Faye Resnick Is A Bully, Says Longtime Friend! She Uses The Hilton’s Power & Reveals Her Promiscuous Ways!


Celebrity Hairstylist Daniel DiCriscio has some interesting insight on the feud between Faye Resnick and Lisa Vanderpump. On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Faye was back and in full attack mode when it came to Brandi Glanville. Next week, Faye goes after Lisa Vanderpump! In the preview for the Season Finale, Faye confronts Lisa and says Lisa has Brandi do all her dirty work when it comes to Lisa’s feud with Adrienne Maloof.

Daniel has known Faye for many years and transformed her for her Playboy cover and layout. He is also acquainted with Lisa Vanderpump, she hosted his Birthday event at SUR Lounge and knows Lisa from many other events in Beverly Hills. Daniel has known both women closely for many years, and he released a statement about Faye Resnick to All Things Real Housewives! Daniel reveals that Faye’s bully behavior on RHOBH is typical, and her malicious antics are nothing new!

“I have known Faye closely on & off for many years since 1995, and we are friends. I did her infamous Playboy cover and layout and transformed her look. Playboy told me Faye wasn’t sexy enough and scrapped the first shoot, so I came in and changer her hair, etc.”

“I feel that what she did to Lisa is typical “Total Faye BS”. Faye has even talked to me like she talked to Lisa! She plays this “voice of reason” once she is in a circle and turns everything upside down to get herself ahead to “divide & conquer” and “control”. I have experienced this first hand with Faye. She can be “syrupy sweet” and “patronize” to make you feel like you are the crazy one, just like she was doing to Lisa, saying Lisa’s out to get Adrienne, and so on. Faye’s malicious antics can be very harming to one. Just because Faye has been married to money or runs in certain high social circles doesn’t mean she has the cred to be there. She thinks she can outsmart you or bully you into seeing things her way once she’s close to you. Everything with Faye is a “plot” and a “plan”. Be careful with Faye, she will strike at any time!”

“In regards to Brandi in the bathroom incident at the White Party, I remember Faye telling me in 1996, when I was at her home, that she came out of the Mondrian Hotel that morning pulling up her panties, and left her daughter home that night! You figure that out! I feel Lisa is 100% right . Faye IS a total Hypocrite. Faye is using the Hilton’s power, i.e. Kyle, etc., to hold her standings! Faye has turned people against me as well, she loves doing that.”

Photo Credit: Daniel DiCriscio