Faye Resnick Is A Bully, Says Longtime Friend! She Uses The Hilton’s Power & Reveals Her Promiscuous Ways!


Celebrity Hairstylist Daniel DiCriscio has some interesting insight on the feud between Faye Resnick and Lisa Vanderpump. On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Faye was back and in full attack mode when it came to Brandi Glanville. Next week, Faye goes after Lisa Vanderpump! In the preview for the Season Finale, Faye confronts Lisa and says Lisa has Brandi do all her dirty work when it comes to Lisa’s feud with Adrienne Maloof.

Daniel has known Faye for many years and transformed her for her Playboy cover and layout. He is also acquainted with Lisa Vanderpump, she hosted his Birthday event at SUR Lounge and knows Lisa from many other events in Beverly Hills. Daniel has known both women closely for many years, and he released a statement about Faye Resnick to All Things Real Housewives! Daniel reveals that Faye’s bully behavior on RHOBH is typical, and her malicious antics are nothing new!

“I have known Faye closely on & off for many years since 1995, and we are friends. I did her infamous Playboy cover and layout and transformed her look. Playboy told me Faye wasn’t sexy enough and scrapped the first shoot, so I came in and changer her hair, etc.”

“I feel that what she did to Lisa is typical “Total Faye BS”. Faye has even talked to me like she talked to Lisa! She plays this “voice of reason” once she is in a circle and turns everything upside down to get herself ahead to “divide & conquer” and “control”. I have experienced this first hand with Faye. She can be “syrupy sweet” and “patronize” to make you feel like you are the crazy one, just like she was doing to Lisa, saying Lisa’s out to get Adrienne, and so on. Faye’s malicious antics can be very harming to one. Just because Faye has been married to money or runs in certain high social circles doesn’t mean she has the cred to be there. She thinks she can outsmart you or bully you into seeing things her way once she’s close to you. Everything with Faye is a “plot” and a “plan”. Be careful with Faye, she will strike at any time!”

“In regards to Brandi in the bathroom incident at the White Party, I remember Faye telling me in 1996, when I was at her home, that she came out of the Mondrian Hotel that morning pulling up her panties, and left her daughter home that night! You figure that out! I feel Lisa is 100% right . Faye IS a total Hypocrite. Faye is using the Hilton’s power, i.e. Kyle, etc., to hold her standings! Faye has turned people against me as well, she loves doing that.”

Photo Credit: Daniel DiCriscio


26 Replies to “Faye Resnick Is A Bully, Says Longtime Friend! She Uses The Hilton’s Power & Reveals Her Promiscuous Ways!”


  2. Wasn’t Faye’s “wealthy” husband a drug dealer or something, and is not allowed in the U.S. anymore? She’s a skank who somehow doesn’t realize we all know it.

  3. Not another Cedric and Bernie. Please if you work for someone, just do your job. I don’t like Faye but enough of this typer of behavior…especially FAYE!

  4. God I wish Lisa would just kick Faye out. and who is she to be talking about a lady? i don’t think brandi is the epitome of a lady, but she sure is honest and I looooove her for that!! more of a lady than faye anyway. grr, hate faye, get her off the show.

  5. Faye is trying to make herself relevant to secure a spot on the show. I certainly hope Bravo passes; she is just purely boring. Watching and listening to Faye makes me cringe and I am not sure why. I want to look away or use the bathroom.

    The other “ladies” have apparently bought into Fay’s self-hype apparently. Even Camille. Really, the one who coined the phrase “The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick”? Camille looks weak these days. At Lisa’s housewarming, per Camile, “I wouldn’t mess with Faye; she’s one tough cookie”. Camille whimpered some lame BS like “Why are they being mean to Marissa? She never hurt anybody…”. My GOD. Gross, my skin crawls.

    Clearly there’s more to this story behind the scenes.

    Bravo, if you’re looking for another “villain” Faye won’t be able to live up to the name or the challenge.

