friend’ for the freebies. Or worse, her crap of fiction she wrote with Nicole’s blood for her own selfish greed. To think poor Nicole WASTED her last moments on earth trying to help this piece of lowlife piece of trash trying to help rid her drug addled brain of her drug/alcohol habit. Faye Rancid is soooooooo not worth it. There is NOTHING Brandi could ever do to sink as low as Rancid.

  17. Brandi wants this type of image. This is how she is making money. She is the whore of the bunch. All things go back to S & the C. She is the martyr (b/c she holds onto her failed marriage and her husbands infidelity although I would bet money she was doing the same—having sex with someone other than her betrothed) form of Samantha. That’s what she is going for. She is actually a success story. She is a pig but nonetheless a success story. I’m sure her boys will grow up proud of mom and dad & with role models like that they should result in outstanding human beings & Americans. True patriots and moral citizens I tell you. Way to bring the bar super low.

  18. Bull. If that were true, Bravo would have aired it. The same as they did with the Luanne scandal with the Pirate. Faye is full of crap.

  19. Faye disgusts me. She is irrelevant. Always has been, always will be. I am tempted to turn the channel when she comes on. I hope Bravo phases her out altogether. Doesn’t anyone remember what a fame whore she was during the OJ Simpson trial? Using her “friends” tragedy to get her 15 minutes of fame. She is no lady.

  20. Why is Faye even at Lisa’s party? Was she invited? Lisa never seemed to be a Faye fan. Or did Kyle invite her to stir up the drama on her behalf so she doesn’t publicly look like the bad guy?

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