Faye Resnick, Lisa Vanderpump Feud On RHOBH Season Finale!

Faye Resnick

In this preview for the Season Finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Faye Resnick is out to confront Lisa Vanderpump. Faye is insisting Lisa is out to get Adrienne Maloof, and says Lisa uses Brandi “to get even.” Lisa explains Brandi has her own issues with Adrienne, and Lisa says that is a “real insult” to her that Faye would accuse her of attacking Adrienne and using Brandi. Lisa says you don’t come to a party and insult the hostess. Next, Faye brings up that Lisa defends Brandi and uses the allegation that Brandi was having sex in the bathroom at Kyle Richards’ White Party. Lisa says Brandi was in the bathroom “kissing,” and that Faye’s accusations are not true.

Lisa says Faye is a hypocrite, and that she is guilty of doing what she accused Brandi of doing… spreading malicious gossip!

Watch this preview as Lisa and Faye face off about Adrienne.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo

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Faye Ratsnest is nothing but a triple hot mess! Bad hair, bad fashion, bad manners! Just take her to jail and leave her there… Ugh!

Trash vs. Class. Lisa, don’t waste your breath and invite Ms. Resnick to LEAVE!

Why didn’t Lisa just ask Faye to leave, she is just too gross! With this clip you can see that Faye is really trying to get on the show, pathetic!

kick her out! kick her out! god, i’d die if she asked her to leave, it would just make me so ridiculously happy.

Faye makes Danielle Staub look like a debutante!

Faye is on the ‘B’ player list for the show, so Bravo would have invited her. Bravo believes Faye will add some angst to the show, I guess. What I hope they remember is that the audience’s purpose of a dragon is to watch it get slayed! Faye needs to get deported from the show, like her husband was deported from the country.

said is 100% eight!ya just mad cause faye told old fuddy duddy lisa where to sick it and what sh

Good lord. Lisa had every right to tell Faye to shove off. But, she is too much of a lady. Faye took advantage of Lisa in this scene knowing that. “I have not been talking to Kyle” says Faye. Really? Well, that’s just a laughable load of manure. What is it about Faye that puts people on the defensive but precludes some of them from putting her in her place? Just get her out of there and off the camera, and off the show. Her voice makes us bristle. I need to turn the channel. It goes beyond the villain… Read more »

I can’t take this woman she’s just too much!

Faye did the ultimate insult to the audience in her attempt to insult Brandi. She tried to embarrass or put down someone for not having the money to buy a Channel Bag and insinuated that a designer bag somehow defined a “lady”. Hello- Faye- anyone home. Most of the audience does not have Channel Bags and might not either choose to or have the money to buy one. That does not mean they are not a “lady”. Faye is sad but most of all- stupid. The line looked so rehearsed and that is just even more boggling. Did she actually… Read more »