    I am proud of Yolanda. I am disappointed in LISA for not speaking up; I love Lisa, but if she doesn’t pipe up soon, she will lose my respect and I’m not alone on that one. Lisa, please don’t hide behind Brandi; and it’s time to give up on expecting Kyle to step up to the plate in my opinion. What a bunch of fickle chicks-EXCEPT for Brandi. Keep up fightin the good fight Brandi.

    1. When did Lisa not speak up? I missed that, I guess, but my recollection is that she always does, tempered with good manners, which none of the rest seem to consider important.

  6. I agree, Lisa can’t keep waiting and hoping Kyle will stand up for her. Especially when it comes to standing up for her against Faye, it will never happen. In other situations and places I definately understand where Lisa is coming from. I will have to see the episode next week what actually transpires. But my burning question is this is Lisa’s home. Obviously, Bravo required Lisa to invite Faye but its still Lisa’s home and if it were me I would tell Faye to leave. What’s Bravo going to do fire Lisa? Are you kidding me? There would be such an uproar from the audience Bravo wouldn’t dare mess with Lisa she’s the fan favorite. Lisa should be furious with MCFR for ruining her vow renewal/house warming party. If anything Faye should be glad Ken didn’t get involved. I know Lisa has class but she also has integrity, she’s honourable and trustworthy and when you’re her friend she is loyal to the end. So I hope and pray that Lisa when she sees that typical Kyle doesn’t have her back, throws that wannabe MCFR out and while she’s at it take Camille with you. Brandi has been a good friend to her and she has caved big time. She doesn’t deserve anyone’s loyalty she’s not even loyal to herself. She twists her loyalties so much she probably has scoliosis by now.

  7. Bravo, please get rid of the whole clique of Kyle, Kim and Faye. There has to be other women in California that would make the show likable again, at least for me.

  8. Camille acts like she’s on pills this season. We all know the real Camille would have been right in the middle stirring the pot. That said Faye needs to GO. She makes the show unwatchable. Like I was hoping Brandi would just knock her overly tanned bobblehead right off. Marisa is an annoying joke but Faye is insane but persuasive – she totally changes the vibe in a horrible way.

  9. Ok,,Faye and the dumb Marisa need to leave the show. That Faye and her mouth make me so sick I don’t even want to watch the show anymore! We just get rid of Adrienne (thank God!) and now we have this. Bravo PLEASE get rid of these idiots!

  10. I say cut to the core and get rid of Kyle and her p.o.s. posse. Kyle is always throwing on the waterworks and trying to garner sympathy for herself and her issues. Faye being in her corner is no surprise, I remember watching her preen for the cameras during the Nicole Simpson horror trial. She truly only has aspirations to be in front of the camera and important. Actually now to think of it, same with Kyle. Where there’s a camera…
    It’s skin crawling to see Faye think up her attacks mid sentence. Kyle, Faye, Camille, Taylor- there’s a fame whoring aura around all of them that is nauseating, you never see anything real about them at all except when they get what they want. These are women that eat through people to maintain their botox and relevancy. And there’s just no explaining what the hell Adrienne is.

  11. Faye is a disgusting ugly bitch, shes just looking for some attention. Kyle needs to leave the show, she brings nothing but negative drama to the show, camille is a backstabber, brandi and her were close, now camille has turned on her to fit in with the mean girls and now marrisa has done the same thing, its a good thing brandi has yolanda and lisa in her corner. These middleaged has been losers create drama to stay relevent. Kyle wants to be a hilton so bad but from what ive seen they want nothing to do with her. I also believe shes jealous of Kim. Kim was the sucessful one growing up and the prettiest, if you lookback at pictures of them growing up kyle was really homely.

  12. Love the laughs between Brandi,Yolanda and Lisa. The rest should be fired
    Get rid of that obnoxious Faye, and Marissa is a just foolish and maybe a little dumb.

  13. Faye is a uber bitch. She is a loser and a coke addict. Why is she even on the TV? She should be digging ditches where she belongs. The whore married few different men for money and is talking about being a lady. This bitch is a pot stirrer, and thinks she is holier than thou. Perhaps all that coke fried her small brains.

    Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda are the top girls. Everyone including the two dopey bitchy hilton sisters are messed up.

  14. Why doesn’t anyone explore the truth about Faye Resnick? I have also known Faye for many years and most of all the information out there is not factual. This repulsive person who lies as easily as she breathes will do ANYTHING to get what she wants. I knew her way before she was a drunk while doing nails on Union St. in San Francisco with no license. Her cousin who lived in Hayward. CA owned the nail shop that she lived with at the time, due to her being homeless again, even found her one morning lying in a gutter wasted after partying all night. Faye would frequently lock herself into a bathroom for days while smoking coke when she first lived with Paul Resnick. She was never a model or professional in any way ever until now. Her first husband was a drug dealer who sold vacuum cleaners on the side. She never had one cent until she met her husband Paul Resnick. I spent many of those years with them and she was a piece of work. She held off her wedding and guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel until Resnick would agree to give her more money on the 5 year pre-nup agreement. I find it hilarious that she attacked Brandi for borrowing Channel purses when she used to sell phony copies of them to get by. She was broke and living with Nicole Simpson when she was murdered. I have experienced her cruelness first hand and this woman is conniving and ruthless as they come. I have to say one positive thing….she is amazing to watch as she will clearly do whatever it takes to have money and to be relevant.

  15. I cant stand Faye or Adrienne…Both are trouble, especially Faye, what a cow, who does she think she is?? someone special?? I dont think so, what has she got so much against Brandi for? Faye is no lady, just trouble and I like Kyle, but cant believe she doesnt see through both Adrienne and Faye…Lisa is fab and so deserves to have a friend or friends to back her up, not that she needs it because shes not a liar or trouble…Oh and what a snake Camile is turning out to be…. she loved Brandi at one point, so whats changed there, oh and she slagged Faye off for being in playboy and now shes on her side, picking at Brandi….Phwarr….what a slimmey so n so!!

    1. Agreed and I agree with everyone else on this post that is slagging that fame whore Faye and Camille the snake.

  16. I think the viewers should stage a boycott of rhobh and not watch any episodes for one season if it includes Faye , Camille or Kyle . If no one watches the show ratings will go downhill and the network will have to pay attention to us. We’ll show them who the real stars are, without us the show goes down the tube.

  17. Faye is nothing but a has been. Sticks her nose in everbody elses business. It is so obvious that she desperately wants to be on the show that is why she is always trying to start problems. Her condesending manner is sickening. Faye get a life.

    1. Actually, she is not even a has been. LOL!!! The only thing she “has been” is a low down dirty slimeball. She is a SKANK!

      It was hilarious. She had a blog at Bravotv.com and she was getting killed in it… Next thing you know it was gone. You know she went crying to Bravo to remove it. I think she thought if people can’t see what other people are saying about her she won’t be considered such an asshole or something like that. But what a weak piece of shit… she couldn’t even handle having her own blog because evidently the truth hurts.

  18. OMG! If Faye Resnick is on one more episode – I refuse to watch! She is a bully! Who says “no matter how matter Chanel bags you borrow, you will never be a lady” A Chanel bag not makes a lady you dumb bitch! Honestly, the way she treats Brandi is offensive. Not that Brandi is the “model of lady” but Faye Resnick certainly IS NOT!

  19. I was so bummed to see Faye Resnick back on RHOBH. It is season 6. I NEVER liked Faye. She has this horrible energy that I don’t trust. Why would she write a bok about her dead BFF Nicole Brown Simpson…. because Faye is no-class bottom feeding, fame whoring, whoring in general, liar, manipulator, scum sucking leech who is a sociopath. She is the most unlucky type of person who so people shouldn’t care. The fact Kylie is friends with her & speaks about her in high regards makes me think Kylie is clueless, easily manipulated & just plain retarded. I also find it interesting Faye is good friends with Kris Jenner another fame whore that wil do anything for a dollar. Birds of a feather. Oh & Kris is as big of a whore as Faye so they have a lot in common. I can’t stand to see Faye’s mug. Like someone said in an above post Faye thinks people don’t notice what a true P.O.S. she is. Some people have better intuition. Faye reeks of being a P.O.S.

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